Bepannaah FF-Agar Tum Mil Jao (Chapter 1)


“Hi mother.” she greeted while at the same time checking her bag then jerked her head in the direction of in the voice on the phone.

“Zoya how’s everything? Her mother enquired.

“Fine, I’m just going to board the flight now, I’ll call you when I land.” she said as her eyes flooded with tears as she rushed in to take her seat.


He searched around with his eyes, looking for his co-pilot who was assigned to take charged of the flight.

“Hooda?” Aditya turned around looking at a slender man with a cheeky grin as he adjusted his tie.

“Yes, that’s me” he offered his hand to shake. Aditya took his hands and shake it.

“This is your seat; we have the best destinations by far.” Singh said to Aditya but his eyes soon clouded with sadness.

Even without seeing the flight plan, he had no doubt he would love it.

But even more so, he needed to reboot.

“So how many days do you think we’re going to stay on the island?” he asked casually hoping to get off day in between.

“Thanks Singh, I really enjoy these short flights.” Aditya said faking a smile.

He just couldn’t bear to be at home since Pooja died.

At the age of thirty three, Aditya was still young and didn’t want to commit to get married and settled down after her death.

But his father never stopped nagging about him marrying soon so he could give him grandchildren. He gave a half-smile as he checked his phone for the last messages.

His thoughts were cut short by Singh. “I think two to three days if the weather is bad, it could be more.” he said causing Aditya to crack a smile.

“Cool!” he exclaimed excitedly looking over at Singh, smiling from ear to ear, swiftly surveying the cockpit. ; Fully focused on getting in the air.

Finally a break! This was going to be a great lay-over for him.

A young lady talking to the Singh caught his eye, she her hair bounced as she animatingly talked to Singh and an air hostess, out of breath.


“Excuse me!!” she called out, waving her hands trying to get his attention. It’s didn’t work with her soft voice.

“Excuse me!!” she repeats, this time a little louder as she fiddled with her bag.

“Yes ma’am, how can I help you?” he asked grinning at her. She returned his smile politely.

“Can you show me my seat?” Singh smiled then called one of the hostesses over; she looked at Zoya’s ticket in her hand and proceeded to walk ahead.

Zoya looked at around nervously. She really hoped clean her head and work on her script.

Later that day

“What! I don’t understand you. You mean there is no room for me to stay?” she asked crunching up her face, wide eyed.

If only she listened to her gut and waited for the confirmation email earlier, she would’ve gotten somewhere to stay now.

“Ma’am, you’ll have to take an adjoining room” the front of house guy said.

She cut him short horrified. “You’re telling me to share a room? I told you I want my own personal space ” she paused staring at him angrily now.

“You can’t expect me to share a room with someone I don’t know.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, that’s the best we can do as you didn’t pre-book and confirm. We are fully booked for the festival.” He declared.

She sighed then, picking up her bags she did practically throw on the floor with shock of sharing a room with someone.

“I need the room’s number.” she said tiredly.

She really needed it, now that she finally secured a Job at Dreams Production House, she was happy she could finally get financial freedom from her parents after Yash left her with more debt than memories. Even if it means to write crappy TV romances, she would gladly do it to gain that freedom.

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