Is there love in my life?? Episode 3 (Poor Gauri)

“Gauri!” A voice gains her attention

Gauri turns back to see her, finding her best friend Shruti she hugs her

“Gauri again you are seeing these stupid paintings! Yarr like, why this is an umbrella kept Ulta!?( Up side down ) In this painting”Shruti said

“Arre….I know that’s what I am trying to understand” Gauri said

“You can see this stuff afterwards now I am very hungry first let’s go to McDonald’s and have something”

“Ya…okay….” Gauri replies unwantedly

Shruti walks front,while gauri peaks in her wallet and closes it

“Come na…” Shruti calls her

“Yaa…ya..” Gauri replies and goes behind her

“Omg!! I’ll get late have to be quick” Anika said to herself as she takes her bag and calls her maid to inform that she is leaving.

Anika opens her car’s get but get stopped by on thought
If Shivay will see this car…he will know that I belong to a rich family

“Auto…”Anika said stopping a auto for herself and gets inside it, and leaves


“I’ll go with a chicken burger…what do you want” she asks gauri

“Nothing….I am not hungry I really had a heavy breakfast so I am still full”Gauri said with a fake smile

Shruti stared her for few seconds and speaks up “I know what’s the matter aunty again took your money from you right!?”

Gauri bows her head which states that’s what the reason is

“You don’t worry… You just eat yarr…I’ll pay for you” Shruti said with a smile

No…Shruti already you did a lot for me I don’t want to trouble you more…and I told you I am not hungry…” Gauri said

“But why your mom behaves with you like this!” Shruti asks confused

“She adopted me….such big thing she has done for me, otherwise I don’t know where I’ve been roaming” Gauri said as she looks outside the window and her eyes gets watery

Shruti keeps her hand on Gauri’s shoulder she looks at her and said”Don’t worry everything will be fine”

Gauri smiles and said vese I am Trying to find a job

“Ya…you should… actually you are really good at painting making statues”

“Ya I hope I get a job” Gauri said

“What if you get the job under Omkara singh oberoi he’s one of the finest artist” Shruti said excitedly

“Then my dream will come true he’s my fav artist” gauri said with dreamy eyes

Anika reaches at office and hurried in

And again a CLASH!!

Guess who is this person??

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    gauri is an…Phir clash… zaroor billuji se hi hoga…will be waiting for the next..

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear,
    Hru. Ur again back.. So the girl was gouri. Good episode will b waiting for next episode post it asap dear. And if nt men will be shivay. Tc

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