“Believe Me!!” Twinj FF (Epi 4) ~By Tamanna

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hello guys! I m here! Thank you so much for ur comment!

Link: Episode 3

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do so I sincerely apologize.

Recap: Twinj in jungle! Twinkle scared of insects! (Meri behen hai! Hehe) Kunj forgets to bring the tent. Twinkle allows him to sleep in her tent.

Lets begin,

Aman: Good morning guys!
Students: Good morning sir!
Aman: tho aapko patha hi hoga ke aaj se aapke competition yani research on plants shuru honge tho aap sab ready ho? (As u all know, that research on plants starts today! So are u ready?)
Students: yes Sir!

Aman: ok tho aap sab ko apne apne partners ke saath iss forest ke research ke liye aapko yahan se alag rah pe jaana hoga! (Okay, so you all with ur partners will move in 8 different ways!)
So are u ready?
Students: yes sir!
Aman: ok move!

All students move in 8 different ways!

Twinkle and kunj are on their way. They are somewhere in middle. Twinkle was doing her work while Kunj was clicking photos. He was in his own world. Twinkle looks at him and smiles.
Twinkle:(thinks) kitna cute haina yeh! Hamesha mazak sujha rehtha hai! Iski future wife badi lucky hogi! Mera sadu!
Twinkle kya soch rahi hai sadu tera nahi! Huh! Use patha chale ga tho have me udne lagega! (How cute he is! His future wife would be lucky to get him! My sadu! Twinkle what are you thinking! He is not yours! He would have been in air if I listens this!)

Twinkle moves front. Kunj was there itself. Kunj turns to find Twinkle gone.
Kunj: are yeh siyappa queen kahan gai! Abhi tho yahin thi! (He shouts) Are siyappa queen! Are siyappa kahan hai yaar tu?
Kunj moves front and sees Twinkle’s back facing towards him. She was facing two boys. They were telling something to her. He moves near to them.
Kunj: siyappa queen? (He calls out)
Twinkle turns. Kunj is shocked to see her eyes welled up. He goes to her and cups her face. He was worried.
Kunj: siyappa queen kuch tho bol yaar. ,
Twinkle just hugs him and cries.

Boy 1: oh tho iska BF bhi aagaya. (Ohh so her BF is also here) (He hi5s with other)
Boy 2: Sunn bhai, hame kuch nahi chahiye bus teri GF sirf ek raat tak ke liye chahiye. Hum dono ek raat me hi kaam chala lenge baadme jitna chahe tu mazaa karna! (Listen Bro! We don’t anything but ur GF for one night. Just for one night then she is all yours) (He laughs evily)

Kunj’s anger rose. He parted away and punched the 2nd boy hard. Both the boys ran away. He again cups her face.
Kunj: Twinkle shhh… Tu ro math! Tu teek hai dekh mai aagaya hun! Shhh. (Twinkle shhh… You don’t cry! See u r okay! I m here na! Shh)
Twinkle just cries hugging him.
Twinkle: Kunj lets move here.
Kunj: okay chal.
He side hugs her. Twinkle keeps her.head on his shoulder. They both start walking.

Kunj:(thinks) Twinkle I know why You get scared with these things so easily! How can anyone see a girl being raped infront of her eyes. Uss time tho tu bohot choti bacchi thi! (Twinkle I know why You get scared with these things easily! How can anyone see a girl being raped in front of her eyes. That time, you were small at that time.)


Kunj and Twinkle were playing hide and seek. (They were small kids). Twinkle hides in a cupboard. It had a small from where Twinkle could see outside. She was hiding when she sees three drunk man with a girl. And they raped her. From that time, Twinkle gets scared easily. (I know yeh important nahi tha but kya karun ek tho chahiye tha)
Flashback ends!

He takes her to tent. (note: they change places everyday so its not the same place.)
Kunj: Twinkle sojha mai tere liye paani laatha hun. (Twinkle sleep, I’ll be back with the water)
Twinkle: Nahi Kunj! Plz math jaao! Plz yahin raho! (No Kunj! Plz don’t go! Plz be here!) (She says expanding her hands, calling him)
Kunj comes to her and hugs her. Twinkle keeps her head on his chest. He hugs her tight. Their position was like Kunj was half lying down and Twinkle half above, hugging him.

Screen freezes!

Precap: Twinkle Missing!


Guys mujhe aaj sachi lag raha hai ke aaj ka api bohot boring tha. Yaar jaan mujhe sachi lag raha hai tu gussa math ho.

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative! Any confusion? do ask me! Suggestions are always welcomed! Ignore mistakes if any!

See you!

With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Oyii tamma tamma baar baar isse boring kyu kehti rehti h..pagal h tu sachii mein..chal koi nhi episode ekdum mast tha..and those boys uff
    .nd thank god kunj agaya..aur precap scary….ab bas jaldi se post krde..
    All my luv to u..

  2. Sohi

    Episode was amazing yet bit emotional
    blo*dy idiots huh
    Liked kunjs concern for twinkle
    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue and post soon

  3. Fatimaa.

    Arre tammy…my sweetheart….
    The epi was really nice…who said its boring..khayali pulav pakana bandh karo….samjhi….
    The epi was amazing..loved it….
    Love uh❤❤❤❤

  4. Presha

    Hey tamatar …
    Its short but awesome…
    Nd u dont say it boaring… Yeh boaring nahi h???
    Loved it…
    Post soon…
    Love u… Muaah..

  5. Purvi128

    Hey meri shona…
    You again said that it was boring huhhh ??? you won’t listen to me nah..! Theek hai okk.. I m angry wid you… jaa i won’t talk to you.. ??????
    Coming to the epi.. It was superb.. mindblowing… those blo*dy idiots.. ufff… loved kunj’s concern for Twinkle. Too good nd awesome.. Ending part was awesome.. just loved the whole epi ??? In love wid ur ff..
    Precap is shocking.. my heart is sinking reading it ????? but koi nhi … no fear when Kunj nd my shona is here ??
    Post the next asap..
    Nd I won’t talk to you.. I m angry on you ??????
    Fir bhi I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH ?????❤❤❤ But i m angry ???

  6. SidMin23

    Nice and do post soon.

  7. Mia12

    Oyeh nakhre baaz teri boring lagne se kya hoga be,,??.. Hum sab ko toh accha lagta hai na,,??.. Or agar tune boring bola phirse Toh mai bhi gayab ho jaungi phirse samjhlio,,??.. And epi was just again dhassuu,,???.. I Love it sooo much,,❤?❤?❤.. Ab next post kar jaldhi jaldhi,,??..
    Load’s of love you,,??❤??..

  8. Awesome amazing tamanna
    But us dono stupid ki himat kaise huyi aise baat karne ki kunj ne acha mazaa chakaya
    N twinj scenes r as usual lovely
    Aur ha itt was not at all boring
    Love u keep smiling

  9. RUTU.....

    Hey Tamanna
    Awesome episode dear just loved it to the core, interesting story do continue soon
    Love you so much ???

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome… episode…
    I really liked Kunj’s concern for Twinkle and Twinkle’s POV for Kunj … was just too sweet …
    Feeling sad fir Twinkle … the last part looks cute .. precap is scary. .
    Love you post soon ❤

  12. Hey tamanna it was tooo gud
    It wasn’t boring dear
    Post next one soon

  13. Simiyy

    Really enjoyed it
    feeling sad for Twinkle
    Post soon

  14. Tammy diii?????mazaa aaa gaya padh ke aapka amazing saa ff..??post next soon ?????

  15. Jiya_Ani

    Tammy tammy diiiii ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I just read all d parts in a go….awesome..??????????.

    Post next soon my tammypie ?

  16. Tu bahot buried hai abhi still mujhse gussa hun but jaldi post krna badi aai mahan aatma

  17. awesome

  18. amazing

  19. fabulous

  20. fantastic

  21. marvellous

  22. nice..,loved it

  23. good
    post soo

  24. Baby

    Ohhhhh my god tammy amazing…. 🙂
    Jst soooo cute both thinking d same meri siyappa queen n mera sadu…. 🙂
    Jst loved it….n emotional too….how dare dose boys bt kunj haina….jst wow….loving it…. 🙂 d way u making d stiry osm….speechless…. 🙂
    Lods of love…. 🙂

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