Beintehaa 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya prays after seeing Ramzan’s moon and wishes Ramzan mubarak to Zain. She kisses his forehead. Surayya on the other side says Zubair that this Ramzan should be Zain and Aaliya’s last Ramzan.

Aaliya wakes up at dawn with alarm sound. Zain wishes her good morning and tries to kiss her. She says it is fasting time now and he cannot kiss. Zain says nobody can stop him from kissing. Aaliya escapes herself and hides in bathroom. Zain says he will fast this time. Aaliya gets happy and comes out. Zain says everyone in this house does not fast for one whole month except Usman, he wants to fast for whole month this time for Usman. Aaliya hugs his forehead and says nobody can fast for anyone except oneself, but he can pray for Usman.

Zain says he will fast but. Aaliya prays may Allah give strenth to Zain to fast whole month and protect him from evils. She gives his namaz/prayer learning book and asks him to learn it while she prepares sahri/breakfast for him. Zain comes to kitchen and asks till when he has to fast. She says till 7:30 p.m. Zain ashtonishly says he has to fast for 15 hours. Aaliya asks what he wants to have sahri. Zain gives his menu and asks about Aaliya. She says 2 rotis, sabji, and milk. Zain says how can she fast for 15 hours with just 2 rotis. She feeds him kheer/sweets, but Zubair comes and eats it saying it is his right to have Aaliya’s kheer. Aaliya twists his ear and says Zain is her husband and only he has every right. Zain then hugs Zubair and wishes Ramzan mubarak and asks him to go from there to let husband and wife be together. Zubair goes form there and looks at Surayya, who is standing behind.

Shaziya brings sahri for Fahad. He sees so much food and asks howmany people are fasting with them. She says only we two. Fahad says whole neighborhood can fast on this food. Nafisa comes there frowning. Shaziya says why is she awake when she does not fast and says we both will fast whole month. Nafisa says Shaziya is cheapster.

Surayya says Usman that she is not fasting this time like him, but she will do a sin which he would not like, she will conspire and kick out Aaliya soon as an answer for her deed.

Rehan wakes up for Sahri and starts having food when his daughter comes there. He asks her to go and sleep. She says she is not getting sleep. He says today is Ramzan’s first day and she should not lie. She feeds him and says ammi/mother used to feed him like this. He gets emotional and nods yes. He feeds her too and kisses on her forehead.

Zain and Aaliya feed sahri each other. Aaliya on the other side eats whole food while Fahad just watches her.

Zain and Aaliya perform Fajr namaz/prayers. Ali ali dam ali ali mere maula… plays in the background. Aaliya congratulates Zain for his first day of fasting and prays god to help him.

Zubair enters Aaliya, sees Zain sleeping, keeps a greeting card on the bed, and drops alarm watch. Zain wakes up and asks what is he doing. Zubair says he brought thank you card for Aaliya and asks him to give it to her. Zain says ok. Zubair thinks Zain will not sleep seeing it, he can pay Surayya for his release with this. Zain does not read greeting card and goes back to sleep. Aaliya sees him sleeping and asks him to wake up as he cannot sleep much during fasting. She asks him to go to office while she spends some time with Usman.

Aaliya goes to Usman’s room and says Usman that she and Zain are eagerly waiting for him to wake up soon. Zain comes there and says Aaliya told this month’s prayers will be heard and says according to his wish, he will handle his new hotel. He informs Aaliya about Zubair’s card. Aaliya says he used to give greeting card in their childhood also and we used to taunt him. She asks him to go to office while she spends some time with Usman.

Zubair says Surayya that he did his work by giving Zain greeting card and says he knows she can ruin his life, says he does not know what she wrote in that card.

Precap: Saif picks greeting card and gives it to Rehan’s son who gives it to Rehan. Rehan reads it and is shocked to see a love letter by Zubair to Aaliya.

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