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Recap-Adi misunderstands that Siddquis are coming to hooda house to plan for noor n arjun’s marriage planning
Noor n Arjun are out on date after getting msgs from zoya n adi they understand the misunderstanding that has been caused n rush to hooda house to sort out things

Zoya comes
Roshnaq and wasim look at her in awe
Roshnaq takes out evil eye
Wasim hugs her
His pov-i know this alliance is not only financial beneficial but also adi will keep u very happy

Anjana comes happily to Harshvardan
Anjana -Harsh zoya is a magician till few months ago adi didn’t want to get married now he is so excited am so glad to see that
Harshvardan -lots more to come Anjana watch out zoya will change adi completely

Zoya wasim and Roshnaq enter hooda house
They are greeted by Anjana Harshvardan and adi
Zoya turns pink seeing adi
Anjana-wooww zoya beta ur looking gorgeous
Adi’s pov-Y is she shying so much as if she has come to talk for her own marriage n not her sister’s marriage
Harshvardan -wasim where is noor
Wasim-we have informed her she has been working on some project she will come soon lets discuss till then
Roshnaq -where is arjun
Anjana -he had some urgent work He too will join us in sometime so zoya beta Whats ur opinion about venue for marriage

Zoya blushes -anything aditya n u all feel suitable

Anjana looks at adi

Adi -i think we should wait for noor n arjun let them take call

Roshnaq -yes right young kids have better choices

All laugh

Arjun enters house
He is sweating

Anjana -Arjun,u told me u will reach in 15 mins u took 3 hrs u are really careless

Arjun-sorry ma there was lot of traffic adi bhai i need to talk to urgently

Adi winks at him-arjun am miffed up with u we will talk latter first lets plan venue of marriage we were waiting for u and noor

Noor enters

Roshnaq goes to her
Anjana too welcomes
Arjun whispers in adi’s ears
Arjun-bhai pls its something very urgent pls

He drags him to corner
Adi-whats this arjun what are u exactly upto chote am angry with u
Arjun-bhai bhai relax there is a big misunderstanding
Bhai siddquis are here to plan ur and zoya’s marriage not mine n noor’s marriage
They dnt know anything about us bhai
Adi (dumbstruck)-whatttt
How can ma pa do this they didn’t ask me once also whats this
Arjun-bhai u must call them here n ask
Adi-no am going there
Arjun stops him-bhai it can hurt Siddquis pls talk to mom dad in alone pls

Arjun goes out

Anjana -where is adi arjun we need to discuss

Arjun-one minute mom pls u n dad come inside we need to talk something imp

Wasim (suspicious )-is everything fine

Harshvardan -arjun we can talk latter

Arjun-pls its really urgent

Roshnaq -Harshvardan bhsishaab its ok u ppl go we will wait no problem

Anjana n Harshvardan come
Adi-ma pa how can u fix my n zoya’s alliance without asking me
Harshvardan-adi we asked u yesterday
U said u r will marry soon
Adi gets confused
He remembers how he had put cotton in his ears
Adi-pa that time i had put cotton in my ears i didn’t hear anything i thought u r just telling me to get married soon so without hearing anything i replied yes

Tears drop from Anjana’s eyes
-Adi u were so excited for today’s lunch u are joking na

Adi(emotionally)-Am sorry ma amnot joking i cannot get married to zoya no never i dnt want to get married i was excited as i thought u…….

Arjun signals him noooo

Adi-i thought u are talking about arjun n noors marriage

Anjana n Harshvardan are shocked

Adi-They are so good friends so i thought

Harshvardan -how can arjun get married before u adi n adi noor n arjun are just good friends they arenot…..

Arjun takes sigh of relief

Anjana breaksdown

Adi hugs her-ma am genuinely sorry for all confusion but i cannot get married i will tell Siddquis now about it

Harshvardan stops him

Harshvardan -Adi pls this os not the way they will be hurt
We can refuse afterwards u think over it

Adi-pls pa no need to think am sure i cannot get married i dnt want to get married pls try n understand pls

Anjana is still crying

Harshvardan -its ok but son they will be very hurt
(He folds his hands) pls i request u pls now dnt say anything Talk to them afterwards Go to their home n talk
Or u can talk to zoya
But pls not like this

Adi nods

Harshvardan goes outside

Wasim is apprehensive

Zoya looks worried too

Harshvardan -wasim am sorry actually Anjana’s masi passed away so we all need to go there now

Wasim-oohhh am sorry we will discuss latter come i will also accompany u all

Harshvardan -no wasim u pls be here take care of office It may take time to return

Roshnaq hugs emotional anjana

Zoya too hugs her-auntyjii pls take care of urself pls have ur medicines on time call me if u need anything

Anjana manages to nod

Adi looks on

Anjana’s pov-Adi pls dnt hurt zoya pls

Zoya gives adi reassuring look and leaves

Adi-pa i think this was not good i shd quickly refuse to them i dnt want them to be in false hopes

Anjana leaves in anger

Precap-Adi comes to Siddquis house
He sees zoya n her ammi are planning for jewellery wasim too is excitedly telling someone on phone about Adiya’s alliance

Adi leaves

Adi and zoya are in coffee shop

Adi (mustering courage)-zoya u r too good too perfect A person who marries u will be very fortunate
But pls am sorry i cannot marry u am sorry
I dnt want to marry anyone)

Adi leaves

Zoya is shattered

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  1. Omg what yaar this adi also na 😤😤😤 why can’t he get married 😤 , now how will zoya an sadi get married 😰😰 psot soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    Oh adi came to know that his marr is fixed with zoya n refused to marry zoya.sad.all r so will zoya n family react when they come to know of it?

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