Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mushak is attacked by a demon.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh continuing to tell the story. He then says after that mushak ji, this man ran as the tornado followed him, the ghost was in the tornado he created and chased the man. Mushak gets scared and shivers. Ganesh then says the tornado was behind and the man in front, as they ran, things got even tensed as the man was worried for his life. As ganesh says the story, he falls asleep. Mushak says prabhu, prabhu! Prabhu has gone asleep, why did he have to tell me this scary story? I better sleep. From the trees, a white demon watches ganesh and mushak and says ganesh, I will show you the real ghost now. mushak sleeps.
After sometime, mushak gets up as he hears a sound and says was someone here? Then he says no it cant be as ganesh ji would have woken up then. I will

go and freshen up at the river and drink some water. Mushak goes walking towards a river. As he goes, he hears scary sounds and creepy sounds. Mushak gets scared and says it feels like prabhu’s story is becoming actually true, as mushak goes towards the river, there some footprints are seen of a demon with one leg straight and other leg behind. Mushak walks and reaches the river, he then hears someone’s groaning sound. Mushak turns back but no one is there. The demon watches from a tree. mushak comes to the banks of the river and then washes his face and body with the fresh water and says now I feel good. Mushak then drinks some water. The demon comes out as a ghost and looks at mushak, mushak gets scared and shivers and stammers while saying prabhu! Mushak shouts prabhu, he runs. The demon creates a tornado and mushak says this story is true, I have to run. Mushak runs as the demon follows him. mushak says save me prabhu, the demon takes the tornado behind mushak and covers him inside, mushak gets pulled in the tornado and flies in the sky as he gets hit by wood and other dirt. Mushak then falls down and holds a tree branch and sits on it. the demon says come down mushak, you shall feel my torture. Mushak says go away, I wont come down. Mushak then calls ganesh again and says prabhu save me.
There ganesh gets up from mushak’s voice and says where is mushak ji? It was his sound, I feel something is not right. Ganesh gets up and follows mushak’s voice. The demon takes the tornado and goes near mushak. Mushak screams prabhu again. as ganesh comes, the demon disappears and hides behind a tree. mushak comes down and says prabhu some ghost is here. ganesh sees the footprints and says I said the exact same story, I think it is a demon. Mushak says no prabhu it was a ghost, I was almost killed. Ganesh thinks and says no mushak ji there is no ghost in the world. Suddenly an apple tree shakes and apples start falling down. Mushak says see prabhu, ganesh says it must be the trick of some demon. As the apples fall, they start turning black and rot. Ganesh makes a plan and says if there was a ghost, the apples would have released black mist. The demon hears and he laughs and releases black mist from the apples. Ganesh says I still don’t believe, if there was a ghost then the apples can go back on the tree as they were! The demon does as ganesh says. Ganesh thinks now I shall bring that demon in front of me by using this trick.

Precap: ganesh calls the demon and says come in front of me if you are a ghost. The demon turns into black fog and appears before ganesh. Ganesh traps the demon in a small pouch.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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