Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 20

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Hello guys. It has been so so long that i didn’t update my fan fiction. So sorry because of some personal reasons, I couldn’t come online and upload the chapter. But now I am back and let’s start without any delay…..

Recap : Sameer and naina have a clash whereas Munna, swati, preeti and pandit have the first meeting respectively.

Now, the episode starts …..

Naina, swati and preeti come out of the showroom. They look for chachi ji and tai ji

Swati : Arey, really surprising. Where are chachi ji and tai ji?

Preeti : Ha swati. Even I am thinking the same.(looking at her watch) I think we have nearly done our purchases for over 1 hour and I thought that mom and tai ji will scold us for being late. But they haven’t turned up yet. Where have they might gone?

Naina is still standing upset when she noticed something. She goes near to swati and preeti.

Naina : Swati, preeti don’t worry. They are back.

Swati and preeti turn back and search for them. Naina sees them turn back and looking out.

Naina : What are you both looking back at?

Preeti : You only said na that mom and tai ji are back!

Naina : ??? I didn’t mean that they are standing behind you both! I said that they are coming back from their work. Look there….

Naina points to her left where chachi ji and tai ji are crossing the road to come towards them.

Tai ji : (on reaching to naina, preeti and swati) O bai!!! What is this traffic bela??? Too much irritating…

Chachi : Ha bhabhi. This is just so horrible. But bhabhi ji, we have done a great shopping right???

Tai ji : Ha bela. The collection is very nice. By the way, (turning towards the kids) Have you all purchased the necessary things for the college?

Preeti : Not college tai ji, university!!!

Tai ji : Whatever it may be …… Your shopping is done or not?

All of them : (with a loud voice) Completed tai ji!

Tai ji : Very good. Now let’s go, it’s getting late.

They all leave from there and got into an autoricksaw to home.

Munna, pandit and sameer come to the billing counter. They complete their billing and come out. They get into the car and leave from there.

Munna and pandit find sameer upset and decide to find out.

Munna : (tapping on Sameer’s shoulders) Sameer!

He didn’t respond ……

Munna : Sameer!!!

He still didn’t respond. He is still thinking about his and naina’s clash. He is not able to get over it.

Pandit : Hey chenu. You can’t do this! ???

Munna : Oh really!!! Then can you do it???

Pandit : I won’t tell!!!

Munna : Why??? (holding pandit’s neck slightly) Has your vocal cords got damaged or what???

Pandit : Arey, I didn’t mean by that. I mean I will show you my thought directly…..

Munna : Oh ho!!! Proceed sir ???

Pandit leans towards sameer and starts tickling him ???

Sameer : Hey pandit. What are you doing??? Please leave me ???

Munna : Ha finally, you spoke after a long time…. What happened sameer??? Why are you so silent ???

Sameer : Nothing Munna. I already said na …

Pandit : What did you say ???

Sameer : That I accidentally clashed again with the girl!

Munna : Who??? The one with whom you had a fight in the university!

Sameer : Ha! Yar, I am really not understanding what’s going wrong ….  Everytime we meet, some or the other bad things happen to us and we always get frustrated at the end.

Pandit : So complicated!!!

Sameer : What???

Pandit : Your both relation!!!

Sameer turns away his face angrily …..

Munna : What are you saying pandit???

Pandit : Ha Munna. You only see. Everytime bhai wants to think nice about her but ends up messing with her.

Munna : Yes pandit. You said it exactly!!! You have a valid point.

Sameer : Oh hello guys. Don’t get into your own script ….. Thinking too much about this. Forget it. I don’t want to think about it.

Munna : Ok your wish. So, where is the next stop bhai???

Sameer : Shoes ….. What say???

Mundit : Perfect ???.

Sameer : Ok then. Driver bhaiya, shoe center!!!

Driver : As you say bhaiya …..

They three are on their way to the shoe center to continue their rest of the shopping for the day ???.

Meanwhile, naina preeti swati chachi and tai ji reach their home.

Tai ji : Ha, got to home finally…..

Chachi : I am really so tired bhabhi ji ….

Swati : Me too !!!

Naina and preeti : (at the same time) We too!!

And they laugh seeing each other ???

Pooja di comes with a tray of water glasses.

Pooja : Tai ji, have some water.

Tai ji : Wah!!! That’s a good thing to do Pooja. Give it.

And then she gives them to all of them.

Pooja : Mom, how was the shopping???

Chachi : Wonderful dear.

Pooja : And you girls, got your things???

Swati and preeti : Yes di.

Swati : Acha, now I will leave Pooja di.

Chachi : Arey why swati??? Have dinner and then go na …..

Swati : No no chachi ji. It is already very late and my parents would be waiting for me. I need to go. Bye preeti. Bye naina.

Preeti : Bye swati …..

Whereas naina is silent ???

Swati : Naina …..

Naina didn’t respond.

Swati : (shaking her) Naina!!!

Naina : Ha swati….. What happened ???

Swati : I am leaving.

Naina : Ok bye swati.

Swati : Bye naina. Bye chachi ji, tai ji and pooja di.

Pooja : Bye ???

Swati leaves and naina goes into their room. Preeti finds her upset and follows her. She finds her sitting on the bed.

Preeti : (keeping her hand on naina’s shoulder) Naina!

Naina : Ha preeti. What do you want???

Preeti : Reason for your dull face!!!

Naina : What???

Preeti : Ha naina. I am observing you from the showroom itself. You look so angry, frustrated. What happened???

Naina then remembers her clash with Sameer.

Naina : Nothing much preeti. Actually, a small clash at the show room.

Preeti : (with a widened expression) With whom???

Naina realized what she said and thought not to tell about her clash, as she is afraid of preeti because anything slips of her tongue so easily and she didn’t want to start any drama in the house for a stupid reason. So she decided to lie.

Naina : I mean my thoughts clashed with arjun bhaiya. I am really missing him a lot. That’s it.

Preeti hugs her …..

Preeti : Don’t worry. I can understand your feelings. Come, let’s eat something.

Naina : No yar. I don’t feel like eating.

Preeti : But naina, I am not going to leave you ???. Come…..

She pulls her and takes her out of the room.

At night time ???….

Sameer, Munna and pandit reach their home after the purchases.

Munna : Ha, I have completely enjoyed the shopping yar.

Pandit : Me too Munna.

Sameer : I am completely tired guys. I really need to have some water.

Kichu : (with tray of glasses in his hands) At your service sir …..

Munna : Wah Kichu. Please give it. We really need some water.

Kichu : That’s why I brought it.

And distributes the water to everyone.

Sameer : Thanks Kichu.

Kichu : No need of thanks bhaiya.

Sameer : By the way guys, I am feeling so tired. I am going to fresh up and sleep.

Kichu : But sameer bhaiya, won’t you have anything to eat???

Sameer : No Kichu. Not in any mood to eat now …..

Sameer leaves from there.

Kichu : But sameer babu, I already made dinner from you.

Munna : No problem Kichu. We are there na. We will complete having it. Don’t worry, we will fresh up and have dinner. What say pandit ???

Pandit : Ha Munna. I am feeling so hungry. Let’s go now.

Kichu : Ok bhaiya. I will arrange the things on the table. You can have dinner.

Munna : Very good……

Sameer gets freshen up and sleeps …… Naina also completes her dinner and lies on her bed to sleep.

Sameer’s voice over : This is how our day ended guys. As I said before, this day has truly everything in it. Drama, happiness, romance (of course, not for me ???), excitement…..And we all are eagerly waiting to go to the university. Just one day left for our university to start. Let’s see how is it going to be……

So, the episode ends……

Hope you guys will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. Please!!! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to express them through your comments. Enjoy reading ???






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  1. Missing your article…and this article ended the wait.
    Really a nice episode. Just waiting for Samina to meet.
    Pls upload the next article asap. Take Care.

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear and I will post the next chapter soon ???

    2. I mean waiting for samina to meet in college as students..???

  2. Samaina_loverzz

    Awsm… Chappy Loved it a lot … Please update Next chappy ASAP ..?????????????

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear and I will update soon ???

  3. Wow glad you’re back missed u so much samaina thinking about each other was nice and with the smileys too made it very perfect and lovable please update soon can’t wait???

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot sindhuja. Even I missed being on TU. I will upload the next part soon ???.

  4. Pavithra1616

    Arreee wash! Kya bath hai?? Superb di!! U rocked it.. They both thinking of each other everything was perfect! Update soon??

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ????

  5. Mansi

    Super cool update???SaIna thinking about each other☺☺Update ASAP?

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear ???. I will update as soon as possible ???

  6. Aarti32

    Amazing update

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???

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