Bepannah 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasim warns Harsh to control Aditya

Bepannah 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya and Arshad reach Siddiqui House. They tell everything at home. Arshad is happy that it finally. Wasim nods but looks thoughtful about something.

Harsh is puzzled to see Wasim calling him. He picks his call finally. Wasim advises him to take care of his son or. Harsh asks him if he is threatening him. Wasim denies. I am warning you. The consequences will be really bad if your son tries to intervene in my daughter’s life again! Harsh tells him to mind his tongue but Wasim suggests him to tell this to his son and wife. Their lies have messed up my daughter’s life. You are a respectable man so I am telling you. Next time I will call police instead. Remind him well that he is just an event manager in my daughter’s wedding. He must not cross that limit.

Harsh questions Aditya as to

what he is doing. Your madness will take you down. Aditya says it is called love. When this happens, it crosses all limits. I love Zoya. How to make you believe that she loves me too? Anjana tries to make him understand it isn’t true. Harsh seconds her. You should have thought about your family and our respect before doing all this. Wasim Siddiqui called me and said so many things. I dint have anything to defend you. Aditya reasons his love is pure. How to make you understand that God is behind all this? Harsh knows Zoya does not think this way or she would have never agreed to marry Arshad. Aditya says this is what I have to explain to her. I was all alone when Pooja left. I thought I wont be able to love again, that I will stay alone. I realised it today that I was never alone. Zoya was there for me always. I know she loves me. You guys don’t believe me? Won’t you support me? Harsh refuses. It isn’t love but madness. Aditya says love isn’t love without madness. It is ok if you wont support me. I will reach my destination alone if I have to but I will keep going. I have learnt it from you that one should fight for what is ours. My love is my right. I will fight for my love till my last breath. He goes.

Zoya’s mehendi function is going on. Zosh Team is looking after all the preps. Noor comes out. she is about to collide but Arjun saves her. She thanks him. He notices she isn’t fine. She says it does not matter to you. Saying so, she walks away. Arjun feels bad.

Zoya is thinking of Aditya’s words. Wasim and Arshad’s father hug each other happily. Roshnak asks the Arshad’s mother to get henna in her other hand too. She feeds her food. Arshad’s mother suggests her to food Zoya too. Roshnak offers food to Zoya but she denies. I am not hungry. Roshnak asks her if she is worried or isn’t hungry. Wasim says she need not worry anymore. Arshad is coming to take care of her. He shares that he had a word with Harsh. I have explained him well. I hope Aditya wont come here again. He notices Arjun with Mithilesh ji. Huda’s sons help in the beginning and then befriend you. They trap in their love later. I know them well. Zoya speaks in Arjun’s favour. He always helps me. Arshad comes just then. Zoya looks away uncomfortably. Arshad meets everyone. Arshad compliments Zoya from far and asks her to show her mehendi. She shows her hands. Mehendi girl asks Zoya to share the groom’s name. Zoya thinks of the first wedding done by Zosh events and thinks of Aditya. The girl writes the name as told by Zoya. Zoya begins to blame her for writing Aditya’s name on her hand. I doubt if he only sent you here. You did it intentionally right? Don’t you understand? Noor brings lemon and honey for her but Zoya is in full panic mode. Who does this? Noor tells her to look carefully. It is Arshad not Aditya. Zoya looks at her hands stunned. Noor says this is the colour of love. Mehendi may not show it but you are definitely in love. It is a deep one which is why you read the name which your heart wanted to see on your hand. Zoya looks at her hands. Noor excuses herself as her mother calls her. Zoya sits there tensed.

Precap: Aditya dances on Bachna Ae Haseeno song. Zoya and Arshad look at each other during his performance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Loved the way Aditya defends for his true love and had right to fight for….but hope Zoya will soon accept the same…. Anyways, Zoya get panicked to saw Arshad’s name on Mehendi which she misunderstood as Aditya’s name…. Noor was right….This is the colour of love❤
    And tomorrow I think Aditya will dance with Zoya….saw pics on Instagram…. waiting 4 2mrrow episode.

    1. Chalo, kuch nahi toh AdiYa ka dance dekne ko mil jayega. (Well, we’ll atleast watch AdiYa’s dance if nothing else)

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Not much to say for today’s episode but 2 thins: zoya dress in mehandi function was looking nice😃😊 and i am hating😡😡😠😠 wasim more than anjana day by day

  3. Anju5u

    Not liking this….arshad trying to romance with Zoya …..😖😖…precap 😍😍

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      We all know that, after all serial ke lead hi ek hote hain… But abp ke dialogue yeh kahani filmy hai doesn’t suit, as her serial me yehi hota hai, ya to dulha badal jaata hai ya dulhan…

  4. I think show is now moving fast.
    Makers got their mistake.
    Hope they will not show zoya ‘s kidnapping drama as neha mentioned.

  5. Anju5u

    N I don’t want this saiyya bgm for arshad – Zoya…’s exclusively for adi- Zoya 😩

  6. Strectched story … Dunno what’s Noors prob with Arjun … Both sisters are too arrogant to handle … Hooda brothers should find someone else 🙄 Aditya should keep some self respect and stop forcefully pursuing Zoya … Although Zoya is acting stupid n clueless .. I don’t like zabardasti Ka phase … He is soo forceful …

    1. This is not the time for Noor & Arjun to be fighting. I think if they weren’t fighting, they could have helped Adi find a way to deal with this and even a way to make Zoya understand what’s going with her. They doing things individually and that doesn’t seem to be working.

  7. I am glad Aditya’s name wasn’t written in her hand.

    1. @Eri : But that monkey Arshad’s name was written!!! How could u bear that?…makers could have simply written A.H on her hand!!!!

      1. It was invisible to her, so it is equal to nothing. I don’t mind.

    2. I agree

  8. Okay!!
    So once Adtiya had something named as self-respect now he doesn’t have it.
    Quitting the show now I can’t tolerate this bullshit now.

  9. Pathetic episode!!! Arshad’s name on her mehendi!!! They didn’t even show mehendi getting rubbed off!!! N now Adi is gonna kidnap her…confirmed spoiler by colors channel itself!!!!
    @Meera, Neha, Eri, Evelyn : I am unable to stand this serial anymore!!!…Zoya n Adi’s love story totally damaged by Arshad track!!!

    1. My patience has already crossed its limits. Now I am only waiting for Yash’s entry. Since he is the only ray of hope. I can’t take it any more. I want to see AdiYa as a couple crazy and passionate for each other

    2. Neha1

      Yeah agree that makers put down this show and its the worsed thing…but @Arch, We have to wait for the Union…I wanna watch how AdiYa unite and if spoilers to be true then I also want to see How AdiYa will get married but yes agree that there’s no need to Arshad’s track and it is still very boring to watch Arshad…his presence onscreen wasn’t so attractive that people watch the show with interest and there’s no interesting twist in this triangle track…
      But keep calm dear … I’m just hoping that from October onwards we’ll surely watch some interesting tracks. If not then I too not interested to watch such boring cliched twist.

    3. Hi @Arch! sorry I’m replying this late. It’s just that after reading that kidnapping spoiler and then watching this episode (yes,i watched it yesterday) i was just too depressed to comment about anything. nothing is falling into place and i’m just too frustrated right now. it so sad to see a show as good as bepanaah to get ruined like this. i can legit hear it falling apart.
      it;s not even like arshad’s character was amazing.. he tries to be romantic but somehow ends up being cringey. do you guys watch k dramas? (korean shows)? they’re really good and romantic.. anyway, that’s where we have something called the ‘second lead syndrome’ that’s when the second lead is almost as good as the first lead and you feel sad for him but at the same time he shouldn’t pair up with the lead girl.. so yea, it’s not even like that. i just cannot bear this arshad’s face. he is so annoying and dull.
      as for aditya,after reading @eri’s comment i can imagine why he isn’t backing off.. but isn’t kidnapping a little too much? he is not some goon like salman khan was in tere naam.. plus everyday, at least once i feel that zoya really does not love aditya. and if after that they magically are married on her wedding day then i don’t know how will i handle myself. enough yar. it’s supposed to be her wedding,functions should be lit. but she’s just crying NON STOP! even her wedding with yash was like that.. incomplete,partial happiness. she too deserves it yr. we all know how stubborn she can be. and she reasons every question on her belief for as long as she can.
      but now what the makers are trying to prove,i have no idea.
      also,right now arnoor shouldn’t be fighting. i hoped them to be more mature than this. EVERY character has been degraded. and i am even tired of ranting now.
      after yesterday,i have had zero excitement about anything related to bepanaah. i feel so done.

  10. Seems like another week of horse pooh again

  11. I did not watch the episode. Now I will only watch if there is any good scene from the updates. And I will start watching from the episode where Yash enters.
    And for heaven’s sake, its not Roshnak, it is Roshna. It was irritating to read Roshnak again and again.
    Btw, it was my birthday yesterday😊
    Waiting for Yash’s entry.

    1. @Evelyn : Belated Happy birthday dear!!!! Good u didnt watch ‘bepannah’…it is worsening day by day !!!!!

      1. Thank You for the Birthday wish 🙂

    2. Pooja

      Ummm… It is in fact Roshnaq if you check the main page here

      Belated Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

      1. Pooja, even the wikipedia page is written by someone. It is possible that I am wrong, but I suggest once listening clearly to her name being called in any episode; just for confirmation. (I am sorry because I feel I was a bit rude in my comment)
        Thank you for the Birthday wish 🙂

      2. Pooja

        No problem Evelyn, it’s all good 🙂 And I did eavesdrop on the name again.. guess its Roshnaq / Roshnak only but it’s true.. what’s there in a name. Let’s enjoy the episodes together 🙂

      3. Anju5u

        What’s in the name…..u r doing an awesome job…. hat’s off.,…thanks a tonne ….🤗

      4. Pooja

        Most welcome Anju 🙂 And thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 <3

    3. Happy birthday Evelyn. May all your dreams come true.

      1. Thanku so much @Eri😍😍

    4. Neha1

      @Evelyn, Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear…
      May God bless you with good health, Happiness and a blissful life… Keep smiling… muah,😍😘

      1. Thanku so much @Neha😘😘😘♥muuah…

    5. hey evelyn! belated happy birthday,love. <3 :* hope you succeed in all you endeavours! <3 🙂
      keep smiling,always. 🙂

      p.s- it is roshnaq. it was evident in this ep .. waseem called her roshnaq! but then again, "what's in a name?" 😉

      1. Yes! You are right about the name part. Thank You so much for the b’day wish @Meera 😄

    6. Anju5u

      Belated happy bday 🎈🎈🎉🎉

      1. Thank u Anju♥😄😄

  12. Presently, I am watching ‘The Crown’ series instead of Bepanah. Anyone else who has watched the series?

  13. That’s what Avantika … I don’t like him going behind Zoya and pursuing her … Although I don’t like Arshads character but it’s so cliche of Zoya accepting adis love just before marriage and injustice with Arshad … Y did she got engaged with him at first place if she had plans to break it just before marriage ….

    Also all of sudden Noors character has started doubting her ability (at the beginning of the serial Noor was shown pretty smart and confident) whereas Zoya was dumb forever … Now Noor is fighting to show her family she can do something big like Zoya LOL … This is pretty watse track … Makers aren’t sure what they wanna show in this serial …

  14. I feel Aditya is at fault too, this much persuasion can repel anyone

    1. Even I feel Adi is at fault more than Zoya …. Although I don’t like the way Zoyas character is portrayed as she is shown quite vulnerable ….

      Aditya is so pushy and arrogant the way he challenges Zoyas dad in front of all guest saying Woh engagemenr Kar Nahi payegi …. Is that correct? I like Harshad chopda but not that way adityas character is build up … Initially he was just impulsive … Now he sounds more like gunda and teenage stalker … Common who at 30s does all the Romeo antics like Aditya does? Also doesn’t anyone has any other work? All time gaana Sangeet n stuff … This serial doesn’t seem realistic anymore … Atleast we can justify Zoyas character as she is abiding by her father … And after all ashiqui when Zoya insults Aditya … Aditya doesn’t even have that self respect to stay away from her … So many loopholes in bepannah

  15. When will this Arshad nonsense end ?
    1. Last week Zoya got engaged to Arshad.
    2. Today Arshad’s name on her mehendi.
    3. Arshad is gonna kiss her hand tomorrow.
    4. Arshad Zoya’s haldi is gonna take place.
    Is Arshad the hero or Aditya?
    N Adi if I was in your place I would have abandoned Zoya by now…Zoya has fallen very low in my eyes!!!.. she is being romanced by 2 guys n she was married b4 too…how can makers malign a character to this extent!!!

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I agree with you @Arch…but still it’s all up to the makers, they’ll show the story they want to…

  16. Hey Evelyn I have completed both seasons of crown 1 n 2 … Awaiting 3rd … It’s amazing series and what a cast …. Best drama series

    Belated happy birthday Evelyn!

    1. Yeah Its an awesome series. Loved it. 3rd season will come in 2019 as per the reports. Waiting for the entry of Princess Diana♥

      1. @Evelyn … Even am waiting for Princess Diana 🤴 entry … I am her big fan … It would be interesting to see how they develop her story

  17. Adi loosing his self respect for the sake of Zoya is what writers are trying to show to us. He will loose his family at some point too. I am irked every time he gets insulted, rejected, but he doesn’t care. And it makes sense, he is in love with Zoya, I am not.
    Me, you, all of us can find flaws in her, but he can’t.
    Is the same thing happening with me, every time someone judges Aditya about his actions I rush in making excuses for him, justifying him, no matter what, because am in love with him like all of us 😍, can I be blamed for this?
    He will bear everything for his love till the end. I don’t belive he will backoff ever. That will show that his love isn’t strong.
    And if this is the amount of love he has for her at this moment, that she is rejecting him, i can’t imagine what will happen when she will accept him. And the moment she will accept him she will be fighting for him as well, no matter what.
    Don’t forget what is waiting for them, the truth of Anjana, they should test the love they have for each other before that, because is going to be tough.
    Wassim is dangerous, he threatened Harsh, what consequences is he talking about???
    Anjana could have tried to kill Pooja but Wassim independently from her could have tried to kill Yash. Maybe both succeeded, maybe no one, Rajvir?

    1. You’re right, there’s a lot waiting for these 2, dealing with their parents be it Wassem’s stubborness or Anjana being a killer, truth about Shakti or her death. I may hope that they deal with it together. Adi won’t be able to stand Shakti’s news alone.

  18. Adi has always been vocal whether he’s angry lashing out at Zoya (then) in her face making her believe the truth. Now, he’s doing exactly the same. So, I get why he won’t stop trying to persuade Zoya. But, in all od this he’s forgotten what kind of a person is Zoya. She was always the quite one but if she’s made up her mind she wouldn’t change for anyone until she gets proof to make her think otherwise. Adi needs Arjun to tell him to time it down or come up with a different strategy, like reverse psychology or something but he needs to give Zoya some breathing space. Their friendship has been affected now. it’s desperately needs a friend, her friend but he’s the one who’s a problem, so she can’t talk to him about this. I’m also annoyed with this track but we all know Zoya, she won’t change until she gets a reason to, for now there’s no reason. It’s worse that Wassem is a constant nag, she doesn’t want to disappoint him again. I see people think they’ll get married soon. Zoya won’t marry like the last time, she’ll do it right even if she realised her love for Adi. She’ll try to persuade her father this time and marry with his permission. Mhhh, there’s a long road ahead here. I wonder is CVs know how much is in this story.

  19. Aditya should go find himself a girl n make Zoya jealous,then she might admit her love out of jealousy

    1. but that’s not how you should realize your love na! that’s not how it should be.
      there shouldn’t be an external force like jealousy for you to know that you love the person. this jealousy act is only if you’re insecure which is yet another flaw in a relationship. they’re mature people who’ve seen a lot in their lives and not some teenagers.. that’s why at this point,aditya isnt jealous of arshad too. he’s just worried that zo might get into a relationship where she’ll have to stay sad for the rest of life,again.
      just because a girl comes,and now zoya is scared of losing him hence she admits that she loves him would be just plain wrong. she needs to know that another girl or no girl, she loves aditya regardless.
      so yea,i am so against the entry of another girl..
      ik you said that in good humour and we all are just desperate for adiya right now. <3 🙂

      1. I didn’t mean like a girlfriend ,just to flirt
        It’s so sad to see Aditya character now it’s the only thing I can think off that could make Zoya have a change of heart.
        Thanks for understanding that it was just a humour comment ☺☺☺

  20. Yes, Initially I liked it because unlike other serials in this one people had a job to do, as much as I remember Arjun is an advocate plus part-time radio jockey, now what is going on ??

    1. Neha1

      Hahaha…Adi and Arjun became jobless… that’s bothered me a lot…and specially after being in love both brothers are jobless…had a job of going behind their GFs only….

  21. Zoya has already started to hallucinate, this dance i believe is also one of them.She will imagine dancing with Adi while dancing with Arshad, and that kiss on the hand will happen this way. Otherwise i can’t understand how can they dance together in front of everyone.
    And this kidnapping thing 🤔I will tolerate him kiddnaping her only for staying as a friend together for the last time.
    He can take her for a last ice cream 😥, she can’t deny him this.

    1. yea,last ice cream would be so cute. although you and i both know that’s not gonna happen. :'(
      CVs have lost all the inclination to be unconventional anymore.
      he is going to kidnap her and force his opinions on her again,i will again start to believe that zoya really doesn’t love aditya and then i will stop watching the show and i’ll go cry in a corner of my room.

  22. Or even better, she is imagining him kidnapping her.

  23. Some good news guys…a jist of synopsis I read on instagram…this week’s highlights:-
    Tues 18/9 : Adi doesnt kidnap Zoya. He holds her hand n tries to talk to her but fails.

    Wed 19/9 : Roshna slaps Adi n says Zoya is happy with Arshad. Leave her alone. So Adi now finally backs off.

    Thu 20/9 : Adi leaves Hooda mansion to spend time alone. Zoya remembers all moments she spent with Adi.

    Fri 21/9 : Wedding day started. Adiya walking towards wedding venue. Adi gifts Zoya a ring saying ‘be happy always’.Arshad angry to see them together.

    Lambu should exit by Tuesday…

    1. Wow . So good news
      Now i think my prediction will be true, zoya will refuse and ran away only at last moment
      I want this track to finish this week
      They should move fast , not interested to watch that tahir.
      I think harshad and jennifer deserves better something than a dragging show
      A finite series or movie .
      This show had many other storyline to do than a dragging marriage drama.
      It seems like from last 4/5 episode show is moving faster
      Still watching for jenshad
      Their expression are too real

    2. Neha1

      Yes, I too heard that…
      But at last, this is gonna happen…..
      Anyways, what shocked me is Roshna will slap Adi….but I guess she’s deliberately gonna do this for Zoya… thatZoya realise what she want and what step she should be taken……and finally Zoya realised her Bepanaah love for Adi….
      Thanks @Arch, for sharing such a big and good news to AdiYa fan’s….😃

    3. Neha1

      @Arch, if this upcoming Friday will happen that Union…it will be a best gift….but I guess, End of the. month AdiYa will unite… Now can’t wait for much awaited AdiYa Union❤😍

  24. In d new promo Wen adi is coming out of zoya house, zoya will leave arshad and run towards adi and hug him and say that she’ll marry only him

  25. People are talking about a new promo, has anyone see it???

  26. Good news
    New promo true promo description

  27. Neha1

    Wow, Amazing…..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    The Upcoming Promo is here….watch it…!

    1. Man, finally!!! My medicine…sorry all bepannah lovers medicine has arrived. Can’t believe colors channel itself uploaded it. Thank god its not fan made ♥♥♥❤❤😘😍

  28. Neha1

    Isse Best Birthday Gift Nahi ho sakta….Yessss…😍😘💃💃😃 can’t control my excitement…! Ab ye Union Thursday nhi to Friday toh aa hi jayega…. or Mere birthday month mein ye union hoga that’s more than enough…😃

    New promo link : Zoya wants to marry Adi

    1. Can not think it’s true , untill episode is telecasted

  30. Finally zoya choose adi over arshad🤗😍😍
    I find is very pathethic, seeing in spoilers alert arshad will unite adiya😷😷😷

    1. Yes spoilers say Arshad will unite them…tellychakkar says he will turn negative…but Adiya will unite…how? We have to watch episodes…

  31. Now one bad news has come…Taher is not exiting the show it seems…he is gonna turn negative…

    Oh god why makers are obsessed with Arshad!!!!

    1. Neha1

      I knew it makers will try to destroy the show snow this Arshad will turn negative which is bad news and another old repeated cliche twists will occur after marriage drama…Arshad will try to separate or create rift between AdiYa…just hope he didn’t join hands with Anjana… otherwise it will be worse…and show loose it’s charm … already in terms of TRP show isn’t doing well and if this gonna happen can’t save Bepannaah…. Seriously, makers trying best to ruining the show..

    2. I don’t care if Arshad turns negative after AdiYa has united.😄

  32. Anju5u

    Hey guys did u c this…..the moment we were all waiting for… .qubool hai to Aditya…..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Anju5u

    Just noticed that the promo was already posted here….😉😁😋

  34. Don’t think they will extend Arshad presence any more, he is already hated, you can not hate him more if he becomes negative.
    Anyway I don’care if he stays or goes if Adiya is together.

    1. Prefer him out 😃😃😃

      1. Saw the new promo!
        FINALLY guys!!!!! ❤️❤️💫💫
        Although I hope they DON’T get married right away 🤔🙄and this Arshad isn’t negative.. There are already too many neg. characters actors in the show.😖😏. Anyway I’ll keep this short cause today’s all about AdiYa!!!!!!
        They’re finally gonna unite.
        Babies have realised their bepanaah love!!! Good times await,guys. 💕💕🙈🙈🙈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. now going to get flop the makers have to realise that they are going to loose the trp gained by this show. My entire friends have stopped watching this show as Arshad entered.

  36. I am trying to see where Arshad name is written in Zoya’s palm but i can barely see something that looks like an A nothing more 🤓

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