Living Together (RagSan SS) Shot-20

Shot 19

Sanskar sat on road nd cries thinking about ragini words..
Ragini cries thinking about swara words..she closed her eyes tight ,she recalls how sanskar married her nd his care towards her nd his limitless love..
She opend her eyes nd says to herself was it correct what i doing the same mistake what sanskar have done..i was angry on him ,i wanted to brk relation with him bcz ,He didnt trust me..but now what i did..i also doubted him..if he was wrong that also wrong could i be so stupid..i knw swara na she always wants to separate us..How could i believe swara words..
She wipes her tears nd calls sanskar,she gets reply not reachable..she tried ,tried nd triee but no use..she panicked..
Sanskar came home ,ragini looks at him with teary eyes..sanskar doesn’t look at her..he goes to his cupboard nd picking his clothes..
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar
Sanskar doesnt say anything..
Ragini:sanskar im asking to u..
Sanskar:u only asked me to go..till then i have a hope that ,someday u understand my love..but..
(tears rolling down from his eyes ,he wiped)
Sanskar:i dont want trouble u ragini..
Ragini runs to him nd hugs him from back..sanskar left his clothes which he held..
Ragini(cries):im really sorry sanskar..
Sanskar turns at her surprising..
Ragini:plzz dont go..i need u really sorry..i understand ur love ,i want to tell u that i fallen for u again thats y i asked u to come early today..but that swara came nd told some shit..i believed sorry..i love u so much..
Sanskar:swara came??
Sanskar:actually ragini..i met swara
Ragini:u no need to any explanation sanskar..i knw there is some reason behind this..i dont want to knw..i have trust on u sanskar.
Sanskar:but ragini i need to tell what had happened bw me nd swara..i came to knw swara returned from USA..i knw very well she will do something to separate us..thats y i want to meet her nd make her understand..but i dont knw before i met she came u no need to wry about her..i talked with her made her understand..
Ragini hugs him tight ,sanskar kissed her hair smiling through his tears…
Sanskar:u forgiven me naa..
Ragini nodded.
Sanskar(brks d hug):i love u..
He kissed her forehead..
Ragini:hug me tight sanskar..i want to be in ur embrace..
Sanskar takes her in his embrace..
They hugs eo like forever forgetting all their sorrows nd pain which they had past few days…
@next day
Ragini got ready in saree..she wears her mangalsutra nd sindhur..she looks at sanskar who is sleeping..she moves towards him nd kissed his forehead..nd goes to kitchen.
Sanskar woke up nd sees ragini who stood infront of him with coffee..he looks at her Saree ,manlasutra , sindhur nd beautiful smile on her face..he just adoring her..
Sanskar:u r looking new looking as mrs sanskar..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini( gives coffee to him):i will prepare bf..
Sanskar(kept cup on table ,nd held her hand):sit naa..
Ragini smiles nd sat beside him..
Sanskar looks at her lovingly..
Ragini looks at him smiling..
Sanskar moves close to her to kiss ,ragini moved back..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pulls her holding her hand nd again tries to kiss..
Ragini stops him nd nodded as no..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini again smiles..
Sanskar:areh im asking something..u r smiling
Ragini:u said u missed my smile
Sanskar:u heard that day..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar:achha..tho im missing so many things..come..
Saying he again tries to kiss her,ragini pushed him nd goes while saying i have to make breakfast.
Sanskar stood puzzled.
Ragini in kitchen smiling recalling sanskar face when she insists his kiss..
Sanskar came to kitchen nd back hugs ragini..
Ragini(turns at him):what u want mr hubby..
Sanskar:u knw what i want..
Saying he moves close to kiss her ,ragini placed her palm on his lips..
Sanskar:stop teasing me,give me a kiss..
Ragini:first u go..i need to prepare breakfast..
He held her waist nd pulls her ..he comes close ,ragini bends back.

He comes even more close ,ragin pushed him..
Ragini:let me do my work first..
Sanskar(annoyed):ok do ur work..i wont disturb u..
Saying he goes angrily..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar sat upset..ragini came nd sat behind him..
Sanskar doesnt say anything..he stood..
Ragini held his hand..
Ragini:will u marry me
Sanskar looked at her puzzled..
Ragini:what are u thinking..dont u want marry me
Sanskar:vo..vo.. nay
Sanskar:matlab..We are already wife nd husband naa..
Ragini:u knw haa ,what type of situation we got married..i want to start our new life happily with happy marriage..ur mom also wants to see ur marriage for all happiness ,we will get marry..dont u want..
Sanskar(smiles):ur wish is my wish..we will talk to our parents..
Ragini smiles nd about to hug him ,sanskar moved..
Ragini rolled her eyes…
Sanskar smirks..
Ragini moves towards him ,sanakar steps back..
Ragini:revenge haan..
Sanskar:absolutely wify.. u will not let me hug u..
Sanskar:koshish karo..
Ragini:mujhe bahut kaam hai..i will try later..
Sanskar like what
Ragini smiles nd moves towards him..
Sanskar:u have work naa go..
Ragini hugs him..
Ragini:shut up
Sanskar brks d hug..ragini pushed him on bed..
Sanskar:u cant force me..ok
Ragini:i can
She moves close to him..
Sanskar:u have to bear further consequences..
Ragini:im ready..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini pulls him closer nd kissed on his lips..
After a while they brk the kiss nd hugs eo..
Ragini:we will go our homes nd tell about marriage they will feel happy..
Sanskar nodded nd kisses her hair..
Ragini comes to her home with her luggage..
Janki:kya hua raagu..sab teeke..
Shekhar:again u fought with sanskar..
Ragini:no dad..dont tense..all fine..
Ragini:mom i want marry sanskar again..with ur blessings..
Ragini told what had happened..
Janki shekhar feels happy..
Ragini:sanskar told ,he will come his parents tomorrow..
They nodded..
Sanskar came to his home..he sees his dad at home..
Ram looks at him angrily..
Suji gives a assuring node to sanskar..
Sanskar hugs his dad nd says im sorry dad ,plzz forgive mw what i have done..i will nevee do any weong sorry..
Ram gets tears as ,sanskar always used to fight with him in every thigh,like studies ,business ..sanskar not used to care about his dad..
Sanskar:im sorry dad..
Ram caressed his hair..
Suji came nd hugs sanskar ,ram..
Janki opens d door hearing calling bell..she sees sanskar with his parents..
Janki welcomed them nd they introduced themselves..
Shekhar:ragini told ,u will come tomorrow..
Sanskar:haan i told her but i could not able to wait ,so..ragini doesnt knw this..
They smiles..
Janki:i will call her
Sanskar:aunty..i will go
Janki nodded smiling..
Ragini smiles at herself thinking about mng moments with sanskar..
Sanskar came nd hugs her from back..
Sanskar:thinking about me?
Ragini:sanskar.. what are u doing here..
Sanskar:i want to see my love,i came.
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:mom dad also came to talk about marriage..
Ragini:resoluti,come we will go..
Ragini:ok u stay here..i will go nd great them..
Sanskar:areh bo need ,they are busy in talking,we will go later..
Ragini:sanskar let me go
She about to go..
Sanskar pulls her nd pins her to wall..
Ragini:sanakar ,our parents talking about our marriage there,nd u here..
Sanskar:let them talk there..let me do here what i want..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar looks at her romantically..
Ragini looks at him loving..
Sanskar moves close to her nd kissed corner of her lips..ragini closed her eyes..he kissed her both cheeks..ragini held him tight..
Sanskar gently placed his lips on her’s..they had long deep kiss,until ragini lip gets bleeding..
Sanskar(brk d kiss nd licks the blood from ragini’s lip):is it paining.
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar (takes her in his embrace):i promise u ragini..i will never hurt u..i will make u happy lifelong
Ragini:i knw,i will also promise i will love u till my last breath..i love u sanskar.
Sanskar:i love u so much..

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