Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira bring Vedika home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira seeing kids. Kairav asks what were you doing. Vansh says you were playing right. Kartik says yes, we were just practicing to play with everyone. Vansh says you have to get punished now, we will decide. Naira says we shouldn’t forget that we are parents of a child now. Kartik says we should tell the world that a couple can romance even after having a child. Dadi gives gold coins to donate. Manish says you can do charity, but you shouldn’t worry like this, have faith. She says I have no faith on anyone now. Kartik, Naira, Gayu and Samarth get kids. Naira likes the cool breeze. Kartik says its saying I love you. Gayu and Samarth ask what’s this punishment, we came to have icecream. Kartik says everyone is staring at us. Kartik flirts with Naira. He gets a call. She asks what happened. He says Pallavi, why is she calling me. She says maybe Vedika….

Pallavi says sorry to disturb on your engagement day. Naira asks is Vedika fine. Pallavi says Akshat got bailed, he called Vedika and threatened her, I m scared for Vedika. Kartik and Naira leave. Naira says we should meet Vedika before Akshat reaches there. Akshat comes to Vedika’s house. Vedika opens the door…. Manish and Akhilesh try to get help from police. Dadi asks why did Kartik and Naira go away. Vedika sees Kartik and Naira wearing engagement rings. Kartik says sorry to come this way. Vedika says sorry, you had to come here, I told Pallavi not to tell you, I m not scared. Naira says Akshat is mad. Vedika says I will do something, go and enjoy your day. Kartik says you are in problem, we are not selfish. Naira says Kartik is your friend, don’t snatch his right to take care of you, we decided not to let you stay here. They come home. Dadi asks why did you go to meet Vedika. They ask how is Vedika, did anything happen. Kartik says Akshat can do anything, he threatened Vedika, Vedika was saying we should have not come, she was scared, how can we leave her alone. Kartik says her dad gave her responsibility to me, so we thought… Dadi asks what. Kartik says she will stay here with us. They all get shocked.

Kartik asks did we do anything wrong, why are you looking like this. Naira says we will feel strange, but we have no option. Manish says it will be uncomfortable for her. Kartik says her safety is imp than her comfort. Naksh says Vedika left from Kartik’s life by her wish, she won’t be uncomfortable. Dadi worries. Suwarna pacifies her. She says if Akshat harms Vedika, we can’t forgive ourselves. Suwarna says if Vedika returns, we can’t be happy, she is still Kartik’s wife, their divorce didn’t happen, how will she feel. Kartik and Naira say you won’t have any fear here. Vedika says I will stay with Pallavi. Kartik says no, you will stay here with Naira.

Naira stumbles and falls in his arms. Vedika looks on. She says you both got awkward, its not right, please let me go. Naira says I was standing in your place before, you can’t run always, better face it today, try to make a new start, I m not a stranger for you, I don’t know what is this relation called, we can keep it if we try. Kartik says Naira is right. Vedika comes in. Vansh says you will live with us again. She says yes. Kairav says dance with us in sangeet. Naira says kids are excited and trouble everyone. Vedika says I will have fun. She nods to Naira. Dadi lights the diya. She says I have sworn, don’t let this diya blow off. She prays for Kartik and Naira’s marriage. Kartik says I don’t want to go. Naira says just go. He kisses her.

He says we will practice for sangeet. She says it will be done, have patience, its a matter of two days. He says fine, I m yours, I love you. She says I love you too. He says love you more. Vedika sees them. Its morning, Kairav asks why are you sending me to school. Naira says sangeet is in evening, you don’t need to miss school, sit and finish your school. Naksh brings Naira’s fav breakfast. Kairav says you don’t love me, everyone just loves mumma. They laugh. Naksh feeds Naira by his hands. Kairav says very bad. Naksh feeds him also. Vedika comes for breakfast. She gets sad. Devyaani asks her not to have burnt sandwich. Vedika says sorry, I didn’t know. Kartik wakes up on hearing Naira. He opens eyes and sees Naira coming. She gets tea for him. They romance. He falls down the bed. His dream ends. Servant says Sir, tea…. Kartik says fine, keep it and go. He sits smiling. Yahan wahan…plays… He says same dreams started again, just make this true, please…. He falls down and smiles.

Suwarna gets bridal dress for Naira. The bridal dress catches fire. Vedika tries to save the dress. Dadi asks Vedika what did you do. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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