Beintehaa 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts wtih Nafisa rememberihng Surayya’s warning that she will ruin her life and angrily shouts. She reminisces doctor informing that Nafisa will not become mother again and then Shaziya entering her life as Fahad’s second wife. Shaziya reaches Barkath villa and asks Fahad why is he not picking his call and says they had to go for a doctor’s checkup. She then remembers Surayya trying to convince Usman to let Fahad marry Shaziya for a boy child. Usman does not agree to her idea saying it is an injustice for Nafisa, but Surayya telling up to 4 marriages are allowed in Islam.

She says Fahad loves Shaziya and maybe she is bearing our family’s heir. Usman says he will not help her in this injustice. Usman is shocked to see Fahad and Shaziya already married and Surayya accepting she let them married. Usman asks what will she answer Nafisa. Surayya says it is a simple matter, she will handle it and says Nafisa will not go leaving this luxury. Nafisa then comes back to the present time and thinks she suffered 6 years because of Surayya and was always made to feel inferior than Shaziya, now when she will destroy Surayya and says she has learnt Surayya’s game tactics and will use them to destroy Surayya.

Nafisa angrily descends down stairs. Rizwan says Aaliya she should not have told this to Nafisa as she does not care about him. Nafisa comes there and says Rizwan she remembers mom/dad’s last words that we both should be together and help each other. She says his happiness matters to her and says she accepts Aayath’s alliance for him and will go with his alliance to Bhopal. Rizwan happily hugs his sister and thanks her. Aaliya thanks Nafisa. Nafisa says she should thank her instead for making her realize her mistake. Zain says he will inform phupa/phupi that they are coming.

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Zain calls phupa and says he is coming to Bhopal to talk something important. Nafisa thinks Surayya’s destroyal is starting now. Zain informs Usman that Aayath got an alliance with Rizwan and says he is going to Bhopal to convince phupa/phupi. He says it is very hard to work like Usman, but Rehan is helping him.

Rizwan informs Aayath about them going to Bhopal tomorrow and says phupa/phupi will like their alliance. Aayath jokes that abbu may reject his alliance. Rizwan gets tensed. Aayath says she was just joking and says he will have to bear her for life now. They both run around joking happily. Surayya sees them and gets annoyed.

Zain, Aaliya, Aayath, Nafisa and Rizwan reach Bhopal. Ghulam greets them in. Zain says him he has to talk to him something important. Everyone gather in a hall. Zain asks Rizwan to go and sleep as it is 7 a.m. now. Ghulam asks why at this time. Zain says/jokes that he is busy whole night partying and sleeping from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Shabana says it is not good for health and asks what does he do for a living. Zain says he earns in lakhs by gambling and will leave evertyhing after marrying Aayath. Shabana shockingly asks what. Zain says they came with Rizwan’s alliance for Aayath. Rizwan asks Zain to stop and says he has an import/export business and sleeps for only 6 hours and loves Aayath very much. Ghulam starts his acting and angrily says how can he choose such a bad guy for Aayath and then starts smiling says he is the right choice for Aayath as he is very good boy. Rizwan gets happy and hugs Zain and everyone around. Shabana gives her dua that they both should be happy whole life.

Nafisa requests that their engagement should happen in our house/Barkath Villa. Ghulam hesitates, but Zain says mom will be happy hearing that. Ghulam agrees. Aayath says on this auspicious day, they should go to dargah/shrine. Nafisa asks everyone to go while she stays with phupi/Shabana. Zain and Aaliya pray at dargah for the well being and togetherness.

Nafisa says she is very happy to get Aayath for his brother. Shabana says even she is happy to get such good boy’s for her daughters. Nafisa says Aaliya tries to be happy, but…. Shabana asks what happened. Nafisa says about the cylinder blast incident and says by god’s grace Aaliya escaped. She says she told Surayya many times to forgive Aaliya, but she is adamant and egoistic. Nafisa thinks with this game, hope Surayya gets her lesson.
Precap: Shabana calls Surayya and asks the reason behind cylinder blast.

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