Internet Wala Love 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai rescues Aadhya’s life yet again, Samrat gets doubtful

Internet Wala Love 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai coming home and telling Dadu that Aadhya might not be happy with the alliance and must have eloped on her own. Samrat says why she had eloped on engagement day if she was happy. Aadhya tries to take off the glass pieces. Jai asks Dadu to break the alliance and says they will see some other girl for him. Dadu asks him to think about Shubhankar’s family worry. Jai says what about our family. He says if that girl is unhappy with Samrat then how she will adjust in our family. Rupa comes. Dadu tells her that Jai has gone mad and now asking them to break the alliance. Rupa thinks Jai will fail her plan and asks why he wants to break the alliance. She asks him to be quiet. Aadhya takes out two glass pieces and takes out her head. Rupa asks Jai where did he go? He says

he went to Ambala and shows the pics in his mobile. Something from his mobile falls down. Rupa checks the pics again and thinks he is lying. She thinks all these pics are old and thinks what this boy is doing. She finds bill fallen down and picks it. She says that Jai has taken ladies 6-7 dresses last night.

Jai asks Servant to pack 20 puris and food for him. He asks her to pack in tiffin. Samrat thinks if he is taking food for Aadhya. Jai asks Servant to go and not to be spy. Samrat looks at the tracking device and thinks to slap many cases if he gets caught with Aadhya. He keeps it in Jai’s jacket. Servant brings tiffin and gives to Jai. Jai takes his jacket and leaves. Samrat thinks to catch him. Aadhya feels suffocation when the glass piece fall on her neck. Samrat sees someone walking wearing jacket and says you. The man happens to be someone else. He thinks Jai fooled me again. Jai’s friend thinks Jai seeing Samrat hiding in his room and asking his friend’s help and gives his jacket to him. Fb ends. Samrat asks about Jai’s jacket. Rajjo says it is not of Jai, but of him. Jai calls his friend and asks about Samrat. He then comes inside the house and calls Aadhya. He then comes inside the bathroom and finds her neck stuck in the bathroom glass window. He takes off the glass pieces carefully and saves Aadhya. He gets worried and takes her to hall. He asks if you are fine and asks her to speak. He checks her nerve and asks her to say something. He thinks she is breathing and goes closer to give her CPR.

Aadhya opens her eyes just then and looks at Jai. Jai moves back and says thank god. She says you would have lost your life, I would have never forgiven myself. Aadhya coughs. Jai gives her water and asks her to let him check the wound on her neck.. He says he needs to bandage her neck. Aadhya says it is not needed. Jai asks her to keep the cloth on her neck for now. Aadhya keeps it.

Jai says you tried to elope and that’s why stuck. He says I told in the morning and says why will you believe me. He says all the problems in your life is because of me. He apologizes to her. Aadhya asks him to relax and says everything is ok. Jai says sorry and gets up. Aadhya holds his hand and gets up. She says I am fine because of you. She says I never told you, but you have saved me many times and even now you are trying to save me from my life’s biggest problem. She looks at him. He says by the way when you opened your eyes, I was not doing anything wrong, was trying to give you mouth to mouth….Aadhya smiles and says I know you will not do such things. Jai says I thought I am bad guy for you in the world. Aadhya says you aren’t that bad. Jai says I will bring antiseptic and asks her to sit, till he brings the ointment. Aadhya thinks your way of handling things must be wrong, but you are not a bad guy. Song plays…She thinks of their moment. She thinks engagement broke off because of you and saved her from unwanted relation.

Precap: Jai brings medicine and tells Aadhya that he brought it breaking the lock. Aadhya is surprised and asks if he stole it. Jai says then how would I bring it. Rupa tells Shubhankar that she posted on social media about Aadhya’s kidnapping and tells that there is no call for ransom till now. Shubhankar asks if she wants to end their problem or increase it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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