Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear sia n jasmine n all my silent readers

Recap-zoya has feelings for adi which is sensed by Anjana

Wasim gives contract to a person who paid him more

Adi is getting bored in mata ki chowki

Mata ki chowki is going on

Anjana looks at adi n smiles

Adi is getting extremely bored

He looks out for arjun

Adi is walking about in corridors

He hears some noises

He notices

That Arjun and noor are hugging eachother

Adi is stunned

Adi calls out to Arjun

Arjun panics

He gestures Noor to leave

Arjun looks at adi

Adi (sternly)-Now whats all this??

Arjun (stammering)-Bhai i I I I. ..l loo love noor

Adi-Arjun focus on ur career yaar This love n all is really something. ….I mean ok chalo love is still fine.imagine getting married …sounds like getting arrested

I cannot say anything much

Your life you decide but still

Arjun pleads him-Pls Dnt tell anyone Pls bhai

Adi-aree if u want to get married its best na atleast ma’s desire will get fulfilled

Arjun -Bhai her desire is to see u getting married not me

Ur marriage first

Adi (with lots of attitude )-In her dreams

Adi-Btw if u want to hide Is this place for romance Take her somewhere else spend some good time alone Y be in risky environment

Adi gives keys of his car to Arjun

Arjun hugs him-u r romantic bhai really wonderful idea thanks

Adi-I had a better plan I was getting bored in mata ki chowki yaar All aunties and uncles so thought we both should go out but let it be …….U enjoy ur date….

Arjun -Bhai u spend some time with zoya u will feel better

Arjun happily goes away

Adi gets thinking

Adi looks at zoya

Who is enjoying bhajans

Adi’s pov-currently she seems better option

Zoya notices Adi looking at her

He smiles at her

She blushes

Adi gently goes n sits near zoya

Zoya gets goosebumps

Zoya tries to focus on bhajan

Adi gets thinking -what should I do

Adi-Zoya I need to tell u …..

Zoya cannot hear me

Due to noise

Adi steps more closer

Zoya’s heart races

Adi comes near her

In her ears

Adi-Zoya Pls lets go somewhere

Zoya nods a no

She points at Anjana

Adi-u Dnt wry about ma Pls yaar pls

Zoya gets thinking

Adi-I need to tell u so many things Pls zoya

Zoya smiles

She gets up

Adi n zoya come outside

Zoya-Anjana Aunty will feel bad we left chowki midway

Adi-no zoya Dnt wry we are together She Willnot mind

I cannot bear noise my head was aching

Zoya (concerned )-how is it now

Do u need medicine

Adi holds her hand

Adi-stop acting like a dr lets go somewhere want to have ice cream

Before zoya could answer

Adi drags her

Anjana n Harshvardan notice this n smile

Anjana -Harsh see our adi wants to spend time with zoya He really likes zoya I suggest u talk to wasim

Harshvardan -yes u r right Anjana Earlier I thought u were just thinking something just imagining something but today I too felt That adi likes zoya The way he was looking at her The way he took her outside

I will speak to wasim soon

Adi n zoya arrive at an icecream stall

Adi-I think u will have ur favourite chocochip right

Zoya is marvelled-u remember? ?

Adi-of course how can I forget

U always eat that

I will get it

As adi goes zoya looks at him

Zoya’s pov-He too has some soft corner for me He remembered my choice

Adi gets icecream

They both start eating

Zoya -So tell me Adi what u wanted to tell

Adi is confused

Adi’s pov-Now what should I tell her I have nothing to say It was just an excuse to make her come here so that mom Willnot scold me I couldn’t come alone n I was not able to sit in that chowki Now who will explain it to her

Zoya is waiting

Adi (tactfully )-Zoya first u tell me how is everything at Hospital

Zoya (enthusiastically )-All is amazing u know we have just set up a paediatric ward it was ……..

She goes on n on

Adi looks at her

Adi’s pov-Omgg where am I caught up between that chowki or this talkative boring girl

Lord spare me

Adi notices that there is icecream on zoya’s nose

He gestures her to wipe

She is unable to understand

He takes a tissue

Goes close to her n wipes it himself

Zoya is shivering

Adi n zoya return back

Zoya is extremely happy

She goes to washroom

She looks in mirror n touches her nose

Zoya -Adi u listened to me so carefully u wanted to know everything

About me about hospital

Adi sits on corner chowki is still going on

Adi’s pov-zoya u bored me alot today very bad day

Harshvardan n Anjana are shown talking to wasim n Roshnaq

Wasim’s pov-If zoya becomes Mrs Hooda I can get more benefits in business.I will ask for more stake on name on zoya in partnership Slowly I can remove Harsh completely also This alliance of Adiya will serve me best

  1. Wow it was amazing , adi bechara ?? bored , omg wasims plan ? good , I am so happy that nowadays you are posting regularly , plz continue like this itself , ,?? post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow Arnoor in luv.sad that Adi doesnt believe in marriage whereas zoya anjana harsh think that adi loves Zoya.sad.adi getting icecream 4 zoya..wiping her nose was cute.sad that though zoya thinks that adi liked listening to her talk actually he found her boring.shocking that wasim has bad intention.never thought him to be so negative.
    Did u read my message?plz reply

  3. Hey rishi (am I correct with your name ) amm ?? just a suggestion like you can start this story on wattpad too cause you can get more readers , viewers , and commenters there ? you will find me also there ? your story is so good I am definitely Sure on wattpad everyone will be loving your story cause in telly updates there are not more readers ? I think so , so just a suggestion ??

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