Vikram Betaal 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Betaal tests Vikram’s humanity quotient

Vikram Betaal 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that he will leave as he spoke during the katha. Vikram says you can’t go. Betaal says how to make you understand. Vikram follows him in the yakshiyum yantra. Betaal says you will not agree easily and asks him to see his dhamaal. He makes stone fall on the yakshiyum yantra and says now it will fall in his place. Vikram sees yakshiyum yantra getting slow, but manages to catch Betaal’s tale. He asks him to sit in the yantra. Betaal asks him to close his eyes and see the scene. He makes Vikram go from there. Bhadrakaal comes to Vikram and says he was waiting for Betaal. He thought Maharaj will bring him. Vikram assures him that he will bring him. Bhadrakaal asks if he went to betaal ghaati. Vikram says he went there, but Betaal got him stuck in a story.

He assures that he will bring Betaal and tells that he don’t want his interference. Bhadrakaal asks him to remember that he is waiting for him to free the world from problems. Vikram leaves. Bhadrakaal thinks I know you will bring Betaal back and you can only make this impossible think possible. He says I have waited for 1100 years, and will wait for few more days.

Betaal thinks once he thought, he has to leave Pret log. Pret Pari calls Betaal and asks him if he is worried since Vikram came. Betaal gets irked as she speaks nonstop and thinks Vikram was better than her.

Vikram comes back to his palace. Kavi Raj asks why did you go to Betaal Ghaati and says only you can return from there. Vikram says he went there to lower Bhadrakaal’s favors. Vikram’s wife hugs him and cries. She says my husband has won from death.

Pret Pari tells Betaal that he was proud that nobody can come in the Pret ghaati, but Vikram managed to come here. She says you are hanging on this tree since 1100 years and asks if he don’t want his mukti. Betaal says only I can kill Bhadrakaal, but need someone’s help. Pret Pari asks whom? Betaal says Vikram Aditya will help him. He says Vikram might have come here for Bhadrakaal, but he is not adharmi and will help him to kill Bhadrakaal. Pret pari tells that you decided in one go that Vikram will listen to you leaving Bhadrakaal. Betaal says it is not easy to take me from betaal ghaati, and only the person having 32 qualities given by Devtas. He says one needs to be Detulya and says it is yet to be seen if Vikram is Detulya or not. Acharya tells Vikram that he made kundali of Bhadrakaal and couldn’t estimate his age. Vikram says he thinks Betaal and Bhadrakaal are two sides of the same thing and says there is some story. Betaal thinks to test if Vikram has humanity and says I have decided to go if you pass all the test. He says if you become successful then I will come with you and if you fails then this Pret ghaati’s windows will be closed for you forever. He throws an axe on the tree.

Vikram sees the man ringing the helping alarm and falling down injured. He asks Vikram to save his bhootgarh and says a lady is killing all man. Vikram checks him and finds him dead. He asks Virat Sen to enquire about the woman. He tells Acharya and Virat that his humanity is asking him to go to Bhootgarh now itself. He leaves from his Palace. Betaal watches him saying that and gets happy. He says you have proved that you understand humanity, but do you have the courage to stand by it. He says lets see if you will win or lose your life.

Padmini sees some man keeping Vikram on the pyre and gets shocked. She asks Kaviraj where is Maharaj. He says Maharaj went to Bhootgarh. Padmini gets shocked.

Vikram meets some men and they tell him that they are hiding to escape from the deadly woman. Vikram sees the headless lady as she throws axe on him to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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