Saath Nibhana Beheinaa- Season 1 Part 2

Ahem arrives at Modi mansion along with Preeta and Pragya. Rashi opens the door and is confused seeing both girls.
“ Jiju, who are these girls?” Rashi asks.
“ They were stranded and besides this is my house and I can do what I want here.” Ahem says. Rashi thinks that ever since Gopi had left the house, the crazy man has gone out of control. Rashi thinks to tell Kaki Ji. Rashi goes to Kokila’s room.
“ Kaki Ji, look, Ahem Jiju brought some strange girls into our house. Hes asked them to stay here.” Rashi complains.
“ I gave you the keys of the house, therefore whatever happens in this house, it is your responsibility. My rule is over. Go away from here.” Kokila sadly says. Rashi gets annoyed and leaves. She comes back down again.
“ Jiju, this isn’t some hotel that you are going to let some strange girls into my house. Your mom just said now that she gave me the keys and this mansion is my responsibility. These girls look so suspicious. We cant trust them.” Rashi says. Rashi didn’t realise that these two girls were her cousin sisters. Emotional music background plays. Pragya gets angry.
“ Forgive me, you are my elder but please do not insult us like this. We have no interest in staying here. You think we are here for a few days, but we are only staying for the night. Come Preeta.” Pragya says. Ahem stops her from leaving. Ahem walks to Rashi.
“ You have forgot that if you run the house, who gives the money to feed our family? Me. Your husband worships me and look at your language. I like to see you join the business and see who is the real owner of Modi mansion.” Ahem shouts.
“ Fine, I accept your challenge. These two girls can stay here. I will join the business. You let me handle one deal. If I fail, they can remain in this house. If I win, I will myself throw them out and anyone who goes against my wishes.” Rashi says. Vamp tune plays.
“ Rashi calm down please. You should not be doing this.” Hetal says.
“ Maa, I want to prove to Jiju that I am not some simple housewife. This is what it is about. Jigar Ji worships Ahem Jiju and I have no respect in this house at all. Ever since Gopi…” Rashi says but Ahem interrupts.
“ Don’t you dare say her name again!” Ahem yells.
“ I will say her name. This whole family saw her as a devi and I was always treated like a piece of dirt.Look what she did, she is the reason Meera left us. Ever since she left, I still have no importance in this house.” Rashi says and then she goes to her room. Ahem turns to Pragya and Preeta.
“ I am sorry you had to hear all of this. Hetal Kaki, please take care of them.” Ahem says and then he goes.
“ Come I’ll give you some food and then I will show you to your room.” Hetal says. Pragya and Preeta sit in the lounge.
In the evening, Hetal is sat with Pragya and Preeta whilst they are having snacks. Radha arrives. Hetal sees her.
“ Radha, where were you all day?” Hetal asks.
“ Oh Hetal Aunty, I went to Maa’s house. Who are these two girls?” Radha asks.
“ This Pragya and Preeta. They are from Delhi and they are staying in this house for some time. They needed to go back to Delhi. They were going to go tomorrow morning back to Delhi.” Hetal says. Radha is stunned. Hetal goes to the kitchen.
“ What is your mother’s name?” Radha asks. Pragya and Preeta are puzzled by this question.
“ Our mother’s name is Pallavi Kapadia.” Preeta says. Radha is shocked but tries to hide her expression.
“ Oh nice.” Radha laughs and then she goes upstairs.
“ Strange girl.” Preeta says. Pragya taps her.
“ We shouldn’t say that. We are guests.” Pragya says.
“ What kind of person just randomly asks what their mother’s name is?” Preeta says.
“ Shush, maybe she doesn’t have a mother. I don’t know.” Pragya says.
“ Whatever I am going to the washroom.” Preeta says.
Radha is in her room. Tolu and Molu are asleep. She rings Pallavi. “ Hello Maa, I have something important to tell you.”
“ What is it?” Pallavi says.
“ Pragya and Preeta are here, at Gopi’s sasural!” Radha says.
“ What?” Pallavi gets afraid. “ How did they end up there?”
“ I don’t know. I was told that they were stranded, and they were staying overnight. They are coming back tomorrow morning.” Radha says.
“ Make sure they don’t meet anyone or talk to anyone. I want them two girls back. Rashi is their cousin no? If Rashi finds out, our plan will fail.” Pallavi says. Preeta arrives near the door and listens.
“ Ok, I promise you. Pragya and Preeta will never find out that they are not the biological daughters of Pallavi Kapadia.” Radha says and puts the phone down. Preeta cries and is shocked by this. But she wipes her tears and is determined to question Radha.
The next day, Preeta and Pragya are about to leave. Their driver arrives with the repaired car. Rashi comes wearing a royal blue heavy designer sari. Vamp tune plays.
“ Oh so you are leaving already?” Rashi says.
“ Yes we are leaving. Thank you for your hospitality.” Pragya says.
“ One thing I can thank you for though. Because of you both, I had a reason to challenge Ahem Jiju. I didn’t fight so that I can kick you both out. I just want my importance in this house and you both made me realise that.” Rashi says evilly.
“ I hope you get what you want and what you deserve Rashi Ji. But Di, we cannot leave from here yet. I still need to confront that Radha.” Preeta says.
“ Radha? But she has gone to the temple nearby.” Rashi says. “ Whatever she has done, deal with her yourself. I am off.” Rashi goes.
“ Preeta, what is this?” Pragya asks.
“ Di, I will explain to you once we have faced her.” Preeta says. They both leave. Ahem comes down and sees Rashi.
“ Where are Pragya and Preeta?” Ahem asks.
“ They left to some temple to see Radha. They were going back to Delhi anyway.” Rashi says whilst she is reading a magazine.
“ Radha? Why?” Ahem asks.
“ How am I supposed to know?” Rashi continues reading her magazine.
Preeta and Pragya see Radha. She was outside the temple meeting a woman. They couldn’t see the woman’s face. They try to listen to the conversation, however a van comes in front and they lost sight of both them. Preeta and Pragya run there but they cannot find them there. They were gone.
“ Di, where have they gone?” Preeta says. Suddenly, she sees Radha and the woman in the temple. A bhajan plays in background. They both enter the temple and listen to the conversation. Radha hugs the woman.
“ Gopi behen.” Radha says. Gopi is the woman. Dramatic music plays.
“ Radha, I missed you so much. How are you?” Gopi says.
“ I am fine Gopi behen. Have you brought Vidya and Meera with you?” Radha says. Vidya and Meera are shown.
“ Yes, thank you so much for finding Meera. I brought Vidya along as well. Let us go to Modi mansion. I want to meet Maaji, Ahem Ji and everyone.” Gopi cries. Preeta and Pragya hide whilst Gopi and Radha walk past them.
“ Preeta, please tell me now. Who is this Gopi? I think she is Ahem’s wife. We need to go back. I don’t trust that Radha.” Pragya says. Both sisters go back to the Modi mansion. Radha and Gopi enter the Modi mansion. Hetal, Rashi and Baa see Gopi and are shocked. Rashi is furious.
“ How dare you show your face in this house after 8 years?” Rashi shouts. Rashi slaps Radha. “ How dare you bring her here?” Hetal tries to calm down Rashi. Kokila hears the disturbance and comes downstairs. She is shocked seeing Gopi.
“ Gopi? You here?” Kokila says.
“ Maaji, I have come back and look, I found Meera.” Gopi cries. Gopi shows Meera to the whole family. Kokila gets emotional and hugs Meera. The whole family greets Meera. Rashi gets irked. Vamp tune plays.
“ How can you prove that she is Meera? She could be anyone’s daughter. And who is this other girl? Did you find her off the street as well?” Rashi laughs evilly. Gopi is shocked by Rashi’s evil avatar.
“ This is Meera and this other girl is mine and Ahem’s second daughter, Vidya.” Gopi says. Everyone is shocked. Kokila hugs Vidya.
“ My Gopi Bahu, you were pregnant and you didn’t even tell us all? Forgive me for what I did to you. I have given you a lot of pain for so many years.” Kokila pleads to Gopi.
“ No Maaji, it wasn’t your fault. It was just a bad day. We should forget about it now. Where is Ahem Ji?” Gopi asks. Ahem comes downstairs. Gohem tune plays.
“ Gopi? Is that you?” Ahem walks up to Gopi and hugs her. However, he remembers Meera falling off a lake and he moves away from her. Kokila tries to comfort him.
“ Ahem, these two girls are Meera and your second daughter Vidya.” Kokila cries. Ahem is shocked.
“ What?” Ahem says.
“ Yes Ahem Ji, these are your daughters.” Gopi cries. Ahem cries and hugs his daughters. He then kneels to Gopi. Sad Saathiya tune plays.
“ I am sorry Gopi. I told you to leave my life 8 years ago. You suffered so much because of me.” Ahem cries. Gopi picks him up and stops him from begging.
“ I forgive you Ahem Ji.” Gopi says. The Modi family are happy. However, Preeta and Pragya enter the house.
“ Stop this!” Preeta shouts.
“ Preeta? Pragya?” Ahem says.
“ Don’t trust this Radha at all. I heard Radha talking to a woman yesterday saying that me and di are not the biological daughters of the mother who brought us up.” Preeta says. Pragya and everyone are shocked. The Modi family turn to Radha.
“ What are you saying?” Radha says.
“ Stop lying. And I also heard that this Gopi and Radha are our elder sisters.” Preeta says.
“ What is Preeta? Did you hear her saying that?” Pragya says.
“ Di, I heard her. She was talking to Maa. I heard everything. This Radha and Gopi are our sisters.” Preeta says.
“ But how can you prove that they are your sisters? Call the doctor here. I want DNA sample.” Rashi says.
“ I agree Rashi behen. I don’t trust these girls at all. How do you know these both girls Ahem Ji?” Gopi asks.
“ I found them stranded and I thought that they needed shelter. I never knew they would do this.” Ahem says.
“ I warned you. Let the doctor come. When the results come out negative, I will kick out these girls myself.” Rashi says. The doctor arrives. He takes sample from Gopi and Pragya. He runs the test. The results come.
“ I am afraid the DNA does not match. They are not your sisters.” The doctor says and he leaves. Preeta is confused.
“ Di, I heard it all myself. Believe me.” Preeta cries. Rashi grabs both of them.
“ I have had enough of you both.” Rashi says. She throws them out of the house. “ Do not show your face in this house again.” Preeta and Pragya leave sadly. They reach the courtyard. They hear clapping. They turn around. They see Radha. Vamp tune plays.
“ How did you like my plan?” Radha says. Both sisters are shocked.
“ This means, this was all your plan? You are our sister?” Pragya says.
“ Yes, I am your elder half-sister and Gopi is your eldest sister. I am Pallavi Kapadi’s daughter but you both are Madhu’s daughters. The woman in there is not Gopi but her humshakal.” Radha laughs evilly. Dramatic music background.
“ How dare you play such a game with us?” Preeta says.
“ Game? I had to do this. Sooner or later, you were going to find out that Gopi was your sister. That is why purposefully made you both suspicious when I asked your mother’s name. I rang Maa and Preeta came to eavesdrop. I did all of this so that I close the doors on you both forever. I have also closed the doors on Gopi. As long as Gopi’s humshakal lives in this house, I am the malikan.” Radha says.
“ I wont let you win Radha.” Pragya says. A bhajan plays.
“ And how will you win? I have the Modi family on my side.” Radha says.
“ I will find Gopi behen and I will throw you and that humshakal out of this house. Those children? Are they fake too?” Pragya says.
“ They are the real children of Gopi and Ahem. I kidnapped Vidya and Meera was always alive and i kept her as an oprhan. I know where Gopi is but I wont let you find her. Even if you find Gopi, her children are here. Nobody will not believe Gopi.” Radha says.
“ We shall see. Evil will always lose Radha and I wont break my promise. Even if you are our sister, you are a demon and a demon will always be destroyed.” Pragya says. Both sisters leave.

Precap- Preeta and Pragya arrive in a nearby town. Unknown to them, Gopi walks past them. Pragya and Preeta pray to Kahna to unite them with their elder sister.

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  1. Isaaq

    Sorry for the delay. I hope you all enjoy it. I hope Sid, Jas, Riana and Jayshree comment!

    I want to make this the next Gopi Destiny. I just want a new thrilling ff.

    1. Hi Isaaq, I am a silent reader of your ff and so glad to see you back i was really liking this ff but suddenly you mentioned in this comment that you will be making it the next gopi destiny. I am scared to know this as i really started loving the first episode. But dear why are you so obsessed with gopi destiny. Pls dont take me wrong. This story seems really good cant you make it more like a romantic and family drama. Pls think about this. I hope people will agree with me. Lots of love. Peacy

      1. Isaaq

        Hi i understand that a lot of people criticised Gopi’s Destiny for being full of revenge and evil. The aim is to make it a family drama.

        I am going to introduce Pragya and Preeta’s love interests in the next episode. I liked Gopi’s destiny but i am not obsessed. It had a lot of plot twists.

        Besides the Modi family and Gopi are not supposed to be the main characters. Preeta and Pragya are the main antagonists. Part 3 will introduce the two sisters’ future in laws. I am still deciding on the new cast. I am staying away from the Modi family for a while. But thank you for reading my ff

  2. Rashi and her attitude hmm I am glad that Preeta Pragya and Gopi are sisters and glad to see that Ahem is full of remorse for what he did to Gopi eight years ago never the less she is back home with her two daughters but that evil Rashi and Radha they will never change lol evil as always glad to have you back dear continue doing what you do best FF.

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for commenting! Although that is not the actual Gopi. It is her humshakal. Gopi is yet to unite with the Modis and Preeta and Pragya will unite her with her family.

  3. Isaaq

    Since SNB was supposed to be focusing on Preeta and Pragya, Gopi’s Destiny II might return as a spin off if everyone is happier with that. My exams are over and I can work on two ffs.

    To reduce the amount of villains, I can split them into two different ffs. Whenever a villain like Pallavi comes, i’ll do a mahasagham like Kundali and Kumkum Bhagya did at times.

    So possibly, after episode 3, I will do Gopi’s Destiny 2 which will focus on Gopi’s battle against Radha and Rashi. And SNB will focus on Preeta and Pragya’s new life with a new family.

  4. Riana

    Its a quite good episode…i really liked preeta abd pragya here…rashi is always selfish and rude to all anyways radha is doing all this just for money its so cheap !…Even she brought a fake gopi too from somewhere…I have no emotions or sympathy for this rashi she will turn positive then again negative…but preeta n pragya are good…anywayz precap looks good…updt soon and yeah the spin off idea is good…But requesting you not to make Gopi Destiny 2 more revengeful…It will be okay if u make it a family drama with thrill and suspense that will be good…?…you r better in this category ?

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you so much for commenting! I hope you also comment on Kasauti as it has returned after over a year. I want to focus on romance stories as well

      1. Riana

        I am so happy isaaq to see this…???????…you r love…grt decission let me tell this to jasmine she will be very happy as she loves kasauti ?

  5. Siddharth

    Wow amazing story Issaq totally loved it ?. Preeti &pragya wl help gopi to fight against radha nice. Radha brought gopi’s lookalike shocking . Precap is exciting update soon ?

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you Sid!

  6. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that Jayantilal had a mistress named pallavi n radha is their daughter.surprised to c urvashi as Pallavi.Shocking that pallavi only separated gopi from her parents n she has another daughter who is Tanu.surprising that preeta n pragya r gopi’s lost sisters.liked how ahem saved them n called them to Modi house.Oh to throw preeta pragya out Rashi decided to join business.wonder whether she will do well in her career.interesting that radha realized who really pragya preeta r n preeta too found out who they r actually.surprising to c gopi back with meera vidya.was quite surprising that radha only helped gopi to find meera.loved kokila ahem apologizing to gopi.sad that pragya preeta failed to prove that they r gopi’s sisters n they r thrown out due to mu.shocking that gopi is only a humshakal btought by radha.hope pragya preeta defeat radha pallavi by finding out the real gopi

    1. Isaaq

      Thank You Jas!

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