Kundali Bhagya 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sarla goes to the Luthra’s

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Sarla is very worried and ask the auto driver to move fast she forces him after which he also agrees, Preeta sits beside Karan and they go. Sarla walks in the Luthra’s house and asks the servant where Preeta is he does not answer, she is about to leave when Karina stops her asking her if she wants to know where Preeta is, she then says that she has taught a lot of things to her daughter which include making relations with her Rishab, Sarla gets angry and stops her.
Karan and Preeta are driving when he turns at the wrong way, she ask him he says that they’re going towards Doctor’s house, she asks him to stop the car but he does not listen and says that they will prove that she was right, she says that his family said a lot of bad things to her and she can no longer bear them and he must leave her. he says that they will go to her house and she will tell them s she was scared at their house, he will record everything and prove that Preeta is true, she says that she does not care for herself rather wants his family to be happy, he makes her agree to his plan.
Sarla is very angry and says that nothing makes a person honest like money and they have everything, Karina says that she must not tell; lies and not yell, it is her house, Sarla says that she has raised a very honest daughter and she is the only one who does not understand Preeta, she has always tried to blame Preeta for trying to break Sherlin and Rishab’s relation, hearing their loud voice Mahesh and Rakhi come, Rishab also comes and says that he knows Preeta is true and no one believes that she was wrong, Karina says that she believes it at which Sarla says that she knows that Preeta was true and she also believes that Sherlin is not the right girl for Rishab and what did she do wrong if she tried to break their relation as she wanted him to have a good and happy relation with anyone except her, Karina gets shocked hearing this, shouting her to stop talking Rishab is relieved to hear that someone also sees what Sherlin truly is.
Sarla says that her daughter will not come to their house anymore as she can no longer bear it, Rakhi asks for forgiveness but she denies it and asks them to arrange for some other physio therapist and leaves, Rishab goes after her and does not listen to anyone.
Prithvi is angry, wondering why is it taking so long, Sherlin goes to check, Sanju ask him to calm down and chill as everything will be alright, he says that Prithvi must give him the money whioch he owes him, Prithvi says that he will not give him the money as he was th one who saved hi from the Luthra’s and the police and so he must give him the money, Prithvi says a lot of bad things to him and they start to fight over money, Sanju places a gun on his head after that Prithvi knowing that he will be killed calms down.
Sherlin asks Doctor Try hurry packing, the niece is very scared and asking the doctor to hurry so that they can leave, Sherlin doesn’t like it and threatens to throw her put of the window, she says to her to hurry and take what she has packed.
Sherlin hears that both Sanju and Prithvi are fighting, she goes to stop them but Sanju warns her to say away from their matters, Prithvi signals that he has lost his senses and she must stay quiet, Sanju then calms down and asks him to not do anything like this ever again as they both are friends.

Rishab asks Sarla to stop and begs for her forgiveness and insists that she must forgive him as he was not able to do anything, she says that he must not say this and he was the only one who helped them in every matter even when her daughter was in jail. She says that she knows that not everyone feels like him and when as he heard what Karina said then how ca she let her come back. Rishab says that he will make sure that nothing happens to her but she must let her come to their house, Sarla is adamant saying that she will not let her come a she can longer hear someone say anything wrong about her daughter, Rishab feels disappointed over his family’s actions.

Precap: Prithvi is about to open the door when he hears Preeta and Karan talking, Prithvi warns everyone that they both are standing outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Just like we knows the evil always win. The country where I live family or elders doesn’t comes between husband and wife. It’s our duty to solve our problems. Only when it’s serious than we can ask for. But in India everybody knows each other life’s and problems and they’re very jealous to each other.

    1. Agree with you Geeta, it is the same in my country, marital problems are between the married couple and only if things get out of control like abuse then family members may step in to offer help or intervene…or in extreme cases the police are involved in which case a safe shelter is offered to the spouse and children if there is no family is close by.

  2. indian series is shit…indian series is the only series where evil win and good people lose,then they will continue dragging the story day by day and the evil people will never be expose and years of dragging the story will just end foolishly with no meaning…Your series is nonsense and am proud to say it

    1. Agree. Trust af*. Watching Indian serials become disgusting after some time

  3. I agree,Indian serials are very boring.

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