Down the memory lane…Hamesha and forever- Chapter 1

Naira got up from her bed and looked at the other side of her bed and did not find Kartik there a lone tear escaped her eye.She slowly moved towards the balcone of her roon and just then the clock struck 12.She felt two hands moving across her neck and tying something she looked at it only to find a beautiful silver chain and pendant with Kaira written on it.Just then Kartik bent and whispered in her ears “Happy 25th Marriage Anniversary sherni” , Naira immediately turned around and hugged him and said “you will never change mendhak”and Kartik just smiled and said “For 25 years you have stood by me ,been my constant support,helped me unite with my family,took care of our kids.I love you Naira.”Naira was teary eyed on hearing his words and smiled and said “It was because you were by my side always.You never doubted me even when I did.I love you too Kartik Hamesha and forever. ”

“And us”shouted two kids
“Oh you too Ekta and Ekalavya “said Naira.
Ekta came and hugged Kartik and Ekalavya hugged Naira and wished them.Yrs they were their kids….Their twins…kaira’s lifeline.
Suddenly Ekta said “Ma,did you have a love marriage or arrange”.Naira blushed and said Love.

This excited both kids and they asked them to tell their story.
Kartik said “It is a story of two individuals opposite as poles,a story of a front and a princess,it is the journey of Kartik and Naira to become Kaira.

Authors note.
Guyzz it’s my first ff do tell how it is I will try to post as quick as possible but for now I have boards till 17 all your support will help me do better.

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  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow this is nice soo good all the best for boards and wil wait for next

    1. Rosa18

      Thank you Vedanshi
      Your comment means a lot to me.

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow this is nice soo good really nice all the best for boards and wil wait for next

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Interesting chapter something really different eagerly waiting for next

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx Shivaya
      Glad that you liked it

  4. Wow!! It’s amazing……. eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Rosa18

      Thanx Ipsita
      Your comments mean lot to me

  5. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one
    Can’t wait for next

    1. Rosa18

      Thank you.
      Your comment means a lot to me.

  6. Vrushy

    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next.
    All the best for your boards !!

    1. Rosa18

      Thank you it is great to hear from great writer like you.I ve already posted chapter two.

  7. Ekta23

    Amazing Rosa ….I loved it alot ?????…Plz update soon …I am waiting desperately
    PS. Is that ‘ekta’ inspired from me if i am not wrong ??

    1. Rosa18

      Yaa dii its its inspired from you.I really like your name.
      And your comment means a lot to me.
      And do update ur ff.

      1. Ekta23

        Soon yaar whenever i get time ….Thank you for your compliment ❤

  8. Fenil

    Amazing Sweet Rosa Dii !!
    Loved it
    Awesome work
    Actually i also planned Kaira as Parents of Adult Childs for my next FF .
    U gave me really cute surprise

    i will try to connect with your story !!

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