Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop fills form for Kamla’s sake

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop saying we will go. He asks Rupesh to sit and makes him drink water. He asks Palak to come. They leave. Ishika makes Rupesh sit and says he is the same guy who was thrown out of college. Rupesh says I can’t believe. Kamla calls Himani and asks her to fill the form to become Police officer. Himani says just now we have filled the form. She asks how do you know? Kamla says your father wants Roop to become Police officer and gave form. Himani says I never thought you will support me. Kamla says I see my dreams fulfilling in my children’s eyes and says my all 4 kids are precious to me. Bua asks Kamla to bring food. She asks Shamsher if Roop will agree. Roop comes and asks what they want him to agree. Kamla asks him to sit and says she will serve him halwa. Roop sits there and sees the form.

He asks from where it is back? Kamla asks him to sign. Bua appreciates Kamla and says you have done a wonder, and says she likes halwa. Roop sees tears in Kamla’s eyes and says you know everything and then also. He is walking out.. Kamla thinks of Shamsher’s words and gives promise to Roop. Roop signs on it. Shamsher smiles and holds his moustache. Roop looks at him and comes to his room. Shamsher asks Bua to have sweets. Jigna and Kinjal come to Roop. Jigna says Maayi is helpless and asks him not to get angry with her. Roop says she is not helpless and I am not upset with her. He says he knows that Papa forced her. Jigna gives him sweets. Roop takes it.

Ishika thinks if anything had happened to Papa, and thinks he was enjoying dancing. She prays for her father’s happiness. Roop is at Hasmukh kaka’s mechanic shop. Hasmukh kaka asks him to deliver a car and bring the money. Roop wears his clothes and drives the car. A woman is seen running and climbing down from the stairs. Her husband follows her and asks her to stop. Roop comes in the car. Woman sits in car and asks Roop to take her from there, says she can stay here. Her husband comes and drags her out of car. He takes her inside. Her mum in law calls her Vaishnavi and says you could run till gate. She is about to slap her.

A middle aged man comes and says nobody will tell anything to Vaishnavi. He asks who is this guy? Roop says I came to drop your car and says it seems she don’t want to stay here. Middle aged man asks her son to give him money and asks him to go. He asks Vaishnavi’s husband Praful to bring her to room and says he will talk to her. Praful holds Vaishnavi’s hand. Roop stops him and asks him to respect woman. Praful says she is my wife. Roop says she is a woman and asks him not to force her. Praful’s brother Dhawal asks Roop if he thinks of himself as a hero, and says this house, car, or wife is not yours, he asks him to take the money and leave. Middle aged Man asks if Vaishnavi sat in car. Roop says yes. Middle aged Man tells Praful to thank Roop and says your wife couldn’t escape because of him. Dhawal gives him money and asks him to leave. Ishika comes there and sees Roop taking money in his hand. She says you are here? Roop says you…

Ishika says this is my house. Dhawal taunts her for having friendship with a mechanic. Roop says we study in a same college. Taya ji asks Roop to leave. Ishika says you got the tip also and asks him to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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