Naamkaran 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni struggles to find a new house

Naamkaran 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni tells Sunehri it’s impossible to live in Mumbai. She can’t withdraw money either as all her accounts are sealed. Vidyut also must have found out about her. They don’t have option to live there otherwise Vidyut will be back in Neil and his family’s life. Sunehri says kids are very scared, what she will tell them. Avni says they have to show to kids that everything is fine. Sunehri asks but what they will do? Prakash offers her help, but she refuses saying it’s her responsibility. Prakash asks her to at least stay there until she finds another place. Avni agrees. Neil hears it.

Kamini gets news. She is glad to know sukoon house is taken and now Avni will never be able to go back to Kashid. Kamini says she will never make Saisha her daugther-in-law. She thinks this was all Avni’s plan to trap KK, but she doesn’t know Kamini. She will take her grand child and send Saisha back to Avni. Rahil asks what’s Saisha’s fault in this? Kamini says she is no innocent. She is a trained crook. She will teach them such a lesson that they will never dare to challenge Kamini Kapoor.

Avni is finding a new house for kids. She is tensed. Sunehri says they will soon find one. Avni asks about Saisha. Sunehri says she seems very happy in her in-law house. Avni is glad. Sunehri asks her why she doesn’t tell 10 years old secret to everyone. Avni says that secret will never come out.

Mitali comes to get something from cupboard. She sees Avni. Avni drops some papers. She picks them up before Mitali sees. Mitali opens cupboard and finds Neil’s police uniform. She tells Avni that Neil left police force because she loved Avni a lot. He thought he failed as he couldn’t save Avni. That is why he resigned police force after getting Vidyut arrested. He stayed sad for 10 years. She tells Avni she didn’t do it right by holding Neil back. He deserves love, happiness. Avni agrees with Mitali, but says she can’t give all that to him. It’s Mitali who can give him happiness. She tells Mitali she shouldn’t stop herself because of past. Neil is upset, but if she truly loves him, then he will melt one day and love her too.

Avni is tensed as she doesn’t have enough money to find a new house. Neil is sitting there. He asks her to eat first. They will find a way. Avni says not them, it’s her problem. She will figure out something herself.

Avni gets a call from a broker who is Kamini’s man. She goes to meet him. Neil sees it.

Broker is showing house to Avni. Weather is bad outside. Mowgli is missing Avni. Neil finds out that Avni is still not back. He says he will get her.

Broker had mixed something in water. Avni gets dizzy. Broker tries to misbehave with her. She fights back. Neil is worried for Avni. He tries to recall the address. Avni manages to come out of the house, but there are more goons. She fights with them and runs again. She bumps into Neil. Neil beats them up and then sees Avni’s not feeling well. He asks her what they gave her. Avni says Neil you came… and falls unconscious. He carries her and puts her in his car. He brings her home. Everyone rushes to them. They ask what happened to Avni. Neil says someone gave her drugs. Family is shocked.

Precap: Mitali tells Neil, there is one girl who can understand him and that’s Avni. Neil says Avni doesn’t matter to him.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    Well I just liked the part where Neil saved Avni . Precap is horrible as usual . If CVS are planning to make mowgli as AvNeil’s son then that’s the end . Then whole khanna family will be angry with Avni for separating mowgli from them .

  2. Sana.

    i’m sure mogli is avneil’s son. ye kya kar diya avni ne? ab neil use kabhi maaf nei karega. ye cvs hamesha avni ko kyu fasa dete he mushki me?i got a heart attack.but it somewhat its interesting for me. neil ko ye janna zaroori he ki mogli uska beta he kyu avni use chupathi he? she should tell the truth to him. if he himself get to know about it, he won’t spare avni. neil ke saath saath uske family members bhi use maaf nei karenge. sarvanash kar diya ye avni ne.she left neil for him and his family so she hid that she is alive but what about mogli. why she hid the truth of him? i think some big reason is behind it thats why she hid this truth. now neil after knowing the truth will definitely separate mogli from her like other shows. then what is unique in nk yaar? you cvs app logom ko pagal ho gaye kya? kyun hamem hamesha aise hi pareshan karte rahte ho.i’m crying .

    1. Sana,these cvs we will keep troubling us till the last episode of naamkaran…I’m already so hopeless

  3. Yaar mogli avneil ka beta hua toh yeh serial aur boring ho jayegi.and noone is going to forgive avni that time for taking away the child of khanna heir.p lz don’t do that CVS.plz for god sake.

  4. PRJ

    Niel pagal ho gaya hai i mean itna rudely behave avni k liye. Maan v ja yr ab avni kya sad feel karegi mujhe hi itna bura lag raha hai

  5. history is repeated . daya ( kk mom) ,
    kk ( ashis) ,saisha ( asha) . avni ( nela).

    its so boaring . plz show some other track story.

  6. I liked the episode… thankfully there was no sayesha today,it was such a relief…

    Neil is being extra these days…he knows he loves her but still keeps saying he hates her ..why Neil? When he thought she was dead so he just wanted to see her once but now that she’s actually alive can’t he just once say that he’s so happy to see her alive….

    And what is this secret avni is hiding??please I can’t see Mowgli as avneils child ..I’m already not connecting with avni too well and if Mowgli is indeed their child then I’ll completely lose my connect with her character. ..

  7. Yes I’m also feeling same mowgli is avneil’s son.l think the misunderstand between avni & Neil will be increase & avni will lose the support of khanna family

  8. I saw an olv where avni is feeding Mowgli and prakash is noticing her that means our worst fears are going to come true..

  9. It’s seems both Avni & Neil are stubborn Neither one wants to tell how they feel for each other Mowgli is their son looks & acts like Neil Maybe he will bring the two together hopefully The papers Avni was hiding could be Mowgli birth certificate I guess which some one will find in the cupboard Technically they are still married so how can Neil marry someone else

  10. Pavithra1616

    After reading the update, I totally understood that it isn’t written by amena di cause a lot of scenes are missing.. The precap has some other scene in which shwetha talks to Neil bout avni and something like that.. Someone pls tell me, what did shwetha say to Neil in the precap? Sana di, pls… And epi was really nice.. I loved it because I couldn’t see that stupid sayesha.. Neil being protective toward avni.. And its the imagination of avni that Neil came to her and consoed her..its the scene where avni says I can do this together.. I really liked that Neil.. But what to say its just the imagination..

    1. Swetha said to him that he only belongs to avni and asked him to move on as its concerned about three lives-his, mitali, and avni.

  11. Pavithra1616

    Neil come on what the matter with u?? U still love avni and u say u hate her! Stupid! I can’t believe Mowgli is avneil son! But I will say a thing.. In one of the epi, avni herself called every child illegitimate and another epi, she said she love saisha the most.. How can she love that chuhi and vidyut daughter than her and her Neils son? This is impossible.. Mowgli can’t be avneil’s son.. And if it is so,the show will defueblty go off air.. Waiting for the next epi.. Luv u avneil??

  12. I don’t care about others but I’m completely against the idea of Mowgli being avneil’s child…
    -why would avni let her own child live as an orphan and deprive him of his father’s love when she herself knows the importance of family’s love.

    -she was telling sayesha that I love you more than my child so if Mowgli is indeed their child then won’t it be injustice to him that his mother loves somebody else’s child more than his/her.

    -which kid will call his/her mother as didi??

    -lastly Kon apne bacho ka naam Mowgli rakhta h?

    So therefore I conclude that Mowgli being avneil’s child is just unacceptable for me…

    Also I want avneil to go through the phase of pregnancy together . .I want to see Neil caring for his pregnant wife ..I don’t want any readymade kids

    1. Ishika I am with you in this.i hate the idea of mogli being avneil kid.that stupidity.i want as you will be better if they don’t make mogli avneil son.

  13. It’s confirmed that Mowgli is avneil’s son

    1. Who confirmed naamkaran stars.

    2. Ayesha_malhotra


    3. Me too ishika

  14. It’s better avni reveal the neela maa truth to neil and neil will accept her nd everything will be normal again.this is better than making mogli avneil son.
    Or better bring vidyut.vidyut and kamini will show stars to avneil.i prefer that.

  15. Yes guys it’s confirmed. In a video I saw mogli has a allergie in some food & Neil also allergie the same food.

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