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Okay? So, I’m back after almost 2 years right? I know you people wanna kill me but I’m really really sorry! I had my studies, moreover, I usually didn’t get time to write and post! So yeah, I’m back with a one shot.. maybe I’ll continue my ff “Should I confess?” too .. and I’ll provide the summary and link to last chapter!

I’m sorry to those people.. who’s birthdays I’ve forgotten, to who’s texts I haven’t been able to reply!
PS – I really missed you guys a lot! <3

This is one of the MOST CLIĆHE story you’ll ever read! I really didn’t have any plot in my mind and I just had to post a one shot before I restart my ff! Ignore the mistakes.. not edited!


Twinkle’s POV
I looked back again, wishing that certain somebody will come and welcome me back after these 2 years. But all I found were my parents and some old school friends. I again looked through the road in search of ‘that’ person.. but maybe he’s forgotten me! Or maybe.. he’s moved on! After all.. he didn’t know ‘bout my feelings back then, right?

I reached home and was greeted by those cute hugs and kisses by my family! It felt good, but honestly, I still wished somewhere that he’d come! I went up to my room to freshen up and found some people sitting there! I was engulfed in a big warm hug by them. My best friends to be precise.

“Do you know how much we missed you? You didn’t even keep any contact with us.. it was so boring without you here!!” Chinki said slapping my arms.
“I know, stupid! I missed you people too. Life was so boring without you guys.”
I heard my mother shouting for me to freshen up and have some lunch. My friends left my room and I was back again in my room, after 2 years, where I had most of my memories engraved. I moved towards my bed stand. ‘They haven’t removed this picture’ I thought to myself picking up a small old photo frame. I looked around and everything was still the same. Nothing has changed in this 2 years except, some people becoming memories.

I went downstairs after freshening up. Looking at everybody, it never once felt that I was away for 2 years. Everything was still the same. But.. why not him! I really did miss him. So much, that it blo*dy hurts! I was pulled out of my thoughts by my father. He placed a hand on my shoulder and slowly looked in the direction I was looking at, the main door! He smiled sympathetically and said,” He’ll come, princess! How can he not if he cried the most when you were leaving?” I smiled back, not knowing what to say. ‘I hope so dad! I hope so..’

Dinner was fun. It was so beautiful sitting around my parents after good 2 years. After dinner, we friends decided to catch up! We went to the backyard and started reminiscing old memories.
“Remember the time when you accidentally spilt water on our English professor? He was so angry that he almost wanted to kick you there? “ Chinki said chuckling. I laughed loudly remembering the moment. He was the most strict teacher then.
“And when you punctured Mr. Shah’s scooter because he gave you detention!” Uv laughed.
“Yeah, he didn’t even find out that it was me!” I snorted.
“And when di made Uncle eat the salted pudding?” Mahi smirked. “I was forbidden from the kitchen after that!” I pouted, they all laughed.
“And when you and Kunj tried to break into our house in the middle of the night?” They all laughed, but I was struck at his name. Everyone went silent looking at my fallen face. But.. it wasn’t in my control. His name had that effect on me, even after 2 years.
“Chinki, bring some chocolate that we bought for Twinkle!” UV said changing the subject. Chinki went inside and I tried distracting myself. I looked at Mahi and Uv smiling lovingly at each other. They are getting married in 3 months. I never expected my younger sister with my best friend, but neither did I expect.. that kunj would leave me, or more precisely abandon me.

The day passed in a blur. The next day, I decided to visit the gurudwara. I wanted to go alone so I left early in the morning. When I reached there, after completing the prayers I decided to sit down on one of the stairs. Suddenly someone bumped their shoulders with mine mistakenly and I looked up. Saying that I was shocked would be an understatement. He still looked the same. His brown orbs, his hairs not set. His jawline was more perfect and his shoulders broader! Has he been working out? I didn’t know..

After realizing that I’ve been staring for a long time, I was about to say something but I heard someone. “Kunj.. where are you? Kunj..” I looked past him to see the source. Alisha..
I quickly muttered a small ‘sorry’ and without looking at him started walking away. He didn’t stop me. The sorry was not for bumping into him.. it was for crying for him for 2 years. He knew.. he knew I dispised her the most. The girl had made my life a living hell. From stealing my projects in high school and bullying me when I was young to stealing my best friend in these 2 years.. she has never ever done anything good for me. She blo*dy destroyed my childhood. If it hadn’t been kunj.. He knew.. and was still with her. The tears threatened to leave my eyes.. but .. I didn’t cry. I had to be strong. Because he wasn’t the same anymore..

I reached home and laid down on my bed. Spent my whole day inside. I wasn’t crying. I was numb. I started recovering from the next day. After that incident, I saw him many times with her. I saw him so many time. And everytime stopped myself from running into his arms. Days passed, I changed. He still had that place in my heart.. but i was no more mourning over that broken friendship.

It was Uv’s birthday and we had planned a grand party. We reached the destination in the evening. The party was in full swing. Everyone was enjoying. We started drinking and I didn’t realize until when i was fully drunk.

Third person’s POV
She started dancing forgetting who she was. The alcohol finally kicking in. He saw her, he was watching her .. since she entered! He smiled when she sat down on the stool with a pout because she was tired. He knew this. She always got tired easily. And then her cheeks would grow a little red because of fatigue. He started walking towards her. She was like a little sunshine in the darkness. He missed her! A lot.. but he wouldn’t tell her this. He just couldn’t! She didn’t even try to contact him! He didn’t want to share her. A little insecurity that maybe.. if she went away.. her priorities would change. She wouldn’t even consider him as her best friend.. reciprocating his feeling was something completely out of picture. She was drunk, yet graceful. She had those attractive traits where you’d want nothing other that to sit with her and spend your whole life in her presence. He knew he was hurting her and himself. But he couldn’t feel his pain over hers.. The pain of having her so close but still not being able to talk to her was unbearable.

She started dancing forgetting all the pain, she wanted to! She wanted to feel numb.. and the alcohol was helping her. He couldn’t see anymore. Her dancing on a stage full of guys wasn’t acceptable to him. He moved towards her holding her arm dragging her towards the backyard.

“What the hell is your problem! Why can’t you just leave me alone?” She shouted freeing her hands from his.
“ That place wasn’t good for you!”
“Yeah! And you are?” She shouted.
“Twinkle stop overreacting. I was just taking care of you!”
“Oh really? I didn’t know! So for the record Kunj Sarna.. where were you when I was sitting in my room crying that I lost my best friend! Where the hell were you when I was walking away from you and you didn’t stop me?”
“Can you calm down!” he tried moving towards her.
“Stay away from me.. don’t touch me! Don’t.. just don’t ..” She fell down.. the darkness engulfing her.

Twinkle’s POV

I woke up to a massive hangover. The first thing I noticed that it wasn’t my room. I got up and tried to process what happened last night. I remembered drinking, then dancing, then..
We fought.. somethin’.. I.. i need to leave! I started finding my purse and keys.. and moved towards the door when..
“ Leaving so early?” kunj came and sat down on the couch with two coffee mugs. One was mine, I remember the blue panda mug!
“ I.. I need to go!” i moved towards the door when he stood up, held my hand and turned me around.
“I let you walk away from me 2 years ago and regretted every second of it! Do you actually think I’m going to repeat that mistake again?”
“I don’t care.. I don’t! Goodbye, kunj!”
“ Can you stop and listen to me once? Please?”
“No, I can’t “
“You are blo*dy going to listen to every word I’m going to say! YOU. ARE . NOT. LEAVING! Do you understand?” If the situation had not been so vulnerable I’d have hugged him right then! But situations..
“What do you want from me..? To sit and watch you play with my emotions? Sorry, I won’t! To watch you stay with HER .. whom I despise the most?”
“Twinkle no, it’s a misunderstanding. I was just helping her..”
“ Helping her with what, making me vulnerable? Then kudos to you, because you’re succeeding!”
“Can you stop your shit for a minute and listen to me? I was helping her because her parents were getting divorced. I just was helping her meet my lawyer! Nothing else! Can’t you see what you did to me by walking away? Did you even have any idea of my state when you left? Did you even bother to call up on me and check once if I was dead or not? Just because I blo*dy said that I don’t want to see your face again doesn’t mean I actually meant that. I was angry, angry that you were leaving me! Angry that you didn’t even bother to tell me once that you were going! So stop saying that I was at fault and stop acting like a kid and.. and.. come back! Just come back!”
I wanted to tell him so much, but I couldn’t take the risk! What if he was lying? What if he’d actually changed..
“I wont repeat it.. I promise! I love you.. I’m sorry!” Watching him fall on his knees would have hurt a lot if I’d have overcome the shock of those three words. I looked at him, tried to say something but nothing came out. I wanted to say those words back, I had so much to do, but..
“I love you, I’m sorry.. come back! Without you, Life isn’t nothing like it was before.. (if you know this song 😉 ) “
I slowly kneeled down beside him, placed my head on his shoulder and smiled at him. He was sorry, and the sincerity of his words were visible in his eyes. I couldn’t lose him! He was, is and will always be worth the pain.
I didn’t say the words back. I didn’t need to.. he had hurt me! He needed to wait and I knew he would. I knew it was going to be all perfect.. things take time and the result will be worth the wait. Because we’ll be together.. for now, and forever!

Sometimes certain people acquire such a place in our heart that however much we try to replace them, it’s just that .. the little place can only be filled by them. They’ll always have that power to make you feel complete in seconds! It doesnt matter for how long you know them or how much you love them. It’s just them being that important! Don’t let those people go away.. maybe you will never be able to fill that hole without them?

Okay, so you can kill me because there was no such plot! But as I said earlier.. I had to write one! Don’t hate me, please? The next one’s gonna be interesting.. I’lI try my best ^^

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