“Believe Me!!” Twinj FF (Epi 3) ~By Tamanna

Hello guys! Thank you so much for ur comments! It made me happy! And guys from now I guess I wouldn’t be able to post regularly ‘cuz my cousins would be here! But I’ll try my best to post! I know I m boring u all with my ff but thora sabhar karo asli story abi shuru nai hui hai!

Link: Episode 2

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do so I sincerely apologize!

Recap: Twinkle scared to go to jungle! She tries to emotional blackmail kunj. Kunj’s dream. Twinkle ready to go! Kunj in confusion with her!

Lets begin, #smile plz

The Episode starts with Twinkle’s scared face looking at jungle. Kunj had a big smile on his face as he was so excited.
Both enters the jungle. Both were walking when a bird starts to fly. Twinkle gets scared by the sound and grabs kunj’s arm tightly. He looks at her and says “Twinkle shaant hoja yaar wo sirf ek bird thi!” (Twinkle relax it was just a bird!) Twinkle looks at him. Both share an eye lock. Twinkle slowly leaves his shoulder feeling awkward. They again starts walking there was silence between them. Kunj decides to break the silence and says,
Kunj: siyappa queen maine nahi socha tha tu itna darthi hai! Bahar tho jungli billi bani firthi hai! Meawwww khurrr… Hahaha! (He laughs!) [Siyappa queen I never thought that u r have this much fear! Outside you act like a wild cat… Meawwww khurrr! Hahaha)
Twinkle: kunj tune mujhe jungli billi kah….aaaaa…..(kunj you called me a wild ca….aaaa..)
A leaf falls on her shoulder but she gets scared and hugs kunj tightly.
Twinkle: kunj yeh insect mujhe kaatlega Kunj mujhe bacchooooo….maaaa (kunj this insect would bite me! Kunj help me….mommm)
Kunj: are siyappa queen sirf ek pattha tha! (Are… Siyappa queen it was only a leaf!)
kunj cleans her shoulder. Twinkle was still hugging him.
Kunj: Twinkle mujhe chodne ka irada hai bhi ya nahi! (Twinkle don’t you want to leave me)
Twinkle parts away and looks here and there.
Twinkle was still scared. It could easily be detected by her facial expression. Kunj looked at her and slipped his hand onto hers. She looked at him. He gave an assuring look and looked front. She kept looking at him while walking. Kunj sensed it.
Kunj: siyappa queen mujhe lagtha hai ki iss campaign me meri izzat loot me wali hai! Tujhe kya lagtha hai? (Siyappa queen I have a gut feeling that in this campaign I m going to loose my virginity! What do you think?

Twinkle: hmmm…(coming back to her senses) huh?
Kunj: aisa na dekha kar pyaar ho jayega! I know I m hot but control urself. ( siyappa queen don’t look at me like that u may fall in love! I know I m hot but control urself.)
Twinkle jerks him and gives him an ‘so-mean’ look. Twinkle moves front.
Kunj: are siyappa queen, sorry yaar mazaak tha. Are…. (siyappa queen! Sorry dude I was just kidding. Areee…
Both reaches the campaign spot where they were going to put up their tent.
A man comes to Twinj.
Man (lets name him Aman): Hello Miss Twinkle Taneja. Hello Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle and kunj: Hello Aman sir.
Introduction goes on. Aman was the in charge of this campaign. There were totally 8 colleges that participated in the campaign.
Aman: Guys put up ur tents!
Kunj gets tensed.
Twinkle: kunj kya hua? (What happened kunj?)
Kunj: wo Twinkle I forgot to bring the tent.
Twinkle: (looks at him in disbelief) what?
Fir tumne wo tent ke shop me utni der kya kiya? (What? Then what u did in tent’s shop?)
Kunj: Wo Twinkle wahan ki shopkeeper badi sunder thi! Use patathe patathe mai tent lena bhool gaya. Dekh usne apna number bhi mujhe diya hai! (That, Twinkle, the shopkeeper was very beautiful. While wooing her I forgot to bring the tent. See, she have also given her number.) (Showing his phone which displayed the contacts.)
Twinkle: (looks at him disbelief) iss baar mai teri help nahi karne wali jo karna hai wo karle. (This time I m not going to help you. Do whatever you want)
By saying this she goes inside her tent. Kunj looks at her going. He sleeps outside the tent.

Its already midnight. Kunj is sleeping outside and Twinkle inside. Its really cold outside.

Twinkle slowly peeps outside and sees kunj sleeping. He was not actually asleep but was clapping his hand once a minute. No no he was actually killing the mosquitoes. Hehe. Twinkle feels cold. She feels bad fot him and goes towards him. Kunj looks at her and gives a cute smile. Twinkle laughs.
Twinkle: sadu aaja ander! Lagtha hai tujhe teri saza inn macharon ne dedi hai! (Sadu come inside. I guess mosquitoes have given u ur punishment)
Kunj: mai nahi aaraha! Kya patha meri izzat lootne ka tera koi plan ho! (I m not coming! Who knows it may be ur plan to break my virginity)
Twinkle: huh sadu! Yahin soja with mosquitoes! Baadme mere paas kehte math aana ki mosquitoes ne teri izzat loot li!! Wowww kitne saare love bites honge na sadu! How cute! (Huh sadu! Sleep here with mosquitoes! Later don’t come to me saying that mosquitoes stole ur respect! Woowww there would be so many love bites! How cute!)

She said smiling and lost in herself. Twinkle rocked kunj shocked.

Kunj: oye tu yeh muh pe haat rakhke kya imagine kar rahi hai! Ganda dimaak! (Oh hello! What u r imagining keeping ur finger on ur chin! Gutter mind!) He said being scared.

Kunj: aur mai jaa raha hun tu yahin soja! (And I m going! You can sleep here!) (He runs to tent!)

Twinkle: oye sadu rukh! Wo mera tent hai! (Hello sadu stop! That’s my tent!)
She runs behind him!

Screen freezes!

Precap: Fun begins (campaign begins)

How was it? Hope I have not bored u all! How is the Cover pic frnds? Copy paste! Hehe! Do tell me

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative! Any confusion? Do ask me! Suggestions are always welcomed! Any mistakes pls do ignore!

With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Sohi

    Hehehe awesome episode yaar
    Kya dialogues the dono k maza aagaye
    Well I understand how we will be when our cousins come
    Don’t worry post whenever you get time
    Do continue

  2. Ufff..tamma tamma..kitna cute episode tha aur jangli billi was hilarious aur love bites mosquitos..hehehe..anyways try to post soon..
    Luv u..

  3. Jasmine.T

    Thank youuuu soooooo much for adding the English part! X
    It’s a lovely story

  4. Fatimaa.

    Yaar it was soo nice…awesome amazing…
    I loved it to d core….
    Post soon jaana…
    Love uh

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Fathima sweetheart, jaana sab na bola jiju kya sochenge! ??

      1. Fatimaa.

        Jo sochna hai sochne do…vese b he wont mind….uske liye alag meaning hai in words ka aur aap sab k liye alag?????

  5. Purvi128

    Hi meri jaaaan…..
    … uff kya epi tha…
    Don’t u dare say tht u r boring us ?????? I m tooo angry… not again haan…
    Acha epi was fantastic… haayeew twinj to ????
    Too cute..
    Mazaa agaya..
    Haan cousins aayen toh bs… kuch ker hi nhi paaty…
    Achaa but tu mujhse insta pe baat kerna haan…. or else u knw na.. me tujhe kitna miss karungi… ❤❤❤
    Chal bht bol liya..
    Post soon
    LOADS OF LOVE MY SHONA ??❤??????????

  6. Ramya

    Awesome tamanna amazing yaar
    N ha twinj moments n talks r so cute
    N apni boring mat kaha kar bcoz it’s best u better get dat
    Love u keep smiling ??

  7. Amazinggg ???Unka conversation was awesome as well as hilarious ??izzat lutne waali haii???post next soon ??

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Fantastic funny fabulous epi

  9. SidMin

    ???????????? Just loved it … the Epsidoe was just too much fun … Twinkle amd Kunj rocked it ..
    Love you post soon ❤

  10. Presha

    Hey tamatar…
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Twinj bond was ????
    Their convo ??
    Loved it….
    Love u….

  11. SidMin23

    Tiny reading episode and twinj conversations was nice do post soon.

  12. awesome

  13. fabulous

  14. too good..
    post soon

  15. nice
    loved it

  16. loved there cute fight…

  17. hey tamanna…

  18. lovedcit..

  19. marvellous

  20. Affaa

    Simrannnnnnnn ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ur Raj is here…. Wah Wah kya likha hai yaar speechless… It was adorable, traffic, yaar I loved their conversation so cute… Totally episode was mind blowing…. U rocked it… Simran I love you my love…. Love you so much…. Keep writing… And u told me late about ur ff…

  21. Mia12

    Heyee meri Nakhre Queen,,
    Nakhre toh bhttt acchese karna ataa hai na tuje apni pyari pyari sweat si baton se,,???.. Well my sweatypaii episode was just dhassuu,, jhakkass yrrr,,???????.. Mosquito ka izaat lutna or uski love bite haha sooo hilarious yrr,,?????.. I just loved it to the core ufff,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?.. Plzz yrr jaldhi post kar next epi wait nai horaha,,??..
    Load’s of love you,,?❤?❤?..
    Ur cmnt queen,,??..

  22. It was really good try posting next one whenever you are free after all lovely cousins kam logo ko milte hai

  23. It was amazing dear

  24. Baby

    Hehehehehe….tammy amazing osm wow…. 😉
    Twinkle sch mein rocked….hehe….
    Osm muauaahhh…loved it…. 🙂
    Lods of love too cute…. 🙂

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