Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rochak and Anshuman’s Fight

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Kajal walks out of hospital holding medicine bottle and thinking she got a good doctor and her problem will be solved. Nurses search red bottle and discuss it has dangerous chemical and if Kajal puts it in her eyes, she will lose her vision. Kajal walks towards washroom thinking of apply eye drops before class starts. Anshuman greets her hi, but she doesn’t listen to him and gets into washroom. Anshuman thinks she is still angry on him and follows her. Kajal is about to apply eye drops when Anshuman knocks door and calls her. Kajal walks out and asks what is he doing outside ladies washroom. He asks if everything okay between then. She says yes and asks if he thinks she will become his dance partner, then he is mistaken. He asks her to relax and snatching her bag plays with it. Kajal walks behind him asking to return her bag. Rochak walks in and warns Anshuman to return Kajal’s bag yelling at him. Kajal asks Rochak to stop, but he continues. Anshuman says he would have returned Kajal’s bag, but now he will not. Anshuman tries hard to get bag but fails. Everyone laugh on him. He pushes Anshuman and snatches bag and handing it over to Kajal says her friend got it. Anshuman snatches bag back and throws it away. Ball falls, medicine bottle pops out of it and breaks into pieces. Kajal yells and verbally abuses Anshuman that she is not interested to become his dance partner, even then he is forcing her, she will not tolerate his nonsense, etc. Rochak taunts Anshuman.

Kajal calls hospital and asks nurse to get her one more bottle of eye drops as her bottle broke down. Nurse informs her that medicine bottle had toxic chemical and she would have lost her vision, thank god she dropped it. Kajal realizes Anshuman helped her instead and rushes towards college to thank him.

Sonia informs Tanya what happened in college. Anshuman angrily exercises thinking how dare Kajal is to insult him. Tanya provokes him. He walks out of gym where Rochak insults him again and their fight starts. Tanya interferes and warns Rochak to dare not touch her brother and tells Anshuman that he is college’s trustee’s son and doesn’t deserve this treatment, she will not spare Kajal once she sees her. Kajal returns, runs and hugs Anshuman and thanks him. He asks what did he do. She thinks she shouldn’t inform him about her eye problem. Someone informs that principal is coming. All students run to their class. Rochak yells at Anshuman that he escaped today. Kajal pulls Anshuman to class. Tanya thinks she will not let this cheap middle class Kajal ruin her brother’s life.

Precap: Rochak asks why did she change her behavior with Anshuman and hugged him. She says because of Anshuman, she can see colors again. He asks what does she mean. She thinks it is time to inform Rochak about her eye problem.

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