SWASAN -Sajna Tere Bina [Part1]

I Love You Swara But….

Hi i am new here in writing not reading…this is my story also on wattpad it starts on 6 months leap

friends this is an ff based on 6 months leap in serial guys i am very very sorry if i hurt anyone but really i had hated swara this time, even i luv her but i really didnot liker dicision and blaming sanskar……………….. so now here is the os


so whenswara was leavingwid ragini even after his warning by lakshman dekha dialogue and reach upstairs sans called her

san-swara pls stop i know i had done a mistake in anger by rosing stone on laksh but pls forgive me and i promise i will bring laksh back just give me a chance

swara turned back and see tears in his eyes she comes downstairs and stand in front of san seeing her coming back a small smile crept on his lips but

swara- pls sans for god sake stop ur drama u know what u r good for nothing neither u r good son neither good brother and most importantly nor good HUSBAND U CANNT KEEP ANYONE HAPPY

hearing all this sans felt like his whole world crashed down the person whom he had loved most in the world is saying this he stumble back, swara just angrily turned back and leaves with ragini

at night sanskar is sitting under the tree tears r flowing down from his eyes he was in park it was almost vacant as its night so people had leaved from there it was samepark swasan had come for picnic in serial when sans had gifted swara that blue dress i hope u remember

he was remembring all his sweet moments with swara and at last her accustion otherside swara was consoling ragini in baadi but she didnt have guilt of blaming Sanskar

swaras POV

 still cannt believe that my sanskar tried to kill laksh his own brother and today because of his anger ragini is suffering and how could he just asked me to stop when my sister suffering i will forgive him for this only when he will bring laksh back……

POV end

her train of thoughts is broken due to opening of door sumi came inside to make ragini eat food and console her as she was not eating


sans had found laksh

ap hugs laksh

ap- laksh where were u how could u leave like this

laksh- maa wo actually told the whole story as in serial about mansi

but here sans had done all this alone without help of swara, its been night and having dinner enjoyingly as lak had returned back after 6 months

sanskar was standing near window in his room he was crying as everyone forget himexcept sujata

sanskar’s POV

i dont know y no one loves me ihad always loved ev1 but no one loves me,from childhood i always had obey badepapa but he couldnt even fulfill my one wish(kavsan marriage) mom always fight for my rights but dad never do ,ialways had to give proof to prove myself innocent but laksh and adarsh didnt need that,my swara think that iam criminal who tried to kill his own brother ihad always loved her morethan anything and still love her and will always do ,neither iam angry wid her nor i hate her as she is my life and i cannt hate her[guys idont think sans can ever hate swara and 1 more thing i dont think once the hate is grown in any relation it can be mended again so i hope u understand and sans hadnot become devdas i mean drunkard] and nowi will make her happy

pov ends

sanskar take his phone and called swara

on phone

sanskar-swara listen iwant meet u ….now

swara- but ……

sans- in 15 mins at xyz park


after some time in park sanskar is waiting for swara just than dhe come and san hug her as he was seeing her after 6months  with relief of finding lux but she didnt hugged him back he broke the hug

san-[lovingly] how r u

swara[coldly]why did u call me her

tears brimmed inhis eyes seeing this but compose himself

sans- wo i found laksh he is at home and[cut]

swara[happily] really sans thq soo much its great news……… ok i am going i have to tell ragini

she starts moving but san hold her hand from behind she turn back he pull her she collide wid his chest and he peck her on lips swara was shocked , he broke the kiss

sans- [lovingly]this is last kiss from my side i hope i have this much right on u

swara- sans….

before she could complete he peck her forehead and leaves she try to stop him but he leaves she was about to follow him but got call from sumi and went back to house thinking to talk to him in morning in mm

next day whole gf reach mm all were happy getting laksh back but swara was searching for san sujata notice this she didnt hate her but was little angry for leaving sans …………rag get back to mf but she didnt even talk once to swara after getting her soapji back not only she but whole mf and gf didnt even look at her for once

swara was cont searching for sans but he didnt showed up she leaves mm but sujata ask her to her to stop but she could not hear and leaves sujata follows her and continuously calling her but she couldn’t hear as she was far but atlast when swara stop on main road for auto sujata reach near her


swara[surprised]mom aap…[cutted]

suj-take this she gives her an envelope

swara-mom wat is this

suj -[coldly] last night when sans was leaving he gave it to me to giveu now

sw- but mom wat is der in it

suj- i dont know he had asked u only to open

swa open the envelope and foundone letter and rose suj asked her to open and read it

sw read the letter and it falls from her hands and stumble back suj was shocked to see this


ev1 people on road looked towards sujswa
Sujata goes near her
Sujata- swara ke hua[what happen] (no response)…… Swaraaa

Tears was falling from swara’s eyes
Just then sm1 from back side

Voice- maaa what happened..,….. Maa

Sujata- worriedly Uttra dekh Na chhori ke hua swara ko jawab hi Na de rahi hai pata nahi esa ke pad liya isne us letter mein [ utt see Na girl don’t what had happened to swara she is not responding , don’t know what she had read in that letter]

Note- guys when sujata was calling swara and she didn’t hear and sujii start following her that time uttara had seen all that and she call suju but she didn’t listen so she follow her

Uttara- ma please stop panicking (to swara) bhabhi wat happen bhabhi please tell Na

She didn’t answer

Sujata- Uttara see this letter read it Na I am scared please read fast

Uttara- ji maa she reads

” mom swara please forgive me for taking such a drastic decision but I don’t have any other option and this decision is best for all of u , I know mom u luv me very much and I had hurted u once by leaving and I am going to do that again I am leaving mom but this time will never come back in ur lives ,mom Uttara love a guy name anuj and he is a playboy and just using her so ask her to broke up with him . swara I had always love more than anything and still love you same so please always be happy and move on in life, i am going very far from ur life even I am leaving THIS WORLD FOREVER as now I can’t live like this even I am human I cannot bear all these any more……..u both always be happy and lots of to my small Sissy I know she was always close to Laksh more than me but I love her a lot…… … always smile and if possible forget me ……..love u all alot.

– your good for nothing-> Sanskar

Sujata stumble back tears were flowing from trios eyes
Uttara-(whisper) bhaiii

Sujata- Na Mahra sanskar esa Na kar sake hai Katie Na kar sake hai(no my sans cannot do this he can never do this he can’t leave me like this {moves back}

Every one on road was watching them
SwarA falls on her knees crying

Swara- (screams) sanskaaaarrrrr(crying)

While crying swara gets unconscious

Uttara- shouts bhabhiiii

Sujata runs toward swara with uttara
Uttara takes swara head in her lap
Uttara-(patting her cheek ) bhabhi bhabhi wat happens to u please wake up bhabhi please open ur eyes

Sorry if I had bored u with this do please tell me ur views if I should cont. It or not

With love Kanishka❤

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      Thanks dear ….hey can u pls tell me if there is something like adding tags so readers can easily find the story as I am new here..

  2. pls update soon

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      Thanks dear ❤

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