Bepannah 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya admits his feelings before Arjun

Bepannah 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Noor tells Arjun now she also feels Aditya is falling for Appi. Should I confront Appi too? Arjun tells her to ask her indirectly if she too loves Bhai or not. Noor agrees to talk to her as soon as she is home. Zoya asks her what she wants to ask her.

Aditya is pacing upstairs. Arjun brings first aid box for him. Aditya thanks him. Arjun says Mom and Dad will be upset to know that you have started engaging in fights for / because of Zoya. Don’t tell them anything for my sake. Aditya asks him if he wants him to lie for his sake. Arjun reasons that small lies help in hiding bigger truths. Or are you ready to tell your truth to the world? Aditya asks him what he means. Arjun takes the cotton from his hand. There is a wound. It isn’t just limited till here (head) but goes till here (heart). Aditya asks him if he has lost it. Arjun says you can hide it from everyone but don’t lie to me. I have seen it with my eyes!

Noor asks her Appi when she came. I was speaking to Arjun about what happened in the pub. Zoya says it shook her badly. Noor asks her if she is fine. Zoya denies. You wouldn’t have asked this question if you had seen Aditya. He was too violent. He would have killed that guy today! Don’t know what has happened but there is something that is bothering him very much! Noor asks her why she thinks Aditya did it. Zoya asks her if something happened today. Zoya says maybe something happened today. Noor calls it impossible. Zoya gets thinking. Noor looks at her sister and wonders how her smart Appi can be so innocent. When will she realise that Aditya loves her? He even called her my Zoya yet she is still thinking!

Aditya calls his brother stupud but Arjun does not give up. It seemed like an 18 year old was showing his aggression. Why were you behaving like an 18 year old aggressive kid? Aditya asks him if he dint see how that guy was touching Zoya. Arjun says he was a normal guy who touched Zoya by mistake and even apologized for it. Aditya asks him whose side he is on. Arjun says I saw madness in your eyes. It was good that things dint go out of control or we would have been in trouble. Aditya says you know it well that I am not a goon. Arjun speaks of his hidden emotions. What’s bothering you? Aditya asks him if he is studying Psychology too. Arjun demands to know why he went to the pub. Aditya says he was upset over what happened. Arjun says we dint say anything out of the line. We just addressed you and Zoya as a couple. What’s bad in it? Aditya says we aren’t a couple so that did sound bad. You felt bad thinking Zoya might have felt bad. You left thinking about that only. You would think why Zoya would react on such things and went to the pub to curb that noise inside you. Aditya tells him to stop but Arjun says you are either too chivalrous that you don’t like anyone joining your name with a woman or maybe you dint like it that someone tried to misbehave with “your Zoya”. Aditya looks at him in shock. Arjun says I was listening. You kept calling her that. What’s “my Zoya” between friends? Or did you miss saying my “friend” Zoya? What is it? This is not how friends address each other. Aditya asks him what he wants to hear. If you want to hear that I love Zoya then yes, that true! I love Zoya! It is truth that if it wasn’t for Zoya then he would have killed that guy today! It is true that I fought for Zoya and stopped for her only. It is also true that now everything starts and ends with Zoya. If it is love then yes, I do love Zoya! Arjun smiles. Finally you admitted it yourself! Aditya looks at him stunned. Arjun has a sweet smile on his face.

Zoya keeps trying Arjun’s number. She asks Noor why her Arjun never picks phone at the right time. I have to talk to Aditya. Noor says he said he will speak to his brother and then call me. Why are you so worried? Zoya insists to know what’s bothering her friend. Noor asks her if she saw changes in Aditya’s behaviour in the last few says. Zoya says he has started behaving strangely since we had a fight. Noor says maybe his feelings are changing. Arjun calls back. Zoya asks him about Aditya. Noor thinks Appi will not think of anything beyond friendship. What will happen this way? Zoya asks Arjun if he is hiding something but Arjun tells her to ask her friend tomorrow itself.

Arjun sits next to his brother. Aditya tells him not to say any sher right now. Arjun tells him to let him say it. Zoya told me this one so let me. He says the sher. Aditya asks him to leave for now. Arjun confronts him on his feelings. Aditya tells him to forget it. I wasn’t in my senses. Forget what I said. Arjun says friendship has turned in love finally. God does not give second chances to people. You are really lucky. Don’t lose this chance. Aditya tells him he is speaking like RJ AJ. Arjun smiles. Really? Aditya nods and pushes him out of the room.

Aditya switches on radio. A song comes up and he remembers his ice cream date with Zoya. He tries closing his eyes but in vain. Memories of moments spent with Zoya keep flashing before his eyes. He covers his ears.

Zoya asks Noor to get up. We are very late. Noor asks her why she is in a rush. Zoya wants to talk to Aditya about what happened last night. Noor asks for her coffee. Zoya asks her to come. I will make it. I told you to take work seriously.

Anjana notices Aditya eating his breakfast too quickly. Aditya lies that he is in a rush. Arjun tells his brother to tell the truth. Zoya is coming home and you don’t want to confront her. Run from your feelings Bhai. I will see how long you will run from your destiny. He takes leave from his mother. I will be back late night. Anjana looks puzzled.

Doc and nurse discuss Sakshi’s case. She hasn’t opened her eyes before them so she can escape stealthily from the hospital. I have to get out of here stealthily for Aditya’s sake.

Aditya is in a cafe and hears Zoya and Noor arguing. He gets tensed seeing her there. What if she sees me? Zoya notices him there just then. Aditya covers his face using news paper. She greets him. He acts surprised. She says this is destiny. I was going to your house to meet you. Aditya thinks of Arjun’s words at the breakfast table. Zoya asks Aditya what happened last night. Arjun also dint tell me anything. Aditya tries getting up with an excuse but she holds his hand. What’s bothering you? Tell me. I am your friend. I might help you find a solution. What is it that you are trying to run from and are failing miserably? He thinks how to tell her that he is running from her only. The more I try to go away the more I come closer to you! I cannot let that happen!

Precap: Aditya imagines Pooja telling Aditya that Zoya cannot become his better friend than her but she is his first love. You wont be able to move on till the time you leave your past behind. What will you choose – your past or future? He looks back and finds Zoya extending her hand towards him. He looks at Zoya and Pooja in puzzlement and extends his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thanks 🙂

  2. Omg..the way Adi proposed his love for Zoya to Arjun was damn awesome.I have no words to appreciate these actors…
    The precep was speechless….For the first I liked Pooja’s thoughts…
    Watch out the precap….
    See this Instagram video by @bepannaah.fcx

  3. Neha1

    Today’s episode best part was when Adi admits his feelings before Arjun….. and later Arjun teases Adi… I think the show’s story is very slow…. Precap is interesting….

    1. If it runs a bit slowly we can be assured that it is not meant to be ended within 60 episodes…But it is much faster than kumkum n kundali bhagya …It must stay at least till march 2019…☺️

  4. Why is this stupid noor not telling about Arshad? Everything happened right infront of her eyes!

  5. Adi is in love but Zoya considers him as friend only…Only Arshad twist will make her realise his importance n the way pooja’s soul gives Adi a reality check Yash’s soul will do the same to Zoya…?

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Sab kuch zoya par suru or usi par katam hota hai: soooo lovely dialogue?????????

    2. Aditya is behaving is just in jealously..

    3. Noor said right zoya kahin pyar ko dosti ka naam na de de….

  7. Earlier, Adi was considering Pooja as frnd n she wanted love. Zoya was in love with Yash n he needed frnd ship. Both Adi n Zoya realised that they cud not give their partners what they want. So, Zoya who never had any frnd made Adi as his best frnd n left love aside which did not work out earlier. Now Adi has choosen love than frndship which he did not do earlier. Since both are doing which they did not do in past is creating all these. Great storyline, Let’s see what happens.

    1. Rightly said?

  8. Thank u for the update…agree with u Adya then we’re not able to give what their partners want… Everything starts with zoya and ends with her awesome dialogue….harshad is living in his role seriously his expressions and that love confession to arjun…it was damn cute
    Can’t wait for today’s episode
    Arjun is teasing adi ???…don’t know when zoya will realize her love

  9. Pooja says a very significant dialogue that Zoya can never be as best a friend as I, but u know what.. she is your FIRST LOVE❤

  10. Neha1

    “Main Zoya se Bepanaah Pyar karta hoon”…. Yesterday’s episode Best scene.

  11. New promo : Adi proposes Zoya… Zoya shocked..

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    When Aditya admits his love for zoya, That’s the best scene! From Behayad Jennifer is my favorite actresses! But in this show Harshad really impressed us through his acting still! We can feel Aditya pain,love, fear,frustration, etc. Harshad really rocks!

  13. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update
    Our dear Pooja

  14. Ooshi

    Adi hiding from Zoya and the way he removed the news paper when she said Aadab??

  15. Hi everyone.
    Actually the new promo scared me. I don’t want Adi to propose, at least not now.Mainly because i want Zoya to realise her feelings by herself. The other reason is that she is not ready now and or she will laugh on his face thinking it to be a joke, either she will reject him. And i dont want that to happen. It is better if Arshad makes his entry and stop him in time. That will hurt but not as much as her rejection.

  16. Riana

    Just a Fabulous Episode…Nothing else ?❤️..

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