Belan Wali Bahu 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa gets rid of expansive car

Belan Wali Bahu 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikas says to family that you cant wash this car with a soap, you have to use a special shampoo, Vikas says its of 5k. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that family is going mad over this car, they are spending so much on it. Roopa says its new but it will be normal soon. Family is sitting on street beside their new expansive car. Dada asks Roopa to bring water. She brings glass but it mistakenly slips and falls on car. Roopa says sorry.. very sorry, all look on. Dada says it happens. Dada says some paint is chipped off from the car. Roopa says sorry. Dada says we will repair it. Roopa says sorry to everyone.

Vikas checks paint on car, Dada asks if this scratch will be repaired? Vikas says company will repair it, they will take part, get it painted and bring it. Dada says so much difficulty? Prem says we have insurance of this car. Vikas says but paint chipped off because of your mistake so you have to give small amount of money.. just 2lacs. Dada says so much spent, Roopa couldnt you see where you were going, stay away from this car.. Roopa nods. Dada asks Vikas to give complaint in company. Jitendra says its too much spending. Dada says we have bought it so we have to bear it.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I costed them 2lacs. Laddo’s ghost says they didnt have to buy 70lacs car, Dada sold the property which was on my name, property could have added more value over time but car’s value will be down soon, but they dont understand it, he leaves.

Roopa brings tea for family, Dada asks if she is worried? we are not miffed, cars keep getting scratched and repaired but relations cant be tarnished. Jitendra says we should use this car now. Roopa says we will use it tomorrow.

Scene 2
In morning, all family members come to car. Dada asks who will drive it? all say Roopa will. Income tax officer comes there and says I want to see papers of this car and papers of property you sold to buy this car. Jitendra brings papers and shows it to the officer, he says everything is fine, sorry of interruption, you all continue, he leaves. Dada doesnt sit in car and goes back to house. All come inside, Roopa asks what happened? Dada says I am restless, I always worked hard, have been honest in my life, had factory but never saw a face of an income tax officer but because of this car, he was here, I scolded Roopa, slapped Jitendra all because of this car. Suzzi asks him to not worry, he leaves. Roopa looks on.

Shalini comes home and shouts that our car is stolen. Jitendra asks what happened? shalini says our new car is stolen. They all come out and see Laddo’s car repaired. Prem asks where did our car go? Roopa comes there and says I sold our new car and get Laddo’s car repaired, that car was not need for us. Prem says yes we dont need that car, it was too much maintenance but how we will tell Dada, he will be really angry. Dada comes there and glares at Roopa. Dada says thank you Roopa, you did great by selling that car and getting this one repair, we were tired of that car. Jitendra says it was useless car for us. Dada says lets go for outing in this car. Laddo’s ghost smile seeing all this.

Dada says to family that man of 80 years old got married 3rd time, I married only once, I am 79 years old, I would want a new life partner too, he smiles at Suzzi. Prem says I can get remarried too. Lata glares at him. Suzzi says I want raise in my pay, I want 25k. Lata says what? Shalini says its half of our monthly spend in house. Dada says Suzzi I will give you the money, I will give you 26k. Lata says what? Dada you are splurging money like you are some king.

Lata comes to Roopa and says we do work all the time but Suzzi gets pay from Dada, Dada is just crazy about Suzzi, he was looking at Suzzi when talking about remarrying, even Prem started talking about it. Roopa says they were joking. Shalini comes there and says even Jitendra is talking about remarrying. Lata says this is all happening because of Dada’s obsession with Suzzi, we have to do something. Roopa says haww, you want to do something with Dada in this age. Lata says no I want to make Dada’s crazy for Suzzi to end, we have to do something to stop his obsession, we have to distract him. Shalini says we have to bring another nurse? Lata says no, that wont solve it, we have to do something else, they all think. Shalini says we can get a wardboy instead of Suzzi, Lata says we have to divert his mind. Roopa says let me think about it, Lata asks her to not think in kitchen, go out.

Roopa says how to divert Dada’s mind. Laddo’s ghost comes to her and says come and sit on tank with me, she says I am thinking, he says I keep roaming around and you dont have time for me. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost what he does in a day? he says I roam around here and there, sometimes I go to watch people playing card game. Roopa says where else? he says sometimes I go to the bar? she says what? you go to the bar? he says its not like you have left to be able to drink, I sometimes to go to watch movies. Roopa says what you watch movies? He says yes good ones, I run behind cars with dog too. Roopa says I cant make Dada do all this, he says what? Roopa asks him to go, he says you keep thinking, I am going, he leaves. Roopa says we have to make Dada do some activities outside house.

PRECAP- Roopa needs an ad ‘live life fun size’. she says to Family that Dada needs outdoor activities like these. They convince Dada to go. Dada says I will live life king size, he wears shorts and red shirt and leaves.
Dada comes back home as a saint. All look on. Roopa asks if he needs tea? Dada says no we dont drink tea, I want to offer prayers, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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