‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-3

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HEY BUDDIES…. This is Moonlight_luver back with another crazy part.. really sorry for the delay friends.. I was totally struck with many things.. Hope you’ll forgive… Thank you for all the love and support you’re showering on me…. Really means a lot buddies.. Ok so let’s start for the next one.. Please kick aside the errors you come across…. Enjoy the part fellas…

@ 10.45 am in Thampanoor Railway station…

The train horned it’s last horn while Shivika reached there on the spot…

“ Run Annamma.. Just a little more… “ Shivaay screamed to a running Anika..

“ Coming… I..I think my chappal broke.. Ok.. I can run… “ Anika ran behind him balancing her walk… they neared the train pushing aside the people they came across… Shivaay luckily got inside chasing the train but Anika couldn’t make it.. Train started to move swiftly than before..

“ C’mon Annamma… you can make it… give me your hand… “ Shivaay shouted stretching his hands out… Anika had a little hesitation to stretch her hands..

“ It’s far for me to reach… you go.. “ Anika replied back slowing down..

“ C’mon…c’mon..give me your hand.!!!… “ Shivaay took out his leg and held the bars of window stretching himself more to her…

“ Are you mad!!… you’ll fall…. “ Anika couldn’t hide her care…

“ just give me your HAND!!!… “ Shivaay yelled wincing pain over his arms… Anika pushed herself forward and finally she caught Shivaay’s hand!… Shivaay pulled her in with great effort and he succeeded…

“ Whoa!! I thought that this time also you’ll fall…. “ Anika exclaimed panting..

“ I don’t repeat the mistakes I did… “ Shivaay self-adulated and gave her hand to stand up… Anika smiled at his view point and stood up holding his hand… they looked aside and saw a silent crowd gazing them only…

“ uh…Hai! “ Anika waved her hand smiling but no respond came… there were boys sitting in one side and girls on the other… there were blank seats where Shivika could adjust badly..Shivaay cleared his throat and signaled Anika to walk forth… Anika smiled at them and stood in front of the girls…

“ hey… “ Anika gave her them a crazy smile while the girls looked each other but didn’t say anything..

“ hai “ one of them responded…

“ uh..Ok.. so may I ? “ Anika hesitated to ask them for a seat..

“Oh..s..sure..sure why not… “ they smiled to Anika and made few more space to sit…

“ Thank you!.. “ Anika sat there banging the seat down.. Shivaay smiled at her strange behavior and neared the boys section..

“ hey… Can I join you? “ Shivaay asked friendly..

“ This is a free country… “ One of them answered Shaking his hands with Shivaay…

“ Uh.. you guys seems like a model!.. “ Started Anika’s blabbering..

“ Actually, we are from Pune… we are a part of a band.. ‘Nostalgia’ that’s the name of our band… “ Girl sitting next to Anika explained..

“ Oh. You all are part of band! What kind of music? “ Came Anika’s next question..

“ Jazz, Opera, Breakbeat, Trance, Reggae… all those.. “ Answered a boy..

“ Wow.. that’s great man.. “ Shivaay patted his shoulder…

“ we were been said that we got a show in Trivandrum but unfortunately it got changed to Kochi.. it’s after 5 days our show is.. so we are packing up to kochi.. but we have no problems as Aakash knows Malayalam… and you guys? “ Asked a girl..

“ Oh.. so sorry for that..uh well, we also have to reach Kochi.. well, it’s quite important.. We have to reach there tomorrow morning itself… “ Anika answered…

“ don’t worry… if train will keep this speed, then definitely you guys will reach kochi tomorrow morning itself… well, it’s gonna take some time..Ok, so let me introduce myself.. Hi, I’m Sakshi…. “

“ Oh.. I’m Susaana…

“ Hi.. I’m Sayaana.. her sis actually..

“ hello Stacy I am…

“ hey, I’m Saneesha…” they all introduced theirselves to Anika..

“ that’s strange.. all of your name starts with ‘ S’… Wow.. “ Anika was surprised..

“ you heard their names… listen to our’s too… “ said one boy..

“ Oh sure.. please.. “ Shivaay requested..

“ I’m Arun..

“ Aakash…

“hai, Adharv..

“ am Alikh…

“ Adithya…

“ hey, you all also start with the letter ‘A’…. “ said a surprised Shivaay…

“ well, now say your name guys.. “ asked Adithya..

“ Oh, my name is A…

“ Annamma…. “ completed Shivaay.. Anika looked him angrily

“ Whoa… that’s a cute name…” exclaimed Stacy

“ yeah, yeah I have a cute name.. and his name’s also cute.. Veerappan!!!… “ Anika smiled mocking.. Shivaay closed his eye tight while everyone laughed at their jokes..

Sakshi “ great, even you guys start with S and A… “

Adharv “ are you both Bf & Gf ? “

Shivika looked each other confused…

Susaana “ don’t you understand? Are you guys lovers? “ Shivika were shocked listening this…

“ Nooooo…. “ shouted Shivika.. others closed their ears due to the loudness…

“ Who will love this girl ever!!!… “ mocked Shivaay…

“Yeah! And who will love this Veerappan who only knows to hunt, whether it’s animal or human… “ Anika looked outside saying… the others were enjoying their new company..

“ but guys.. you both look super with each other.. “ Saneesha smiled at them saying… Shivika looked each other but soon broke the eye lock… 3 hours passed and now it was 1.30.. the hunger rose from everyone’s stomach.. but everyone chose to keep quiet…Suddenly a man sailing biriyani passed their way and very right moment all called him yelling…  the man got scared by the loud scream..

“ Visappundengil paranja pore, enthina manushyane pedippikkunne?? ( if you’re hungry, ask food.. why are you all scaring me?? )

Everyone looked each other and burst into laughter..

“ Are you all hungry? “ Shivaay asked..

“ f’course yaar!… zhor ka bhook lag raha hai.. “ answered Stacy..

“ uh, bhayya, 12 biriyani please.. “ ordered Aakash..

“ Uh, Aakash.. make it 11.. I’m not hungry.. “ Anika said nodding ‘No ‘..

Sayaana “ C’mon Annamma… there’s no need of formality.. you can have food.. I’ll pay the bill, and yes it’s a hot noon.. you must be hungry.. So just have it.. “

Shivaay “ you don’t know how much stubborn she is.. right Annamma!.. “

Anika “ Actually, I don’t eat in afternoons… in the morning itself there will a lot many jobs to do.. and when all toil get finished, it would be evening… So never got time to eat in noon… well, now I’m habituated to those.. “ Anika smiled ending her words…. Everyone were like a statue hearing her..

“ So.. you don’t eat anything? “ Stacy lowered her voice asking..

“ hey hey.. I just said I don’t eat in noon… but you all must see me in evening, ithna khaatha hoo, ithna khaatha hoo ki kuch nehi bachega.. you guys enjoy with the lunch… but haa Sayaana you must buy many things for me in eve.. done? “ Anika creaked out on full mood..

Sayaana “ Sure.. Anything! “

‘ I don’t understand this girl.. Sometimes such an emotional system.. but after few sec again to bomb.. How am I going to understand her? ‘ Shivaay thought for a moment…

@ 4.00 in evening…

Anika saw everyone asleep and making use of this time she walked near the door and stood there for a while looking the fastening fields outside…

“ Gauriii…. What will I do now? In this unknown place, even though I got friends, still everything is upside down.. what to do, how to do!! haah, Veerappan bhohuth cute hai.. I’m loving his company but at the simplest and shortest way he has to return his home… But I can’t go with him.. When he’ll leave, again I’m all alone in this land… No friends, relatives, no known places, doesn’t even know the language… how am I gonna survive? Wish to meet you all guys… your marriage is nearing.. I was the most excited person for your marriage… but my fate isn’t supporting me.. I really want to be there in your marriage.. I wish so!..


“ What job are you all doing day and night??!!!… Shivaay is been missing for two days and you don’t have any information about him.. what opinion should I make about your responsibilities? “ Tej roared being no less than any hungry lion!…

“ Sir, We tracked him, but it shows that he has reached here already… we found his luggages and stuffs in the train which he booked but no sight of Shivaay sir was there… “ Khanna tried to convince him but no excuses could barely satisfy the Oberoi’s…

“ We must find out where Shivaay bhayya is… mostly before Om’s marriage.. “ Rudhr added..

“ Don’t worry… jab thak Shivaay nehi aa jaatha, yeh Shaadi nehi hoga… “ Om responded..

“ Oh My Mata… Om yeh thu kya bol raha hai? We have already printed the cards… How can we postpone the marriages? “ Pinky started with her usual facts..

“ I think we must inform the police.. “ Jhanvi suggested..

“ But..I..I don’t think..we..we must make this an..an issue… If police gets to know, then..this would become a news.. “ Prinku stuttered while saying..

“ Prinku teek keh raha hai… and our Shivaay is not so weak to get kidnapped or something else…  We must find in such a way that no one get doubted… the press is already having doubt as Shivaay didn’t come for the press conference the last day… we should handle this carefully.. “ Sakthi lectured..

“ Oh, c’mon!.. you guys are seriously worried about your prestige? My brother is missing for two days.. no calls, no messages.. and for me, rather than press, Shivaay’s life comes first.. I don’t care what the world says.. if there’s no way, I, myself will go in search of Shivaay.. “ Om shouted at the top voice which echoed the hall..

“ Om.. even we are concerned.. but if Shivaay was here, first he would think about the reputation.. if he gets to know that, bcoz of him, the world got a ball to play, he will be the most raged one.. we must think calmly… and Sakthi is right.. if Shivaay was in danger, then he definitely would have informed in any difficult way so as to relax us.. as everything is cleared, Shivaay must be safe… Om, think like your brother.. think like Shivaay… “ Jhanvi relaxed Om but from inside even she was worried for Shivaay…


Anika came back where everyone started to laugh and play.. a cute smile made her lips curve up… she took a deep sigh and moulded herself up..

“ Hey, you all are awake.. “ Anika came smiling..

“ Annamma where were you? We were having lot fun.. “ Aakash inquired..

Anika “ Naah, I was just, you know, getting some fresh air.. “ she sat next to Susaana comforting herself.. Shivaay noticed something wrong with Anika..

‘ something have happened otherwise Anika would stop her talk so soon.. ‘ thought Shivaay…

Shivaay“ guys, I think we must sleep… it’s already 11… “

Arun “ What? Didn’t even notice the time.. so then let’s off to sleep.. I think we’ll reach Kochi by morning.. well, the train is slowing now.. “

Everyone prepared themselves to sleep just then Anika noticed Susaana bit uncomfortable..

“ what happened Susaana? You ok? “ Anika inquired..

Susaana “ Annamma, actually, I used to go washroom before sleep.. so.. “

Anika “ Oh, so go.. who’s stopping you? “

Susaana “ No Annamma, I’m..I’m little scared to go alone.. it would be great if you could come along.. “

Anika “ Oh.. you could say this earlier.. “ she stood from the seat making Susaana Happy.. Shivaay who heard their convo, cleared this throat to get everyone’s attention..

“ Haa…haa.. jao, jao… you know something Arun, these girls are so scary typed… “ Anika stopped hearing him..  “ now, look… girls want company even to go washroom!!… how low.. “ Shivaay said indirectly looking Anika..

“ Eei.. we are not weak, Ok?.. “ smashed Anika..

“ really? Then c’mon prove it… “ Shivaay equalized…

“ these boys are so self-thinking Anika.. show him what you got.. “ Sakthi supported Anika giving her a dhuppatta… Anika tied it over her curves and looked Shivaay piercefully… the next moment both of them angled their arms and there began the unbreakable hand-wrestling.. the boys were cheering for Shivaay while the girls screamed their lungs out shouting Anika’s name… Shivika were now at a balanced state.. both were looking into each other’s eyes sometimes angrily or sometimes challengingly…

wow, Veerappan looks more handsome in a closed up look… ‘ Anika thought..

‘ her eyes are beautiful!!…. “ appeared on Shivaay’s mind..

Suddenly Shivaay changed his eyes into her hands.. he was shocked to see such bad wounds on her hands.. they looked horrible..

‘ what is this??… Annamma’s hands are…are badly hurt… that’s why she never shook her hands with me neither to others… she was hiding this from me… but.. but why? These don’t look like an accidental… someone has hurt her… but who? ‘ Shivaay was thinking fixing his eyes on her wounds.. Anika was trying hard to side down his hands and almost she was succeeding as Shivaay was lost somewhere… the cheer for Anika was increasing but suddenly the train stopped with great and creaky sound for which Shivika’s hands slipped side…

“ Awww.. c’mon.. Anika was gonna win.. “ Complained Saneesha..

“ thank God, the train stopped otherwise she would have won.. “ relieved Adharv… Shivaay was back to the real world with the sudden break.. he was gonna ask Anika about the wounds, but Anika look his chance…

Anika “ what happened? Why it’s stopped? “

Alikh “ I think, some mechanical problem.. “

They started to look around but Shivaay was still glaring at those injuries.. just then a man passed through thw indow which went noticed by Sayaana..

“ chetta, entha vandi ninne? “ asked Aakash…

“ vandikku entho prasnamundu.. ini idhu kurach manikkoor kazhinje yaathra thudangu..chilappo pularcha aakum.. “.. Answered the old man..

“ he’s saying that something went wrong.. now train will travel after hours… may be in morning.. “ Aakash translated.. everyone’s face dimmed down hearing the news, specially Anika’s..

“ Now what do we do Veerappa? We have to reach kochi as fast as possible… “ Anika was worried but Shivaay still wasn’t aware of these.. Anika saw a board written ‘ 20 km to kochi ‘…

Anika“ guys, look… it’s only 20 km to kochi.. will there be any other transportation so that we could go..“

Sakshi “ look, there’s a street light lightening over there.. that means, there’s a road.. I’ll say to go there and try to get some lift.. may a truck could work.. what say? “

Arun “ that’s better guys.. Veerappan, Annamma.. you guys go there.. “

Anika “ you all? “

Saneesh “ Annamma, it’s ok for us.. we’ve to reach there on 5th only.. anyway, this train would start in morning so if you succeed in getting a lift, then that would be the profit, am I right Veerappa ? “ Everyone’s gazed Shivaay who was lost in his world.. they shook him resulting him to come back..

“ yeah..yeah.. that would be great.. “ Shivaay heard their talk and nodded positively but mind still was rotating near Anika…

“ Ok then… go guys, it was great to talk with you all…if possible come to our Show, ok? We’ll meet there!.. “ they bid them a good farewell… Shivika descended from the train and landed on a watery grassed area… they walked in that unknown place aiming that road without anything in their hands, fully wandering….


Precap : Shivaay to wear Pardha!!!!!!… Shivika on truck..

Shivaay “ hey, Annamma, this guy is touching me…. “

Anika “ hope you understand that everything is not easy for girls… now be a good girl and sit.. “


Hey folks… this is it.. quite a big one this is.. coming parts will have a lot to laugh about.. Anika has a terrifying past fellas.. to know more about, keep reading a supporting dears..

Thank you soooooo much for all the likes and comments dears.. really means a lot..

Do drop your suggestions and reviews.. don’t forget to bang on the boxes below… Like/ dislike , I will be happy.. dislike shows at least you read… that’s far enough for me..

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding happy farewell…

Stay safe and take care….


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  1. The precap reminds me of the movie ustad hotel

    1. Moonlight_luver

      hai Anaita.. even my brother told me the idea of ustaad Hotel..so i thought to pick out a scene… thankx foe commenting dear.. Glad you thought..

  2. Niriha

    Awesome update dear…..

  3. Fabulous….

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Niriha.. how are you? thank you so much for commenting dear..keep reading..
      Hello Charu… long time buddy!.. thanx for commenting!

  4. Fantastic n fabulous update n keep it up. Again shivaayanika how they meet. Interesting.

  5. I too think of ustad hotel.BTW like the train scene very much,their convs,the moment they yelled for food etc.

    ella aashamsakalum nerunnu….

  6. Hi S——a? I meant moon? I loved it, aur haan do they both don’t know each other’s real name? I love this story moon?? it’s so lovely. Cant wait for the truck adventures and especially the precap,???

  7. I too think of ustad hotel.BTW like train scene very much,their convs,the moment they yelled for food etc. and yeah shivay’s thought for anika when he saw the wound……Awsome

    ella aashamsakalum nerunnu.

  8. ItsmePrabha

    Buddy,Annamma and veerappan ki journey bohoth acha chal rahi hai..Train scene was awesome..
    And Precap…Hehehehe..Bichara billu..will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..

  9. Fantastic dear waiting for next journey part

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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