Bepannaah 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi fills Zoya’s ears against Aditya

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Bepannaah 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh asks the lawyer where the diary could disappear. You say someone stole it? Are you mad? Find it immediately! Arjun hides seeing his father turn. Harsh begins to scan through the post and finds the package which has the diary in it. He is about to open it when Arjun runs downstairs and starts making noise about a mouse. Harsh is diverted. He tells him that there are no mice in the house. Arjun says ok. Tell me when they will come here. Harsh asks him to tell Housekeeping to call pest control. Arjun suggests doing it today itself on their own. All the case files are here. Harsh leaves it on him. Don’t touch my documents though. Arjun nods. Harsh decides to take the packages with him. Arjun drops them all intentionally in an attempt to help him. He hides the diary package underneath the study table. Harsh takes the rest downstairs with them unaware of what just transpired. Arjun smiles holding the diary.

Mahi asks Zoya if she checked Bella’s bathrooms. She wants rose water, scented candles there and it should be perfect like TV soaps. Zoya suggests her to do it but Mahi insists she is a rich spoilt girl. She will cry and create a big fuss if anything goes wrong. Everything that you have done is so classy. It will just take a while. Go please. Zoya agrees. Mahi notices Rohan. Zo and Ro, Pati Patni and Woh, it will be fun now!

Zoya begins to decorate Bella’s washroom. I wouldn’t have to do it last minute if someone had told me this today itself!

Mahi clicks Bella and her friends’ photo for them. She notices Rohan going to Bella’s room.

Rohan tries to open his eyes. My friends got me drunk today too! He calls out to Bella.

Mahi asks Mona to click lot many pics of Bella and her friends. They suggest calling the photographer but Mahi denies. You would need to upload it. Better click with phone.

Rohan hears some noise and thinks that Bella is in the washroom. He goes inside too. Zoya has her back to him. He hugs Zoya mistaking her to be Bella and they both shout in shock upon noticing each other. Bella and her friends witness this as well. Bella questions Rohan for cheating her. How could you?

Wasim asks the servant to bring a tray. He has brought Noor’s favourite stuff. His wife says this bribe is a good way to apologize to your daughter. He nods. I don’t know any other way. Will she be pacified with this much? She nods. He goes to Noor’s room but drops the tray in shock. His wife finds him sitting on the bed holding a letter in his hand. She reads it. Noor has written that she feels suffocated her and cannot spend another day here. I want to fly. I don’t want to marry anyone by force. I am leaving the house. Noor’s mother cries holding the letter.

Bella asks Rohan how he could cheat on her. I was wrong to love you very much? Zoya explains her situation to her. Rohan tells Bella that he only called her here. I thought it was you only. She refuses to believe it. I called you in my room? He tells her not to overreact which only irks her all the more. The wedding is cancelled! She walks out from there followed by her friends and family.

Zoya reasons that she dint do anything. I am innocent. Aditya compares her to Yash. You too are innocent like your cheater husband, right? Teary eyed Zoya requests him not to start this now atleast. Aditya leaves from there without uttering another word. Zoya wonders why things go wrong always. Mahi assures her she trusts her. I know the truth. Zoya decides to talk to Rohan. Mahi smirks.

Policemen update their senior on the latest gossip. Senior Inspector tells them to find clues and proofs. How will we otherwise prove that this wedding is being broken just to gain the insurance money?

Bella’s friends are trying to pacify her. Aditya comes there and requests to speak to Bella in private. Her friends go out. Aditya tells Bella she did the right thing. You must not marry Rohan. She nods. I will never marry him!

Rohan cries thinking that Bella will leave him in reality. I love her so much. I cannot imagine my life without her. Zoya sits next to him. She loves you very much which is why she is upset with you. The moment she will calm down, she will realise you cannot do this ever! He requests her to make Bella understand. We are together since last 5 years yet she does not trust me.

Bella is saying similar things to Aditya. Would you have forgiven your wife if you were in my place? Aditya is drawn back to what he witnessed. Never!

Rohan requests Zoya to talk to bella once. Mahi calls it a bad idea. Bella thinks that you two are having an affair. I guess you only should talk to her. Make her understand it is a misunderstanding. It might be destiny if things don’t work out. Bella’s father tells them to stop helping them. Zoya did more than enough for us today. I ignored your mistakes till date because of Bella wanting you to manage the wedding. I couldn’t think that you would fall so low! Are you not ashamed of it? Zoya replies that he is misunderstanding her. I cannot even think of this. I dint even know Rohan was standing behind me. Mahi asks him why he is only questioning Zoya. Rohan could also be at fault. ZOya tells her not to say so but Mahi does not relent. Rohan walks away.

Bella asks Rohan if she lacks anything because of which Rohan will have to look outside. Aditya replies that the one who looks outside is the one lacking things. She decides to tell Rohan right away that she wont marry him. Aditya agrees. They stumble in their step and Aditya falls on top of her. Rohan sees this and is shocked.

Bella’s father keeps talking lowly to Zoya. Don’t know what kind of businesses you run in the name of event management. How can you expect anything from those whose bosses are having a fling outside their own marriage? Zoya asks him what he is saying but he speaks of news on the internet. I want my money back or I will drag you to the court! My lawyers will talk to you then!

Zoya mentally assures Yash she wont let anyone harm his company.

Rohan helps Bella sit up. Did you get hurt? She speaks of her makeup. Aditya smiles. We were so close. Did you not even think once that we were doing something wrong? Bella realises her folly and apologizes profusely to Rohan. I think some wrinkles have come on my brain too. He assures her it is ok. I love you irrespective of anything. I will marry you only. She thanks him with a hug. Rohan and Bella thank Aditya. Bella trusted on love once again today only because of you! Aditya calls it strange. People like me don’t believe in this rubbish called love at all. I only know that Zoya cannot fall this low. If it was someone else in her place then I wouldn’t have come to talk to Zoya. You are saved. All the best. Rohan thanks him before he walks out of the room. Bella and Rohan hug.

Zoya rues that she tries hard to make things perfect but falls flat on her face every time. Mahi calls it the work of fate. Akansha asks what time she should tell the pundit ji. He was asking me. Mahi tells her that the wedding is cancelled. Zoya is unable to understand how Rohan came to bathroom. Akansha takes Mahi’s name but Mahi twists the words. She ends up putting the blame on Aditya. Zoya remembers Aditya’s challenge. I should have understood that only he could be responsible for this! He sent Rohan intentionally so the wedding is cancelled. My dignity was questioned! How can someone fall so low? I wont bear it anymore! Mahi smiles.

Aditya is walking past Zoya when she holds his hand startling him.

Precap: Aditya asks Zoya if she used to fail in school often. You come back before me to learn the same lesson again and again! Zoya replies that she is that diya which never blows out. Mahi looks at Zoya. This matter settled down somehow but what about the next blast that I have planned for you? Zoya is checking the preps. There is a cage which has to be covered with lights. It is lifted up using a crane but the lock breaks down. It is about to fall over Zoya but Aditya saves her in the nick of time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Zahra

    ‘zoya ki jagah koi aur ladki hoti toh main bella se baat karna nahi aata….!!!!
    how adi says these words uska aankhon mein sirf barosa hai zoya se aur kuch nahi…like before he also tries to provoke her by yash but she please to him and Adi feels it so much first time he moves back from taunting her and goes to bella

    Adi didnt harass her after her condition yesterday infact he protect her and save her dignity…
    And he solve the situation so nicely tries to understand thing I have to say..Rohan he believes her so much after that scene he just asks to her baby if any thing happens to you..!! Bella you are lucky so much

    ”Hum woh diya hai joh andhi toofan mein v jhalte rahenge”….Zoya now will stand herself..she will raise her voice against adi…but the fact is he didnt deserve it now…
    Hope she will realise it faster..but zoya dont lose that courage any more..we want that from you

    leki abhi bhi mera kan par yeh hai..zoya aisi ladki nahi hain….oh…adi ….

    1. Pinku

      Hi Zahra supper review…. very nice comments sweet adotya hai na….

    2. Medha

      Wow Zahra what a sweet review dear!!

    3. Fenil

      Excellent review tom !!
      Bepannah Rocks !!

      1. Zahra

        Thank you jerry..

    4. P_lata

      Nice Review Zahra….

    5. Anee

      Excellent Zahra…

  2. Lokesh

    So again diary in safe hands, bechare Wasim sab, noor bhi bhag gayegi, painful for him, so harsh knows that ki diary Pooja ki hai, bt our Arjun is also talented, he saved it, waiting for diary sequence.gud night guys.

    1. Pinku

      Save nahi lokesh bhai mainey suna hai Puja is affair around se the that is written in the diary so he is trying hard to hide it

      1. Anee

        Yeah Pinkuuu IG pe meri gang bhi yehi baat kar rahii thii…it would be really interesting to watch what will happen next??….

    2. Medha

      Hello Lokesh
      Siddhant Sinha of Ye Pyaar Nhi To Kya Hain wears Janeu… so me and Fenil Bhaiya calls him Janeudhari… in short ham searial ko hi Janeudhari bolte hain!! ?
      Besan ka ladoo is on 7th position… ?

      1. Lokesh

        Wah ek reply me hi saare answers, well I’m also watching that show , so was guessing this must be siddhant only, I don’t know how he is wearing janew although his title is Sinha.

      2. P_lata

        Acha…toh sweets ki line lagi hui hai kya Medhu se appointment lene ke liye….Haye great… Mummy Kasham

    3. Fenil

      Nice !!
      Shaq ka ek tir uske taraf bhi hain as per spoilers @!

    4. Medha

      Why to waste your precious time that’s why I concluded all my answers in a single reply ?
      Sinha Brahman hote hain may be that’s the reason he wears Janeu although there is no restriction koi bhi banda Janeu dharan kar skta hain ?

      1. Lokesh

        My precious tym that’s so sweet of u di.

  3. Pinku

    Some updates from pinku……
    TRP 1.8 bepanah is in 9th position however the trp has drastically fell down….

    Serial update pooja has affair with arjun which written in d duartvn is trying to hide it…….

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm was thinking from 1 St day that Arjun is fishy , even have mentioned in one of my comment, so now diary again in wrong hands.

    2. Lokesh

      Now Noor and Arjun story then noor will find the diary secrets, or if Arjun is vamp then he will be paired with Mahi ??

      1. Pinku

        wish its true

    3. Medha

      Thank you so much for your updates my Khabariya types Pinku ?

    4. Dear pinku
      Are you sure pooja arjun ka affair hone ki news se?
      Arjun ko patha chalega.diary kho gaya hai.usko harsh wardhan pe doubt hoga.cage Zoya ki upar girne se pehle aditya usse save karega.bela ka father dhono Ko arrest karvaayega
      Agar aaj ki episode pe pooja ka diary arjun ko nahi milenga tho.arjun pooja ka affair hone ka news fake hoga
      Let’s wait for today episode
      Take care and stay safe ?

    5. Fenil

      yaa TRP fell down !!

  4. Very nice episode…aditya knows zoya very well…they’re getting close now…and that b**** mahi I want to kill her.

    1. Pinku

      same here amnaeman i also wanna kill her

  5. Guys plz watch bepanah. Trp is again decreased. Plz watch it. And i am commenting for first so hi to all. Medha, fenil, sri, zahra. i love ur comments

    1. Pinku

      Hi Sanaya, i also comment sanaya u forgot me :'( welcome to BP rockies Sanaya, yea trp decreased but its still in top 10 so i am glad.. heheh

    2. Medha

      Hello Sanaya….
      Welcome to our Bepannaah Family ❤…. thanks a ton for your love dear!!
      And yaa trp is decreased this week so we have to watch it on tv for better result…

    3. Aleeza

      Welcome sanaya ?

    4. Fenil

      Hello Dear Sanaya !! Hope TRP will increse again !! Thanks for your love !!

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Egarly waiting for today’s episode! I think unknowingly Aditya is in love with zoya!

    1. Fenil

      Love Ka Hain Intezaar !!
      Thoda aur wait karo Love ke liye !!

  7. Medha

    Hahahahaha Mr Hooda was wasting his time on phone call better hota ki apne couriers check kar lete may be Diary hath aa jati ?… Arjun was behaving like thief in his own house.. Chuha… hahaha… call the pest control.. Bhai mere rat kill use kar lo… ek chuhe k liye itna kharcha ? so finally Dairy is in Arjun’s hand….
    Ms Girgit ek number ki Nikhattu hain… isse bas manipulating karwa lo… ? Zoya Bade Baap Ki Bigadi Hui Aulaad hain ye kuch bhi gadbad hui to ho skta hain shadi cancel kar de… hahahaha she was liitle bit right… how many times that cute little si Bride Bella said shadi is cancel… achche se jaan gyi hain Ms Girgit Bella ko… ?
    Rohan was calling Bella Guchi Pu how lovely!! ? friends ne pila diya Janab ko…
    Kitne pyaar se pastries laaye the Mr Siddiqui… after reading Noor’s latter he steped on those pastries.. too bad!! ?
    Noor fells suffocated in the house…. so wo bhi fly flew flown ho gyi ? but still not arrived in Mumbai…
    Hahaha Bathroom Kand k baad sari utar gyi Rohan ki.. ?
    The way Captain handled the situation was excellent… when Bella’s father saying Zoya on about Yash extra martial affair that time Ms Girgit was smiling… kaise Zalim Behan hain ye.. ?

    Hello Hii to all BP Rockies here..

    1. Fenil

      Wow Medha u write so well.
      Bepannah Rocks !!

      1. Medha

        Hahahahaha thank you…
        Yeah Bepannaah Rocks ✌✌✌

    2. P_lata

      Medha…tum to dino din shaandaar review de rahi ho…haye gajab…

      1. Medha

        Haye thai kar k lag gyi aapki baat dil ko..
        Thank u for your precious words!! Darling Didu ?

    3. Anee

      Medha come with another block buster Review Ahha!!! I love it…..Medhaaaa……Fly, flew and flown…ha ha medhuuu dil khush kar diya tuney….aise hi Review dete rahooo Bachaaa…..Anee ka Ashirwad tumahre saath hai….ha ha ha….Love you yaarrr.

      1. Medha

        Hahahahaha Thanks a ton for your aashirvaad..
        Lots of love to you dearie!! ?

  8. Aleeza

    Nice episode

    1. Fenil

      Only Nice !! Carefully watch hahahah
      Bepannah Rocks !!

  9. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!

    Tag Lines : “Zo & Ro , Pati Patni aur Woh” “Kya Qusoor Tha Bella Ka ?”‘zoya ki jagah koi aur ladki hoti toh main bella se baat karna nahi aata….!!!!

    From the last three episodes Mr.Hooda Study me hi apna basera bana ke baithe hain aur Laziness kut kut ke bhari hain ek courier check nahi kiya aur YEH BANDA BAHUT JALDI CHIEF JUSTICE BAN RAHA HAIN !! Dhayan se dekkho aise hi judges ki wajah se India ke cases pending rehte hain Victim and culprit dono ki death bhi ho jaye but case open nahi hota !! kuch jyada hi bhavuk ho gaya nahi….

    One second, why the hell this Arjun was going secretly for courier he can simply go pick and if Mr.Hooda ask can say it’s mine parcel galti se aapke paas aa gaya….OMG Dad Chuha loz seriously !!

    Arjun beta Kabir ke doha” Kal kare so aaj kar ,aaj kare so ab, pal me ….” Puri 3:17 mins yeh Baap-Diary-Beta kha gaye free fokat !!

    So Devil Maiyaa ne Zoya plant kar diya , One sec anyone notice Tattoo on Zoya’s back right shoulder “Hakuna Matata” …. “Zo & Ro , Pati Patni aur Woh” Lo Bhai Devil Maiyaa Camera Man Opsss my mistake yaar Camera Girl bhi ban gayi…..Rohan looks tired when he enter or drunk …banda drunk hai….baby Kucipoo awww …Naughty Naughty ke bachhe sambhal jaa zara…is Zoya deaf or what can’t she hear voice of door opening and closing …
    AhhhhhhhhhhhhaHA OOOoooooooooooooooooooo

    Opsss yeh Noor konsi flight se aa rahi hain ya bus se ya bicycle se ….Roshana and Wassim’s scene sweet sweet yummy yummy pastries ….ek do yaha bhi send karo Wassim Miyaan….
    Dear Ammi & Abu,
    Ab humara yaha dum ghutata hain (Shivaay film ka song yaad aa gaya) hum pijare me kaid Tote ki tarah aur ek din yaha nahi bita sakte….Oye Wassim miyaa mer yummy yummy pastries me mat chalo Allah tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karega….Hum Jeena chahte hain..hum udna chahte hai..khuli hawa me saans lena chahte hain…hum yeh jabrdasti ki shadi me bandh na nahi chahte…Oye Wassim pura ghar ganda kar diya kon saaf karega aise logo ki wajah se naukar bhag jate hain…Ami Abu hum yeh ghar chod ke jaa rahe hain…!!
    Apki Tikhi Nukile naak wali Dusari Beti
    in short mussorie ke niwasi dheere dheere mumbai shift ho rahe hain dekhna kuch dino me Roshna and Wassim bhi Mumbai aa jayenge …..!!

    Kya Qusoor Hain Mera (Bella)? Cute Bella ko rula diya Mahi ne Naagin kahi ki …Zo Ro Zo Ro toh rhythm bhi karta hain #ZoRO sounds better than #RoElla na ….#SHADICANCEL BOOM …Adi catches Mahi and her intentions .
    Senior Inspector Sanjay SInha knows his jasoos r just eating Jalebies and Rabdis then why the hell even on earth he send them and truly speaking needs to change this man feel like puking ….never mind jhel lenunga
    Kuch bhi karo Bella looks so cute yaar…aa jaye…Kuwari mar jaungi…No Hashtag queen No u can’t do this…Rohan was crying he truly love Bella yaar sara nasha udd gaya yaar …Zoya”Rohan Bella aapse beintahaa mohabbat karti hain iss liye iss tarah khafa ahin” ..5 yrs yeh sun ke achha laga ki Bella knows herself that she has no trust in her Ro not like typical girl she is clears ….Mr.Kapoor lashes out on Zoya Ohh God this Devil Maiyaa kam nahi hain Rohan ko angry bird bana diya …
    Adi gira Bella pe great trick he play to sort out problem of #RoElla …Ya Allah Internet pe sabse pehle Affairs ka article hain kya baat hain? ….

    Rohan : Baby , Are you Ok…Make up kharab ho gaya.
    Bella : haath do…Make up nahi Hair style
    Adi :Ek baat batao Hum dono itne karib the tumhe ek baar bhi nahi laga hum kuch galat kar rahe hain
    Adi: Tumne dekha woh Nahi… # ALLGOOD
    Finally Bella realize “Brain pe wrinkles” …Aaj phir se Bella ne Adi ko mana She believe him a lot …‘zoya ki jagah koi aur ladki hoti toh main bella se baat karna nahi aata….!!!! Jenny ka red red nose so cute she is crying a lot…
    Mahi : Kyun Aakanksha tumhe phere lene hain?
    Aks: lene toh hain lakin aaj nahi
    Mahi ne game palat diya bechare Adi ko plan kiya !!OMG Zoya misunderstood Adi !!

    “Ever heard of “Even the nicest people have their limits”
    Yup Zoya has had enough now, she always stood up for the people she loved and it’s high time now that she stands up for herself. You go girl ?
    This is the character development that I was waiting for

    “How beautifully has the camera captured this scene ??? & how intensely gorgeous does our mains look ?❤️?also look at the disagreement in their eyes when they look at each other…?????
    They were like abhi ek dusare ko kha jayenge kachhha….Jor ka Jatka jab Zoya helds his hand…Maya’s expressions in Zoya,…!!

    Precap : #StrongZoya

    1. Aleeza

      Amazing review bhAi?

      1. Fenil

        Thank you so much !!

    2. P_lata

      Haan Fenu…bahut jyada koot diya tumne Mr. Harsh Hooda ko…….

      1. Fenil

        Thank you I know it !! bade aaye !!

    3. Zahra

      Jerry…truly Allah kabhi maaf nahi karunga use…he crushed my all favourites….oh that footprint….

      1. Fenil

        yaaa all yumm yumm pastries !!

    4. Zahra

      Oh bhool gayi…tumhara review..#PERFECT

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Tom !!

    5. P_lata

      Lovely review Fenu…You picked up every fabulous point nicely and reviewed it beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Fenil

        Thank you !!

    6. Medha

      O teri itna jabardast review….
      Haye so amazing… pura episode ka nichod…. so lovely!! ?
      Hope fingers mein pain na ho rha ho ?

    7. Anee

      Wowww!! Fenil bhayia honestly show main toh maza ata hi hai now a days I really enjoyed your reviews as i earlier told you that your reviews made me fall in love with the show more more and more…..hats off you boss.

  10. P_lata

    Finally Arjun managed to get the diary after so much big big efforts
    Noor, thodi jaldbazi kar di tumne….Ek baap ke dil par kya gujregi …thoda soch to leti
    Bella… ZoRo…is better than Hashtag RoElla….itna gussa….Bella dear panics very much and take hasty nasty steps…..
    Aditya has so good ability to make Bella understand his points…every time Bella get agreed to our Hero Aditya….
    This Mahi is total crap…..double mouthed Nagin… Adi ko hi fansa diya……
    Zoya….Looking more beautiful in red red angry face…….Actually we need this type of Zoya for barabar ki takkar……..fabulous emotion by AdiYa

    1. Fenil

      Good try hahaha

      1. P_lata

        Thanks a lot Review Master!!!

    2. Medha

      Cute review Darling Didu…
      Smart banti ja rhi ho hmari sangat mein… nhi!! ?

      1. P_lata

        Haan…ab yahi sunna baaki tha…tumhari sangat me…..chalo maan liya….thank you dear

  11. P_lata

    BP Rockies….Bepannaah Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fenil

      AdiYa Rocks !!
      Bepannah Rocks !!

    2. Medha

      BP Rockies ❤
      Bepannaah Rocks!! ❤

  12. What an episode!! Just in love with it..

  13. Anee

    Ek dam Khidkiitor, darwaza torr, Fadu episode……Seriously our leads looking how much better with each other….Arrey yaarr ek toh Adii ke expression maar daalne ke liye kaafi hai… know Surbhi chandna Anika from Ishqbaaz she said that she want to add in her team all Tv’s hotties like bepannaah wale harshad chopra it’s really pleasure for us to hear our harshu’s name from popular celebirties and woh bhi jab tab humare harshad ne itne years ke baad comeback kiya ho after hamsafers….Love BP Love you all BP Rockies

    1. Medha

      Sare flate ho rhe hain Captain par….
      Good to know ?
      Damdaar Asardaar aur Faadu type come back kiya hain Mr Chopra ne ?.. so lovely & thanks 4 sharing this wonderful news dearie ❤
      Love BP and BP Rockies

      1. Anee

        Arrey main toh mere Harshad per Amber dhara ke zamaane se hi flate koi aisa show nahi hoga joh mene miss kiya ho yarrr….Luv you 2 Medhu.

    1. P_lata

      Unbelievable, maanne ko man nhi karta…

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