Beintehaan 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 28th January 2014 Written Update

Zain & Aaliya are in the bedroom. He asks her to have a word with her family and let them know, she’s reached safely. They’re all excited to talk to her. Aaliya is relieved that Zain is nice to her & tells Ayat that everything seems fine. He watches her very cutely, smiling while lying poised on the bed.Embarrassed

Suriya Begum and Nafisa are very shocked and disturbed on Zain’s reaction. Suriya promises she’ll convince Usmaan to throw Aaliya out of the house soon. Both plan to conspire against her.

Zain is very sweet to her & shows her around the room. Aaliya is pleasantly surprised. Zain tells her to forget the past & start a new beginning with each other, like Usmaan told them to. He tells they should love each other. He asks her if, she is happy having married to him now. She nods.

He asks her for a dance. They dance, beautifully & then he throws her onto the bed. Aaliya is shocked.

– Break –

Zain changes colours. He’s very rude to her now. Tells her, he isn’t gonna forgive her for betraying him. Promises her that he’ll turn her life into hell, in this house, so much so that, she is forced to leave. He asks her why did she get married to him, when she knew that can’t get along & makes her listen to a lot. Tells her, she has no rights over anything in his room and she would never have gotten as lucky to get to marry someone like Zain Abdullah, if it weren’t for the circumstances.

Aaliya Rani finally gets up & tells him off. She tells him nothing is more important to her, than her dad’s health & even if she has to go through hell for this she will. She says she had no choice but question why he said yes to the marriage on the alter if he had a problem. They argue & part ways.

Usmaan thanks Suriya in their room, for gracefully having accepted and treated Aaliya so far. He asks her to continue supporting Aaliya and help her adjust in this big city & house. Suriya Begum reminds him that she doesn’t care for Aaliya and was against the marriage.

– Break-

In Bhopal, Ayat & Shabana talk about Aaliya. Ayat expresses her desire to meet Aaliya or video chat with her, to which Shabana disagrees & says they should give Aaliya time to adjust in her new home

In Zain’s room, Zain changes and is all ready for some sleep. He switches the light of and hits the bed. Aaliya turns the light on & gives him a piece of her mind. She tells him that she will use everything in his room as it’s her’s too & tells him that she isn’t the one who lucky..infact he should be thankful that he even earned a chance to marry Aaliya Haider!LOL ( I LOVEDDD Aaliya’s confidence in this scene!!!) Zain is amused!!!! LOL. Preetika, take a bow ! ILU )

In the night, both are sleep vertically opposite to each other. Aaliya’s foot hits Zain’s face while sleeping. He gets up and says ” Kitni batameez ladki hai..sone ki tameez nahi hai” ( That scene was hilarious !!ROFL..Harshad’s expressions were fab!! so funny !!) He goes back to sleep & this time it’s Zain’s feet that kick Aaliya’s face..& she gets up irrated & gets reminded of Zain’s words & promises to herself that she’ll tolerate this hell , regardless what he tries doing!

Precap – In the morning, the Alarm rings. Although it’s placed on a table next to Zain’s, he’s fast asleep. Aaliya wakes up & crosses him to switch the alarm off (She looked beautiful, with her hair let down & in the wedding attire still Embarrassed) ..While she is about to move away, Zain turns in sleep & catches her hand..Aaliya is confused not knowing what to do.

Update Credit to: Unnati

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