Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Suwarna awaits Ashi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik picking the ring and putting it in drawer. Naira sees him and shouts. The ring falls. He says so you had hid the ring here, its good I found it. She says I m not angry, I pity you. They argue. She gives him the ring and takes bike keys. She says hurry up, come. Naksh comes to Kirti and helps her. She says I m sorry, I know you are angry on me, I can’t stay quiet, I will keep trying. Naksh says no, I have come here for something else. She asks what. He says I want to praise you, you look beautiful, I missed you. She says I missed you too, I didn’t threaten you of going to Maayka. They smile. Kartik and Naira see diya fallen and fire lit in temple area. They quickly put off the fire. Naira says maybe Lord has sent us here for this. Kartik says we shall leave now. She sees the ring in her finger. They recall their engagement and other moments. Kartik says I didn’t do this intentionally, why isn’t it coming out. She says don’t clarify, we should go. Kirti calls him and asks him to come soon. He asks Naira to remove ring on the way, they have to go fast.

Rukmani comes to Manish and Akhilesh. She says Raksha bandhan is close, come to my house this year, I will call my friends and see your costly gifts, our relation got more stronger. They shout shut up, how can anyone be so greedy, we are not your brothers, you are not our sister. Rukmani waves to them and asks what are you thinking. Their imagination breaks. She goes. Kartik drives and says I don’t believe this, how can this happen. Naira says don’t annoy me, focus on the road. Rukmani says its time for engagement, its special rings, everyone will be shocked seeing the ring. Kartik says hurry up now. Naira says I m trying to remove it. She says why did you hold the ring when you couldn’t manage. They enter the house together. Kirti asks Naksh to stop Rukmani. Rukmani says I m going to bring out the rings now. Dadi says she is saying as if she has spent money on rings. Kartik gives cream to Naira and asks her to try it. Naira tries to remove ring. Kartik says take it off soon. She asks him to shut up. Rukmani asks them to see the two precious rings. They all see just one ring in box and get shocked.

Rukmani checks and says where is the other ring, which was supposed for Mansi. The lady asks was the ring there or not, did you forget to buy it. The ladies laugh. Kartik looks on and pulls the ring from Naira’s finger. Naira screams. Everyone turns to see her and ask what happened. Rukmani asks where is the other ring. Naitik asks Naira are you fine, why did you scream. Kartik says the ring is here, why do you worry when I m here. Naitik asks is everything fine. Naira nods. Rukmani shows the ring. Suwarna reads her friend’s message… I m not coming, Ashi left, she will reach in some time. Dadi says we shall start rasam now.

Rukmani says no, there is something special to do, its my grandson’s engagement, there is going to be tug of war between both families. Dadi says this wasn’t needed. Rukmani says we have to do all rasams. Dadi says fine, just don’t miss the mahurat. Rukmani asks everyone to come. She calls Naira and Kartik to join them. They refuse. Naksh gets them. Rukmani asks Mansi and Anmol to come. Naira says no, they can’t come. Anmol asks why. Manish says what’s the matter. Akhilesh says let them come. Mansi signs Anmol. She says I can’t come, I can’t play as I m wearing this lahenga, my make up will spoil. Anmol says yes, I will slip in this shoes, we will stand here and enjoy. They all play. Manish laughs. Suwarna gets angry. Kartik falls over Naira. Everyone looks on. They get up. Suwarna’s friend comes and says sorry, I got late, did engagement rasam start. Suwarna says no.

The lady asks why are Kartik and Naira together, his life will be stuck, free him from his past relations if you want him to move on. Suwarna says let her come, then Kartik’s attention will get off Naira. Rukmani says let rings come first. Dadi says rings were kept there. Kartik says the rings will reach in special way, Rukmani didn’t like anything simple. Naira asks why did you listen to her, you should have discussed once. He says I learnt this from you, no need to discuss anything with anyone. Some remote controlled flying birds get the rings in their beaks. Mansi and Anmol get the rings. The sound of the birds don’t stop. Manager tries to stop it by remote. Naira takes the bird and ruins it by her feet. She goes. Kartik goes after her. She throws the wool of that toy. He asks did you go mad. She says I m trying to clean the mess created by you. He says that machine was stuck, the noise would have stopped in some time, we will tolerate each other, we will try our best to avoid. She says you don’t let me be in peace. She hears the sound again and kicks the machine. She goes.

Everyone sings badhai ho badhai…. Suwarna thinks Ashi should have come by now. Naira says we shall meet at the lawyer’s place tomorrow. He says hopefully, for the last time. Ashi comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hate swarna .
    She is to bad.
    We want naira and karkit meet soon.
    Otherwise stop serial.
    Dnt make dis serial likes other serial story.
    Open subham incident soon.
    As we Al know naira is get wrong ..
    Den why she is in terrible. Please serial maker focus on it.
    Its effect us also lots.

    1. Fed up of Drama

      Shashi its no use commenting on this bakwas serial. They show makers are only interested in getting more TRP by showing the leads always in trouble or separated. This milna and bichadna needs to stop please.

  2. Fed up of Drama

    Shashi its no use commenting on this bakwas serial. They show makers are only interested in getting more TRP by showing the leads always in trouble or separated. This milna and bichadna needs to stop please.

  3. True bakwas…i thought this is the only serial which do not make all bullshit dramas. Not anymore

  4. Why is everybody wearing black on a happy occasion

    1. The theme is black and gold

  5. Why don’t you make a temple of Naira and sit and pray there everyday. If Kartik did something for Naira, it was his duty and when she did it was a favour? What an idiot you are. Naira has been the mess creator in this relationship.Kartik trusted her blindly always but madam was just hiding stuff from him and hence the result. Anyways keep ranting coz now makers no better than to listen to KARTIK HATERS Like you!!!

    1. Khushi GET THE FACT OUT OF THIS FIRST !!!!!

    2. Khushi you are right ! Naira deserves to be praised she is the one who always make the families together and she is so understanding and forgiving !!! We love her so much and you are right they should make a temple for Naira and pray there everyday!!! Karthik don’t deserves Naira at all!!! her keeps saying he loved her but never understand and trusted her!!! and now what because of this Surwarna a mother he never accepted till now begins to worships her?? what a joke!!! Karthik is nothing compared to Naithik who always supported Askshara!!! let just hope Naira moves on and forget about this idiot Karthik like you said !!

  6. Abbey dhakkan maker
    make Karthik jealous instead of Naira
    girls aren’t a thing, u can’t toy with her all the time
    ek thi Akshara gadha
    aur ek uski beti
    gadha number dimaag na kuch aur..full offf Arrogance and Ego..Air aya Karthik..He manages business,goes for lectures,still IQ is bellow 50
    Swarna,chudail Moti!
    when Naira can forgive Karthik about her mother’s death Incident,karthik can’t stay with Naira bcz of a Mother whom he never accepted
    yeah,,time to leave the Earth…fools

  7. I agree with you unicorn. You said right.

  8. when naira has forgiven to Mansi for her mother death case. and now why Kartik does not forgive to naira of Shubham death. Even he blem to naira all this thing because Suwarna does not want to forgive naira.
    This is unfair.

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