Bepanah Pyaar 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Tina leaves Harshit

Bepanah Pyaar 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devraj and Aditi question / taunt Harshit who admits that he has committed the fraud. He vents out that Raghbir is ruling both at home and work. It made me insecure. He apologizes to Raghbir who in turn tells him to apologize to Pragati. Harshit refuses. Kunti slaps him. You must apologize to Pragati! Malhotra’s are stunned. Sahas thinks to do something as Raghbir seems to have softened towards Pragati. Harshit says sorry to Pragati. Kunti also requests Raghbir to forgive Harshit but Raghbir walks away. Harshit tries to explain to Tina but she refuses to hear him out.

Raghbir feels bad as he dint believe Pragati when she was trying to prove her innocence in the past. Sahas says it is because you don’t really love her. You are nothing but a loser if you cannot understand Pragati.

Harshit tries to talk to Tina again but she warns him not to come close to her. She packs her bags and leaves him thereby breaking her ties with him. Harshit vows to destroy Pragati.

Raghbir comes to speak to Pragati. I am sorry for what not believing you earlier about Harshit Bhaiya. He was wrong. You did try to tell me but I did not believe you.

Kunti starts acting strangely. Doc checks her. He informs Malhotra’s that she has lost her memory temporarily. She does not remember any of the present incidents. Harshit meets her. He apologises to Raghbir and requests him to forgive him. Parth and Tina have left me. I understand the important of family now. Raghbir tells him that he never wanted his brother to feel insecure because of him. Pragati overhears them. Kunti smiles seeing the brothers hug.

Precap: Nurse tells Pragati that Kunti was just pretending to be crazy. She demands for 50 lacs in return of telling the truth. Later, Kunti kills the nurse.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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