Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash-Vaidika plan against Agarwals

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At a meeting, the contractor announces they will cancel the project of Agarwal’s jeweler if there is no representative of the company in time. Sahil arrives boastfully. He looks towards the ring of Yash’s engagement. He then points out that Leela’s stole their design. Yash says it’s impossible, it was designed by Vaidika. Sahil calls for Vaidika Mathur. Vaidika arrive in the meeting and shows them some sketches as she created these designs. The contractor accepts the designs being original and announces that they are giving the designs to them. After the meeting, Yash asks why he said all that in meeting. Sahil says otherwise Vaidika wouldn’t have come, he goes mad when she is out of sight for long. When they return to office, Yash and Vaidika were in disbelief at the news of secretary. Sahil arrives with the breaking news that the Miss India Crown contract has been won by Agarwal jewelers. He points out that her fiancé has lost his first contract after their engagement. Sahil tells them that the organizer’s daughter needs admission in an international school Bari Amma was a trustee of. So he did their work and got the contract. He reminds Vaidika of her lessons, everything is fair in love and war. When Sahil had left, Yash was irked that it’s because of Vaidika that Sahil snatched this contract from under her nose.
Aarya comes to home. She thinks her Mama promised to take her to school in the first day, but is busy. She wish Sahil was here. She had to face harassment from a group of boys and turn to leave the school. Sahil stood at the door, he scolds the boys. Aarya asks why Mohit did this. Sahil promises to teach Mohit a good lesson, its his mistake to permit her there. Sometimes people betray in love; this happened to both of them. Aarya stands up watching Vaidika there. Vaidika questions what she is doing with Sahil and tells her to go inside. Sahil replies he doesn’t break his relations easily. Aarya and his relation is special. Vaidika sends Aarya inside promising to be there. She says Aarya has a mother who loves, and soon get a protective father. When Aarya had left, Vaidika says if Sahil loved her he wouldn’t have met Aarya; this might affect her adversely. They turn to go in opposite directions. Her saree was stuck with Sahil’s sleeve. Both turn to face each other and share a serious eye lock. The MMS flashes in Vaidika’s eyes. She drags her dress off his hand and goes inside.
Yash sat in his room, tears filling his eyes. He was furious and throws away the things over the table. He then goes to pull a curtain off his mother’s portrait. He says it’s time to show these Agarwals their right place right now. He will take Vaidika’s help to destroy them. In the next 24 hours, Agarwal’s lives will be in a huge catastrophe.
Vaidika walks Aarya home and assures her that everyone would soon forget about the MMS. It was through Nidhi’s help that MMS could be removed from the social media. Before they could enter the house, reporters and media attack them. They create footages of Aarya and Vaidika. Vaidika shouts at media and goes inside. Puneesh stops a reporter in the way to hand him a bundle of money. Puneesh smirks that he is getting spicy news to media. He will continue this game until he has taken the revenge. At home, Aarya missed Sahil. Vaidika called Yash saying there must be someone behind sending the reporters. Yash assures Vaidika he is with her. After the call ended, Yash says no one knows what he is up to. He will take over Agarwal’s business as well as house and destroy the family.
Yash’s secretary tells Vaidika that the reporters were sent by Puneesh. Vaidika recalls every time Puneesh hurt her and Aarya. She says she would now take the avatar of Durga against Puneesh. Yash stood at the door and assures he would stand with Vaidika. Vaidika asks if he has some enmity with Agarwal’s. Yash tells Vaidika that his full name isn’t Yash Kumar only, its Yash Kumar Agarwal. He hates this name as it reminds him of Bimla Agarwal. She is the lady who snatched everything from him, his father, his house and his beloved mother. His mother belonged to a well-known family of Banaras and fond of business. When they married, she kept the foundations of Agarwal Jewelers. His mother was busy with the brought up of him and his sister. His Baba learned everything from his mother. Bari Amma had come as a manager to the business. Soon his Baba married Bimla Agarwal.

PRECAP: Vaidika comes to Agarwal house dressed in bridal attire. She asks them to welcome their to be daughter in law. Sahil was excited and inquires about her sudden decision.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. How many more days will vedika come dressed as bride.???

  2. You luvly episode.. the way Sahil made vedhika come before him was tooooo good.. when aarya wishes for Sahil to be there at school, he was really there for her..
    It was really sweet when aarya says to vedhika that Sahil should have been there in their lives and at their house, he would have smashed those reporter’s faces.. aarya said it and vedhika showed it..
    But Yash is also a poor soul.. his whole childhood and life changed bcz of Bariamma.. He has his reasons to take revenge on the Agarwal’s.. infact he’s the rightful heir of the Agarwal’s..
    I think being with the Agarwal’s or so, vedhika will find out both that b*t*h Nidhi’s secret as well as expose that lizzy puneesh..
    And obviously then we’ll get more Sadhika moments at close proximity…?

  3. Makers drag as much as to irritate the viewers not this one many shows

  4. Seems like Badi Aama has an interesting past but she plays holier-than-thou!! ….gasp gasp!!!! She stole the boss lady’s husband!!! Now she has to pay for it!! This makes Yash a sibling to her children!! But wait ah minute!!! What relationship does Badi Aama have with Sahil, we know him to be her nephew, so how come Sahil carries the same surname as Bari Aama? If Yash’s father is the same father to Gauri and Prachi, then who’s Anjana’s husband? What name did he carry so that his son is an Agarwal? Is Anjana’s husband and Badi Aama’s husband brothers? It has to be, right friends? Then that would make Sahil, Yash’s cousin!!! So how come this family have been together for so many years, umpteenth years, and don’t know or talk about Yash and his mother?? Also, Badi Aama wears sindoor, so that means her husband is alive?? Friends…..if I have calculated wrongly or presumed too much, please help me to understand thare family connections….because I’m not processing correctly in my brain!!!

    1. Muniya

      Hey Naz…U said right that Yash is siblings to Prachi and Gauri…as their father is same.
      And about Sahil and Yash…they r cousin.
      Sahil is Bari Amma’s husband’s brother’s son…in that sense nephew…so they hv same surname.
      And Sahil’s father is dead…but he was agarwal also…as Bari amma’s husband…they are brothrs.
      But Brai amma knew in her heart that she did wrong…she is in guilt…then how come she would talk about Yash and his mother?
      And Bari amma’s husband is alive as once she said her husband has left her alone with this business and house…may be they will show he realized his mistake to marry her and left her due to pricks of conscience…that’s absolutely my assumption?
      Hope it was helpful to u?

      1. Thanks Muniya, for confirming the questions and answers concerning the relationships and as to the last part of your comment, maybe it could also mean that her husband set her up in that business as source of income and returned to his wife but then if he went back to Yash’s mother, why then is Yash still in revenge mode towards Badi Aama’s family, he could have just left them alone… The deeper we go into the serial, the more secrets are revealed huh!!! So it wait and see for us now….

  5. I like this episode…as usual!!! Aarya does have a bond with Sahil, she thinks him to be her father figure. I think Vedika will realize that Yash is using her to get his revenge on the Agarwal’s family and I’m super happy that Yash lost the big contract because of Vedika, he’s a man who doesn’t believe in love and I’m crossing my fingers that he doesn’t fall for her, this would only complicate everything and then darling Sahil would have more worries and more battles to fight and I don’t want to see him fighting for what is his… I want Sadika moments… I miss Sadika’s nok joks….

  6. Muniya

    Loved today’s episode…in the first place it was Sahil’s entry to the conference…he was soooooo adorable.
    Aarya and Sahil’s bonding is really special…she actually accepts him as best frnd and papa.
    Yash has a strong motive…Bari Amma is in guilt…and he had to suffer bcz of her.
    But Sahil will be again heart broken…can’t tolerate that anymore.
    And also…saw some of KJ”s pics in a different attire…like kings…and he said its coming up…hv no idea yet.

  7. Highlight of the episode for me was Sadika meeting outside the school with VeerZara song in the background. My God.. the eye lock was so intense?. Aarya and Sahil bond is really sweet.
    Now Yash will use Vedika to ruin the Argarwal. Interesting!! Sometimes I wonder where do the writers get their ideas from?.

    1. Pooja, my gut feeling is that this serial’s inspiration has been drawn from a real story event but drama and other details were added to create a perfect little story. It feels too real, things that happen here and the pace of justice to almost all issues are highly optimistic…and logical. There’s no dragging unnecessarily. The norms in all serials so far are controlled or fashioned by the thinking of creative writing teams, they have to come up with scenarios and plots and most of the storylines they give us lack logic because it’s a figment of their imagination and not real life events, that’s why we end up bashing writers for their lack of details and illogical thinking,.. We all know that in this world of younger men marrying older women, writers weren’t afraid to touch that, kudos to them, there are instances where illicit affairs do occur within relationships like the one Shruti shares with Puneesh, Badi Aama having an affair with the boss and him leaving his wife and children for the younger s*xier woman working with him, the boss returning to his wife due to guilt, seeing the true colors of a woman after marriage, setting her up in financial independence because he has children with her, women like Nidhi cheating on her husband who married her due to family pressure and her being pregnant for another man…and the list goes on. So here it’s a dose of reality, that’s why all of us are here..we were able to detect reality from fiction… High five to us on the forum, we know good things when we see it…

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