Bepannah Si Mohabbat-Mere dil ko teri dil ki hi Zaroorat Hai-Ep 3

6 months later
Free as a bird, Aditya had broken his engagement with demanding Puja, while Zoya, was this successful reporter and journalist from KKN,a successful running mega business chain all over India, having opened up to 7 branches along India. Zoya often appeared in interviews, magazines, and was always nominated for fanatic awards. Her Mother and her Sister , her friends, her past used to see her from far, begging her to come back with a heartbroken tone. Aditya some how couldn’t remove that last image he had of a frustrated Zoya. He closed his eyes to see her. He opened his eyes to imagine her presence. When he did imagine her presence, she was this close to him, with her hair touching his chest, with her breath, hypnotisingly capturing Aditya’s heart. Was it wrong to have such thoughts, who came to a single man, about a woman, deemed characterless by society after running away from society. Little did he know, he was already in love. It was love at first sight.
“Adi come na!” shouted Faha over the phone, with Pulkit and Mehak ringing his doorbell, and Dimple and Kashish sitting downstairs on the sofa since morning.

Faha, Pulkit, Mehak, Dimple and Kashish were his best friends, ever since college. And now, their aim was to convince Aditya to go to a club that night. After a lot of pestering, Aditya was convinced. The party seemed extremely noisy, and Aditya found that weird, because he loved such parties. There, under the blue neon dotted spotlight, dancing swiftly, was a girl, with a shiny blue dress, with a pencil skirt like end, pulling the ends of her dress every side swift she made. Her dark brown and light brown curls twirled up and down, side by side, which added to the small knot on her hair. Every sway of hers matched the beat, until Aditya didn’t realise that he became a laughing stock with that stupid smile which sprouted on his lips because of his mixed feelings of attraction and mesmerisation towards Zoya Siddiqui. He hadn’t seen her face yet. When she turned, it was like this gush of unpleasent and shocked air combing his unkempt hair. He started to get goosebumps, out of nervousness, somewhat shocked, at her bravery 6 months ago. She then stopped dancing, came walking towards the bar, and shouted across the counter in drunk tone. Aditya was shocked. Was this the same girl or was it just a look alike? To him, innocently shy Zoya Siddiqui was now monstrously violent by gulping down shots. In a few minutes, this hot looking charming guy walked seducingly, plopped himself on top of the neon table and touched her lips. Although he meant nothing to her, he felt like breaking his hand when he did so. He couldn’t take it anymore. He paced his hand, which was U willingly going upward to smack his flimsy chin. But right as the hand was close, the police barged in, swinging their brown sticks with the scary metal coating on sides. “Raj Thakur!” Shouted the hairy chested rolly police officer. Aditya was shocked. It was the guy next to Zoya, confusingly staring at the officer, while Zoya sprouted a smirk on her red lips. The fat officer rolled like a ball towards Zoya and Raj, held him violently, saying “Mr Raj Thakur, you’re under arrest for drugs and prostitution”. He felt like consoling Zoya..hoe scared that innocent shy soul must be within her, regretting the trouble she got herself into, wanting to burst into tears. However, the police officer shook hands with Zoya, “thank you, ms Zoya Siddiqui. this sting operation was a success indeed, again you make KKN news proud.

Confidently, she smiled lovingly “its my job. Thank you for cooperation in this. I’ll just go get changed. This is too uncomfortable” ending off her words with a sweet and light laugh, walking now maturely towards the washroom. The police left, dragging raj along. Out came Zoya, now in a floral blue salwaar with a cutting at her waist, paired along with a palazzo. Her brown girls were now falling maturely and confidently on her broad shoulders, as her light pink lipstick shone the light of goodness.

In his train of thoughts, Pulkit came along and tapped him on his shoulder. “Where have you been!”he shouted. Aditya wanted to say Zoya.. but he didn’t know her name. Instead, almost paralysed in her charm, he pointed at her. Pulkit looked, smiled, and said “Zoya”. Aditya wondered how he knew her. Pulkit mentioned how he had a huge crush on her Sister, Noor. Aditya found this as a trump card to become closer to Zoya. Was he a stalker… who magically found the person he was always attracted to as a successful journalist in a dilapated club or was he a romantic heartthrob whose heart beat for a stranger? He didn’t know himself.

Aditya felt like this desperate and clingy weirdo guy who would roam around a beautiful girl. But in this case, Zoya didn’t realise his presence. She was living her own happy life, living in a beautiful home, in the suburbs of Mumbai. She was just the ideal bridal prospect. But the thing Aditya feared was. What if she ran away from their marriage too? Ok. Adi. Don’t think about marriage. You first need to make her realise there is a Aditya Hooda. Hot, Charming, Single, so ready to mingle, but for one girl only; Zoya Siddiqui.

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