Vikram Betaal 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram asks Sunanda to decide Punishment for Padmini

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Vikram Betaal 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal fleeing to Pret Ghaati. Vikram says you can’t go and asks him to stop. Betaal says you are very stubborn and asks him to look at the Surya dev. He shows the sun. Yakshiyum yantra comes back. Vikram thinks Betaal always traps me in his stories and says I have to find out what is his motive behind telling the stories. He sees Bhadrakaal coming there. Bhadrakaal says I brought your horse so that you can go back to your Palace. He taunts Vikram and says I told you to drive the yantra fast and come out of Betaal log before the sun rise. Vikram says I was driving the yantra fast, but Betaal stopped it with his magic. Bhadrakaal says if he is enjoying Betaal’s stories and tells that he will tell him something with which the yantra couldn’t stop. Vikram says I will wait

for evening and leaves. Bhadrakaal says I understand and tells that he will give something to Vikram so that yantra don’t stop. Betaal tells that Bhadrakaal did right to send Vikram to him and says I will write your name on his sword.

Pret Pari comes to Betaal. Betaal gets irritated with her and asks if she is Vikram. Pret Pari asks why is he happy? Betaal says I am happy for Vikram’s success. Pret Pari says he left alone without taking you. Vikram says he has proved that he understands justice and says if it is pratical or theoretical, he needs to know.

Vikram comes back to his Palace. Bhabhi welcomes him and does his aarti. Vikram smiles and asks where is Maharani? Bhabhi says she loves you so much that she went to the forest to do Vrash (tree)Puja. Padmini is seen doing the puja. Vikram says there are so many wild animals there. Bhabhi says I have sent soldiers with her. Vikram says it is my responsibility to save her and says he will go there. Just then they hear someone hitting on the help bell. He tells that it is his responsibility to go to Palace now. Bhabhi thinks Vikram has done justice with her. Vikram asks the lady what happened with her. Lady says she got injustice in this kingdom. Senapati says you are not from our kingdom. She says she is from the neighboring kingdom. Vikram says you might have come here for a reason. She says my husband got killed by this arrow. Senapati takes the arrow and says it is Rajshri arrow which can be kept by royal family and mantri. Lady says I got justice and you called Ujjaini as the justice land. Vikram assures that he will do justice with her and promises her that he will punish the guilty according to her wish. He asks Senapati to arrest the person firing the arrow on lady’s husband. Senapati assures him.

Betaal tells Pret Pari that now it is Vikram’s real test, if he is real justice loving or fake. Pret Pari says Vikram is not an ordinary man. Betaal says you don’t know that one gets flowed in emotions when the matter is about his loved ones. Pret pari says Vikram is not like that. Betaal says we have to find out until when Vikram can stand on the needle.

Padmini is brought to Vikram’s court as the culprit killing lady’s husband with arrow. Vikram and others are shocked. Senapati apologizes to Vikram for tying her with chains and says she is the one. He says Maharani shot the arrow which killed Sunanda’s husband. Vikram gets up shockingly and says guilty is just guilty and not Maharaja and Maharani. He asks Padmini if this is true that she has killed an innocent man. Padmini says this is true and tells that she didn’t know that it hit a man. He asks why did you shoot an arrow. Padmini says she went to forest to do puja, but suddenly a wild animal attacked them. She shoots arrow at it, but the arrow hit the man far away. Wild animals escapes. Padmini gets shocked. Lady tells Vikram that she was waiting for all night to punish the guilty. Vikram says the guilty is standing infront of you. Lady tells Padmini that I will not forgive you. She asks Vikram why he didn’t punish her. Vikram says I promised you that I will give her punishment according to your wish and asks if she wants to give her death punishment.

Vikram asks what is the punishment she wants to give padmini. Lady says she wants to kill woman’s husband. Vikram says Padmini’s husband will be killed by the same arrow. Later lady aims arrow on Vikram as he is standing with his face covered.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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