Udaan 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan Oberoi comes to Azaadganj

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Udaan 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chakor tells Sooraj they will fight for the villagers, these people do not understand what real life is about.
Later at home, Chakor interrupts Maa to give Sanvi spicy meal and calls Bijli to bring her porridge. Sooraj interrupts Chakor to argue with Maa. Both Maa and Chakor realize their mistake, and feed porridge to Sanvi. Later, Sooraj tries to cheer Chakor by reading with Sanvi. He asks Chakor to stay happy and not to worry about Gauri, she loves Chaggan enough to solve every matter. Chakor says Chaggan needs to realize it’s his ego and not his love towards Gauri, love has to be two-sided. Chakor says she wants her Sanvi to be brought up in an independent society and it will be possible if husband and wife get equal rights. Sooraj jokes about Chakor’s lectures when there is a ring of bell. Chakor was shocked to see Karan outside. He says he was impressed by her talk in the exhibition. Sooraj also comes at the door, Chakor invites him inside.
In the hall, Karan introduces himself as Karan Oberoi to Sooraj. Karan was impressed by the architecture of this old grand mansion, he is after all a builder by profession. Chakor asks Karan how he suddenly came to Azadganj, he was in Mumbai since yesterday. Karan says he came by speed, a man must hold the speed with which life passes. Sooraj asks for the reason of his visit. Karan says its his wife; then explains Chakor lectured him in the exhibition that the soul of this country resides in minor areas. He has decided to do something in Azadganj. Chakor was excited as this is what she prayed to God for. Sooraj was suspicious.
Later, Chakor and Sooraj show the area and fields to Karan. Karan calls it beautiful and promises to do extensive construction and turn Azaadganj into a renowned township. Sooraj inquires the reason of his keen interest in Azaadganj. Karan accepts that Sooraj’s reservations are justified, though builders are famous for their selfishness; but he came as a well-wisher here. Sooraj wasn’t convinced. Karan says he has only been impressed by two people in life, me and me. Chakor was able to convince him to think about the intentions of his life. Sooraj could sense Karan’s intentions weren’t right.

PRECAP: Imli thinks about destroying Sooraj and Chakor as she does the Havan as an old lady.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Suraj teasing Chakor about her long lectures was cute. Karan is creepy, hope Suraj investigates his intentions.

  2. Sukor were soo cuute ?? ?
    Still don’t get this Karan…what does he want?!

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