Udaan 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor saves Saanvi

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Udaan 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Archana saying I have come to serve you, I m not Imli. Chakor says I don’t need anyone, none understands my feelings. Archana says I know your feelings, there is someone else here. Chakor worries. Vivaan meets some man. He gives him money and asks for info. He asks who is calling me. The man says sorry, the number is same but calls are made from different places, give me money. Vivaan refuses and threatens to kill him. The man goes. Archana asks Chakor to give Saanvi to her and go for bath. Chakor says Imli is using your ghunghat, I request you not to put ghunghat in front of me. Archana agrees. She asks do you trust me now. Chakor says fine, stay here and take care of Saanvi.

Imli gives doctor’s number to Suraj and Tejaswini. She asks them to take Chakor there. Tejaswini says Archana is right. Suraj says Chakor won’t agree, I will go and meet doctor. Imli says you go alone, Vivaan will get Chakor, sorry. Tejaswini says Vivaan can take Chakor and meet doctor himself. Suraj says I can take care of my wife, I don’t need anyone, I will meet doctor and decide. He goes. Imli asks Tejaswini to rest, she will get her fav food. Tejaswini goes. Imli goes to Saanvi and smiles. She says I will make you ready like a bride. Tejaswini hears bhajan. Imli says I will sacrifice you. She gets the stamp to apply on her hand. Chakor misses the shampoo. She finds the door locked. She shouts Archana, open the door, how did this door get locked. Imli shows the tattoo machine to Saanvi. She then uses the machine to drill the door.

She smiles when Chakor sees her. Chakor gets shocked. Imli says you got emotional again and gave Saanvi to Archana, now you see what I do with Saanvi. Chakor says don’t do anything, don’t touch Saanvi, stay away. Imli says I will apply this bandhua stamp on her hand, bandhua’s daughter is a bandhua. Chakor asks her to stay away from Saanvi, she is innocent. She shouts to scold Imli. She shouts out Suraj, Vivaan and Tejaswini. Imli says I won’t stop now. Chakor gets the bathroom curtain rod and breaks the door. She gets hurt and comes out. She gets angry and stops Imli by hitting on her head. The stamp falls down. Chakor goes to hit again. She stops thinking of their childhood. She throws the rod. She says your game will end today, I could have killed you, but I m not fallen like you, I will give you to police. Chakor throws powder in her eyes. She jumps out of the window. Chakor looks out. Saanvi cries. Chakor says nothing happened to you. She hugs Saanvi.

Imli says Chakor couldn’t identity me, I m the storm, which can’t stop and gets more stronger, see how I make Suraj believe that you have gone mad. Vivaan gets a gun. He gets someone’s call. She says I know you are hesitant to kill Suraj and Chakor, you just have to pull the trigger, you have 24 hours, if you don’t kill them, you won’t know who has tortured you. Vivaan says I will kill you by this gun. She ends call. Suraj comes. Imli thinks now the drama will begin when Chakor tells everything. Suraj asks what’s the matter. Chakor asks where did you go. Imli thinks Chakor should shout and cry, why isn’t she shouting. Chakor sees Archana and asks her what is she thinking, she should get water for Suraj. Imli gives water to Suraj. Imli says I was thinking your bathroom glass was broken. Suraj asks what….

Chakor says nothing, I was having bath, I slipped and fell on the door, so glass broke. Suraj asks did you get hurt, are you fine. She nods. He says I was thinking, we shall go out for dinner. Chakor agrees. She asks Vivaan will he come with them. Vivaan says fine, I will come. Suraj says how can we go, I forgot I have some work, we will go sometime later, sorry. Imli smiles. Suraj goes. Vivaan hides the gun. Chakor stops Imli. She asks what happened, did you forget what I said, don’t put ghunghat in front of me. She sees Imli….. and asks what happened, did you think I will tell Suraj, I won’t take your name in front of Suraj, I will show you what’s cleverness, you dared to hurt Saanvi, you won’t do this mistake again, Suraj will throw you out from this house, this is my challenge. She goes. Imli worries.

Suraj sees Chakor with Saanvi. He says I know why you don’t want to sleep, you started lying to me. She says what to do, you don’t believe my truth, so I have to lie. Mahiya….plays….. Chakor talks to Saanvi. Suraj rests and looks on. She asks Saanvi to have courage, she will find Imli very soon and then talk to Suraj. He turns away. Vivaan comes to their room with the gun….. he shoots. Suraj and Chakor shout.

Tejaswini gets the mangalsutra and says its of Chakor, she never removes her mangalsutra. Vivaan apologizes to Saanvi and says you will understand why I did this. He gets Suraj and Chakor out of the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ifthey deadthere will be a leap where chakor will be saanvi and suraj will play a new character like what happenes in every show but that will be disgusting for saanvi to fall in love with a guy who looks like her dad

  2. Lokesh

    Hmm both killed really, anyways I m enjoying.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Nah i dont think they will kill them and do a time leap….then too many questions will be left unanswered.
    I am hoping Vivaan is staging the whole thing.

  4. Good episode, I loved how Chakor foiled Imli’s plans by hiding the truth from Suraj, I hope she realizes that Archana is working with Imli.
    I don’t know about Vivaan’s attack, it may be a plan by the three of them, there was no need for the gun shots in the house and we didn’t see him shooting, this will explain why he took Saanvi with him because Chakor will never leave her alone but I’m not sure, it may not be a plan.
    The good thing is that Imli didn’t know a thing about what was going on, judging by precap.
    It has been a long time since the show has been this unpredictable and I’m loving it.

  5. Thanks for changing the DP, love the new one.

  6. I think that mysterious lady who was blackmailing Vivaan to kill Suraj and Chakor was none other than Ragini.

  7. Basically, all the characters are made to look as people with no common sense. We the people watching stupid. The reason being suddenly they have a lot money to pay off goons, by now chakor should have found out the switch of archana n imli. Too much of money play.

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