Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update Gunjan gets back home

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Sikander says by Ganpati visarjan I will give you proofs and walks away. Amyra says to kulfi I always one the trophy and this time too,Kulfi says let’s play together and enjoy this competition,Amyra says oh please you dirty girl I will win this competition,I have already lost a lot to you but this I will win,Kulfi says okay win,I have anyways never played this game.

kulfi sees Tevar angry and says talk to me you will feel better I guess,Tevar says you won’t understand,Kulfi says oh so it’s elders problem atleast give it a try,Tevar says stay away from Sikander and his family they will separate us,Kulfi says oh you two fought again,and why will they separate us and Sikander sir said you are my father and if you are no one will separate us promise,Tevar hugs us if you say I agree,


shows proofs to Tevar and says it was all a plot and I shall not leave Tevar,lovely asks what will you do,Sikander says I will do whatever I can and will get kulfi home by visarjan and leaves,Mohendar says look I didn’t even say a word and he found it,and look gunjan will be home by evening and soon Kulfi too and all will be back to where it should be and so I think you should get to what should be right.

Kulfi says Tevar sir you are just like coconut hard from out and soft from inside,Tevar says and you like modak here have it,Kulfi says no I can’t,till gunjan aunty gets well I won’t have modak,Tevar says all this won’t work,Kulfi says it does even my mom use too,you don’t remember anything about her,you forgot her and never tired to meet me too,and starts crying and leaves.

Mohendar gets Gunjan home,she is on a wheelchair,Amyra walks to her,Sikander sees Gunjan restless and asks you want to say something,Mohendar says clam down I’m doing alright,Bebe says kulfi is praying for you like us,she isn’t eating modak till you get well,so calm down,Amyra says I will drop her to room and leaves with her,Mohendar says by physiotherapy gunjan will be fine in few weeks,Lovely thinks if she cures in few weeks,and tells Sikander the truth then.

Kulfi talking the stars and asks Ma are you fine,are you happy,Tevar asks who are you talking to,Kulfi points at star and says to Ma she is a star now but how will you know that,Tevar says I’m sorry,but I just love her,Kulfi says but you never came to see us,Mami use to talk so ill about Ma and pandit uncle and all in village use to ask me about my father and I had no answer and Ma use to keep crying,if you had differences with Ma you could fight why leave and go,Tevar in tears,and says I’m very sorry,and puts her head on her feet,Kulfi says what are you doing,Tevar says I’m very sorry I had no idea you went through so many hardships because of me,I wish I could change all of this.

Gunjan in her room,lovely walks in and says hi can you see me,can you move or hear me,look honestly I feel bad and it was just an accident,gunjan holds lovely’s hand,Lovely gets scared and leaves the room.

Tevar says you should Apologise to Ma,and if she does even I will,Tevar asks how will I,Kulfi says I do talk to her if she shines twice she forgives you,Tevar turns to the star and apologise to Nimrat and thinks for my daughter I have to lie,please accept it and says please I’m sorry Nimrat I’m ashamed,give me a chance,the stars shines twice,Kulfi smiles and says look Ma accepted you apology,Tevar hugs kulfi.

Sikander to Mohendar says no one knows about Tevar Mohendar sees lovely and says lovely may know minti got engaged to Tevar,lovely says they broke up and since then I’m not in contact with her. Kulfi says Ma forgive you because even you are alone like me,you didn’t marry anyone other than my Ma.sikander asks Lovely to try calling minti,lovely calls minti hoping she won’t pick,Sikander says put in speaker please,minti doesn’t receive the call.lovely says look I told you,Sikander says keep trying and now what will I do I can’t let Kulfi stay there,Mohendar says god will do everything good just keep believing in him. Sikander says I have 10 days to reveal tevars true face

Pre cap : Tevar helps kulfi prepare for competition. Sikander goes meet a man to find clues about Tevar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think it will be lovely father

  2. i am so confused. How can Tevar not understand that Kulfi is not lovely’s daughter? Anyways, i guess i am the only one who wants Kulfi to stay with Tevar. Tevar might not be the perfect father, but he is a good man who will do anything to protect his daughter and constantly willing to improve himself as a person. If Kulfi goes back to Sikander, her childhood and entire life will still be filled with problems.

    1. Starlight

      True….i tottaly agree with you….

    2. Tevar is the True Father

      I agree. Tevar is the True Father. Sikko Sikander lost his chance when he left Nimrat.

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