Bepannah 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya makes Maggie for Aditya

Bepannah 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya brings Zoya to a garage. We will head towards home once the rain stops. He notices her shivering and gives her his shirt. Title track plays in the background as she looks at him. You will feel cold. He lights some log and she warms her hands over it. She removes his shirt and keeps it aside. Their hands collide as they take the heat from the fire. He tells her to go first. She reasons that it’s for both of them. You are more drenched than me. She holds his hand and takes it near the fire. I heard about Mumbai’s rain in childhood and in TV. I saw it for the first time today. I was really scared today. I thought I will die today. he says I will slap you. Nothing will happen to you till I am there. She says I too felt like slapping you tight when I found out that you are planning to leave me like that. He asks her if she isn’t done for the day. You seem in a better mood now. You want to fight again? She agrees to not fight. Neither of us will fight. They notice her father standing there.

Wasim asks them to come. Wasim brings Zoya and Aditya to their home. Her Ammi takes her inside. Aditya follows inside quietly. Zoya’s Ammi hugs her relieved. Aditya takes their leave but Zoya holds his hand. Wasim notices it. Zoya asks Aditya to stay for some time. It is raining badly outside. He assures her he has car. Take care of yourself. Arjun calls Aditya. Are you fine? Where are you? Did you find Zoya? Aditya nods. I will come home and tell you. Arjun advises him to stay there for the night. It is floody outside the house because of high tide. He ends the call. Zoya’s Ammi requests him not to walk. Stay here tonight. Noor and Zoya also request him. Wasim says you can leave once it stops raining. Aditya nods.

Anjana is shocked to know that Aditya will stay at Zoya’s place. Have you gone mad? Why? Arjun asks her if Aditya is important or her hatred for Zoya. He couldn’t have reached here. The weather is really bad. Anjana wonders why Wasim couldn’t go to save Zoya. Aditya does not understand. This Zoya is using her always.

Zoya gives towel to Aditya. He asks her how she is feeling. She says I am better after having tea. Change quickly or you will catch cold. She notices his wound and is concerned. He calls it normal but she does not want the wound to create problem. The weather is already bad. She puts antiseptic on it. He shouts but then blows on it. He gets lost looking at her. Title song plays again. He shouts again. She asks him if he is mad. You weren’t shouting when you were actually hurt but are shouting now when I am applying medicine. He jokes that he isn’t afraid of wound but of medicine. She smiles. I saw old Aditya just now. He looks at her sweetly as she bandages his wound.

Everyone is having dinner when Aditya joins them. Noor says wow the moment she sees him. It is Abbu’s kurta. Her Ammi also compliments Aditya. Wasim excuses himself saying he is full. Aditya looks on. He too sits down to eat with them and greets them in Urdu. Zoya’s Ammi is impressed. Zoya says we are even now. I wore your Ammi’s saree and you wore my Abbu’s kurta. I have set your bed in living room’s sofa. Sorry but there are only 2 rooms. He does not mind till the time the pillow is ok. You cooked food for me. That’s more than enough. He tastes it and compliments the food. Wasim is noticing everything. Everyone is talking happily when Wasim suggests everyone to sleep as it is late.

Aditya is sleeping on the sofa. He dreams of what happened tonight and looks disturbed. The thought of Zoya passing out shakes him out of deep slumber and he wakes shouting Zoya’s name. He is not able to sleep again and heads upstairs quietly. He is about to knock at the door but then looks at the time. Zoya steps out of the room just then. She is startled to see him. Did something happen? He lies that he was hungry. She smiles that she too was hungry. He asks her if she will get coffee and chips. She shakes her head. I will get you something different now.

Aditya watches Zoya cook. You finally learned cooking. She says you weren’t here so I kept myself entertained by learning new things. He recalls how she couldn’t cook anything few months back. Aditya watches Zoya eat noodles like a kid. She tells him to try. This is how noodles are eaten. He asks her not to tell anyone that he will be leaving for Paris. She agrees to keep quiet. It is your life and your decision. There are a lot many people here who care for you and love you. I am one of them. You can go if you want to. I wont stop you. Just think of them before leaving. Hope it doesn’t happen that you leave your new relations behind while running away from your old relations. She apologizes for getting serious again. Focus on noodles. You cannot eat them cold. It is disrespect. He asks her if she will punish him. She nods. Hope I wont ask for something which you wont be able to give. He lifts the fork and ends up hurting himself on his wound. It starts bleeding again. Zoya ends up feeding him.

Noor comes downstairs and watches them thus. She is surprised at the scene. She goes back inside.

Arjun is surprised to see Noor’s call in the middle of the night. Is everything alright? She says I wish you were here so we could also romance like Aditya and Appi. He asks her what she is saying. She says I don’t know if it’s that but it looks like that. They are eating noodles and Appi is feeding Aditya. He refuses to believe it. Bhai never lets anyone touch his food. She looks at Aditya and Zoya. It isn’t true. He asks for a photo as proof. She sends it to him. Arjun is surprised to see the photo. What’s happening Bhai! He resumes his call. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Chemistry! Bhai left everything to find Zoya in such a bad weather. No one apart from your Abbu would do so. Think what it is! Noor nods. When did it happen? Arjun says it might have happened in Zosh. There was some connection already and their bond strengthened when they were away. Noor says Appi never hides anything from me. She would have told me. Arjun agrees that this is what Aditya does too. Someone should first make them realise that what they share is love. What happened last year between them wont even think of love again. They would turn their backs to it. They will never hear the sound of their hearts. We can do so. Mission Aditya and Zoya begins now! She happily agrees.

Zoya asks Aditya not to move. She gives him an eyelash. Make a wish. He says I am not a kid anymore. She insists. He asks for some peace in his life. Where will I find it? He closes his eyes and imagines Zoya. Her words echo in his head. He opens his eyes startled at what he just experienced and looks at her in shock.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya are dancing on Tera Hone laga Hoon.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Awwwww wala episode….

    2. Zoya ne aditya ki mom ki saree and aditya ne zoya ke father ka kurta… Soooo cute

    3. Late night kuch khane ka maazza kuch alg hi hai….?????? even i tooo like it…

    4. I wish aaj ka episode end hi nhi hota, and dream sequence dance bhi aaj hi hota?????

    5. Mission aditya-zoya love story…. That tooo by arjun-noor??????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hello viewers, this is something off topic, but does anyone of you watched bani-ishq the kalma, if so, plz does anyone have gaurav chaudhary (persone who played parmeet) insta id, as other from that show do not follow each other, so i didn’t get his id, so if anyone of you follow, plzzzz share with me..

  2. Neha1

    Woowww… Rocking episode…2day….Amazing.????????
    Zoya Adi spent good time together… Adi wore Waseem’s kurta…!??? Finally, Adi Fallen in LOVE with Zoya…..ArNoor came together to unite AdiYa..?????????
    Precap was….Tremendous, Very excited for 2mrrow Episode..?????

  3. Oh my god…….!!!!! Oh my god!!!!! …… Oh my god…. !!!!! Plzzz pinch me…. finally arnoor saw what we all wanted…. adiya….. plz mission Adiya has to b accomplished….. N finally about d noodles….. d noodles looks really good in between Adiya…. waiting eagerly fr tomorrow now…. lovely song n Adiya dancing is like an icing on d cake

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja u know na it matters us a lot

  5. Thanks for this real quick update ya!
    They’re being so cute,I swear! Aaditya is friend zoned so bad!?
    But honestly,watching him fall for Zoya is the cutest concept!
    Is he gonna leave tho? Also, that anjana thing is little extreme.. Isn’t it? I mean,what mother would do that?! God.
    Anybody else wondering where maahi n her mother is?!
    Oh,oh.. One more thing.. Did anyhow notice that Aaditya was driving!? Without being haunted by any thoughts After so long.. Our boi really has grown up!??

  6. Omg Omg Omg??? Mission Aditya and Zoya begins now!!!!!! Love Arjun and Noor??

  7. love this showwwwwww so much

  8. Happy for adiya?.
    Am just loving this serial.
    pRecap is awesome. wAiting for tomarrow.
    Sad part is in online trp list bepanah reduced to 7 position . Hope its trp increases this time.

  9. Neha1

    Watch New Promo of Bepanaah, where Adi shouts I LOVE YOU Zoya.????

    1. Lovely promo neha

  10. Neha1

    In Promo :- Adi said, Nazarein ussey hi dhoondhti hai,
    Khwaab ussi ko hi dekhte hai
    Sab Soona uske bina
    Kya raat kya din
    Woh sath ho, toh samay thehra sa
    Dil isse Pyaar nahi, toh aur kya kahe….I LOVE Zoya.???

    1. Oh my god!!! ?????
      This was sooo cute!!
      But would it be weird if I say ..’itni jaldi admit Kar liya?’ I mean.. Abhi toh Start he hua tha boss!
      Because tbh.. Chasing is both fun and cuter! ???
      Anyway.. I still love it! Eeeee! Can’t control my excitement! ??????

  11. Shibil

    Omg ….amazing adiya part …mission starts….can’t wait for upcoming moments ….loving this show more and more …

  12. Neha1

    Just loved this scene, when Adi closed his eyes to make a wish and he saw Zoya…

  13. Hey guys…tell me…did they show Adi massaging Zoya’s feet in the episode? I believe they showed it in precap only and not in the episode…:( 🙁 🙁

    The new promo is awesome… Adi has realised his feelings for Zoya …but serial love stories are never simple..Zoya will do something different…she will agree to marry Arshad without understanding that she too loves Adi.. Adi will be heartbroken once again but the love triangle will make Zoya realise her love for Adi..this Arshad twist is mainly for Zoya’s realisation !!!!

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, and if the sources are to be believed, Arshad is only ready to marry Zoya for her money and her company…. and Adi gets to know about this and Arshad’s intentions…So, Adi will porposed Zoya for Marriage…. let’s see if this will be true or not…

  14. Neha1

    Will Aditya Propose Zoya.?? Will Aditya stop Zoya-Arshad Marriage…??

  15. Riana

    Guyzzzzz…. Tomorrow (Friday) is bepannah’s 100th episode… ??????????????????????…Awesome journey of 100 episodes… Lovely episode btw ??????????????… Waiting for the confession ???????????????

  16. Wow so cute episode today . I love it and I love all the expressions of aditya . Finally arnoor join hands to operation adiya. Feeling excited

  17. No words to describe… Loving Adiya ???
    Mission Adiya by Arnoor that’s damn cute
    Zoya feeding noodles to adi is just so adorable I wish they fall in love in real life too they are best couple
    Can’t wait anymore I’m not able to control my excitement
    Zoya wore Anjana’s Saree and adi wore wasim’s Kurta really adi was very cute in that
    I don’t want this to end
    Salute to bepannah writers
    At last thank u for the update pooja

  18. I was smiling throughout the episode? someone said abhi start hua and abhi Aditya will confess love.. I think it’s self confession, he won’t be able to tell Zoya yet cuz Zoya either ain’t in love yet or is totally unaware but c’mon it’s taken 100 episodes for adi to finally realize.. I liked when adis biggest nightmare was losing Zoya this time?

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