Belan Wali Bahu 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s illegitimate child?

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Belan Wali Bahu 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa’s mom says to Roopa that our neighbor Sono has a affair and he has a kid from it, Laddo’s ghost says jerk. Roopa says I heard that Sono’s wife was not nice so he might have gotten emotional support from someone. Laddo’s ghost says so he has a baby with another woman, thats jerk. Mom gets a call and leaves. Laddo’s ghost says people like Sono should be beaten, he has affair and baby from it? Roopa says we dont know his situation.

Laddo’s friend in Laddo’s house. Dada asks when you met Laddo last time? She says it was a very memorable night. Tunno sees shalini’s phone is about to break it but Shalini cries. Laddo’s friend gets a call. She goes in corner and says give me some time Naina, I will give your money back, I have a kid, I dont have a place. Dada comes there and asks if she is worried? she says nothing. Dada says your child is happy, he asks where do you live? she says I had to come to Mathura, Laddo always helped me, I was in trouble but Laddo used to send me 25000rs per month but it stopped a few days back. Dada asks what Tunno’s father does? she says he never accepted Tunno and got married to someone else. She leaves. Dada recalls how she said Laddo used to financially support them, he thinks that kid will get whats his right.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that you didnt have affair so you are jealous. Laddo’s ghost says I had a girlfriend when I was in college, Roopa laughs. Laddo’s ghost says we were a famous couple, I used to call her Tunno lovingly. Roopa laughs and cant believe he had girlfriend.

Laddo’s friend says to family that we should leave. Dada says stay for night, she says we have train reservation. Dada says you can get tickets for tomorrow, stay here for tonight. Laddo’s friend Chandani says okay you are saying with love so we will stay. Naren goes to show them room. All family members are irritated, Dada says I will explain later.

Chandani comes to her room and gets a call, she says dont keep calling me, I will get money in a month, she ends call and says how will I arrange money? Laddo is dead too.

At dinner time, Dada asks where is Chandani and Tunno? Prem says they slept. Lata says we dont know them and you asked them to stay the night, Prem says that kid can break all things here. Lata says why did you stop them? Dada says you people are not seeing what I am seeing, I can see future and past, I know who is father of Tunno..his father is no more because his father is Laddo, yes Tunno is Laddo’s kid, all are stunned. Dada says Chandani is Laddo’s kid’s mother. Prem says who said that to you? Dada says he is like Laddo, he is always angry, breaking things, only listen to his mother, she also talked about how they met at a memorable night. Suzzi says I dont believe this. Dada says bring that Tunno here, Chandani shouldnt know it. Jitendra says I will bring him, he is asleep and I wont wake him up, he leaves.

Scene 2
Jitendra comes to Chandani and Tunno’s room, he tries to put sleeping Tunno in a sack but tunno keeps moving. Prem comes there, holds him in arms and leaves with him.
They bring sleeping Tunno to Dada, Dada says look at this kid, he has curly hair like Laddo. Prem says many kids have curly hair so all are Laddo’s kids? Tunno wakes up and says where is mummy? Jitendra says I will take you to your mom later. Tunno says I am hungry, Lata says what you want to eat? pizza? burger? he says no I want ajwain parathas and karela dish. all are stunned that Laddo used to like those too, Lata hugs him.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost come outside house, Roopa is still laughing and says I cant believe that you had a girlfriend, girls dont like some people. Laddo’s ghost says when my ex-girlfriend comes to you someday then you will believe it. Roopa says you keep dreaming about that, you are cute.
In house, Tunno eats parathas. Dada says he is Laddo’s kid, Prem, says yes he is like him. Dada says we should keep Chandani and Tunno here, Chandani didnt even ask for his right, she was leaving silently. Suzzi says atleast ask Roopa before keeping them, dont know how she will react. Roopa comes there and says which reaction? Tunno says salt is less in parathas. Roopa recalls how Laddo used to complain about same thing. She asks who is this kid? all look on.

PRECAP- Roopa asks family what is going on? who are they? Dada says a mistake happened which shouldnt happen with anyone. Roopa asks which mistake? Dada says he met her that night last time.. this kid.. is Laddo’s kid, Roopa is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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