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Good Morning My Lovely Readers 

Wanted to share a good news with u guys

Do u remember Deepak Thakur ??

I had requested u all to vote for my favourite Biggboss12 contestant n make him winner

N many of u sent best wishes for him

Though he didn’t win he was second runner up but he is getting immense love outside house

This commoner has actually become a celebrity

N now biggest good news

He is selected n will receive  Dada saheb phalke award For Best entertainer in a reality show

His every success feels like my own success n achievement so glad?????

OK so back to ff

Thanks alot dear anuva anu jasmine sia tanshi

N amosh thank u so much pleasure to know u are reading this ff n enjoying

Thanks alot silent readers

Recap-Police comes to Hooda house n arrests Harshvardan They claim he has sold same plot to Two parties Mr Khanna n Mr Kumar N accepted money from both

Harshvardan says he sold plot only to Mr khanna police shows documents with Harshvardan’s sign He claims he hasn’t signed

Police put him behind bars

Adi looks helplessly at Harshvardan

Tears fall from his eyes

Harshvardan holds his hand from bar

Adi-papa Iam sorry

Harshvardan -Relax Adi beta relax someone is trapping me Pls be strong

Arjun too gets emotional

Harshvardan’s eyes are welled up with tears

Harshvardan-Arjun Adi beta u both pls stay strong Its ok on Monday  I will tell in court That Iam innocent Nothing will happen as Iam innocent so Dnt wry

N pls u both go home

Anjana is needs u pls

Adi-No papa Iam not leaving u n going

Inspector -Aditya Hooda use some sense as its non bailable warrant n court opens on mon u have no choice but to go home.As it is I will not permit u to sit inside

Adi is getting angry

Harshvardan gestures him to stay calm

Harshvardan -pls beta zoya pari Anjana all have panicked I am fine pls go to them pls

Adi nods

Anjana is sobbing

She sees adi n Arjun coming

She rushes

Anjana -Adi where is Harsh

Adi feels helpless

Zoya understands

Anjana -Arjun where is Harsh He is coming right U got his bail done na??where is he??

Anjana goes outside

Adi runs behind her

Adi holds her hand

Adi (emotionally )-maa Iam sorry we couldn’t get papa it was a non bailable arrest warrant

Anjana is shocked

Zoya holds her

Anjana -whatt

Anjana weeps

Anjana -How will Harsh stay in jail

She holds Adi’s collar-Do something do anything get my Harsh back Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Adi is crying

Pari gets very nervous

Anjana loses her balance

She is about to fall

Zoya n adi together support her

She falls unconscious

Scene shifts

In Anjana’s room

Zoya gives her injection

Zoya-Maa will be fine.Its all because of stress.

Adi feels helpless




Scene Shifts

Adi is sitting in room

He is very upset

zoya goes n sits besides him

She gently keeps her hand over his

Adi hugs her tightly

Adi breaksdown in her arms

Zoya too has tears flowing

Joh Toh Mera humdaard hain plays in Bg

Zoya-Aditya calm down relax pls pls

Zoya makes him have water

Adi holds her hand

They both sit facing each other

They look in eachother’s  teary eyes

Adi-I couldn’t get papa’s bail done Maa is unwell N i cannot do anything On Monday is hearing n all evidences is against papa I dnt know what to do

Zoya-Aditya  listen to me.I know it’s difficult but see we cannot break Aditya we need to stay strong n together fight this storm We cannot give up Its not the time to sit upset.Aditya u know I know we all know That papa can never do any such thing. U know aditya truth always prevails n wins so we will win There will definitely be some way out together we will find it

Adi looks at her-U are with me


They have intense eyelock

Bepannah Pyaar hain tumhse plays in Bg

Pari comes

She has got food in plate

Pari climbs on bed

Pari -I cannot understand y is everyone crying so crying solution No naa Good children shouldn’t cry n try

Adi hugs pari tightly

Pari-come on my good children

Eat little food

When we eat we get strong

They we can do anything

Zoya smiles looking  at pari

Pari fills spoon with rice she first feeds adi

Then she feeds zoya

They both hug pari

So its zoya pari n adi hug

Pari makes Anjana eat

She also makes Arjun eat

So our pari is taking care of everyone ?

Wasim n Roshnaq are also in hooda house

Wasim-I cannot  understand how all this happened

Adi-but abuu u pls contact Mr Kumar n Mr khanna pls i want to meet them before Monday

Wasim-I have tried several times Both are out of reach

Adi bangs his fist on Wall in frustration

Adi-I will not leave the person who has trapped papa

Wasim smirks

Zoya pacifies adi

Arjun-but wasim uncle did papa meet mr kumar

Wasim -not in front of me but beta we are not always together so I cannot say

See this signature is of Harshvardan

Its not forged sign

He shows document

Zoya takes it

She closely observes something

She is shocked

But doesn’t react

Zoya is shocked She walks in corridors

Zoya’s pov-papers show 7th Jan 2018 as date of signature but that day Adi was in coma after accident n papa was in hospital How did he meet Mr Kumar n signed Someone might have got those pprs signed in hospital itself who could it be

Zoya is puzzled

Arjun is tensed

Adi moves around restlessly

Arjun-bhai what will we do tom is hearing n we Dnt have any evidence to prove dad innocent

Zoya walks inside hospital

She enters ccTV control room

A guy-Dr zoya Its not permissible to show footages to any staff member My job is in risk

Zoya-Vikram pls understand Its matter of someone’s innocence I have no other option pls pls help me

Vikram agrees

Zoya smiles

Precap-Courtroom hearing is shown

Judge-As all evidences are against Mr Harshvardan Hooda court…..

Adi Anjana Arjun are emotional wasim smiles evil ly

Zoya enters

She requests judge to stop.



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  1. Anuva

    Lovely Pari. She is taking care of everyone. Godd to see Zoya supports Adi. Hope Zoua proves Harsh’s innocence. Me too Happy for Deepak Thakur. It’s a great appreciation for him.

  2. Tanshi

    Wowwww its superb yaar!!!!!!!!!
    Hope zoya will reveal the truth……

  3. Ohh wow so zoya is harsh s saviour ??? wow excited about the proof she have got , what would it be hmmm????

  4. It was amazing.the police station scenes was emotional. poor harsh.pari is really an angel..pari taking care of everyone was nice..zoya has become detective zoya…hope she proves harsh is innocent.and happy to know deepak thakur won best entertainer award.wishing him all the best to do more great things…

  5. Jasminerahul

    sad that harsh didn’t get bail n Anjana fainted.zoya consoling adi…adi asking if zoya is with him n zoya saying always was touchy.pari feeding adiya was zoya realized that harsh hasn’t gone there to hopefully she will check cctv n prove the truth

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