Qubool Hai 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 28th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The killer takes his shot while nazma walks in and sees zoya getting emotional with that dollpiece. Zoya relates to her the story of her father and the dollpiece. They both leave, for the party. mamu wonders if it was his hallucination. Razia comes asking where is he, as he has to be downstairs, for picture being taken with asad. Mamu says that he doesnt want to. razia is tensed and says that he would have to come, and that he cant spoil everything like this.

Downstairs at the press conference, asad apologises to the media that mamau couldnt come here for the picture shot, as is expected of the man at his age, where he seeks divinity rather than materialistic things. Befopre they wrap it up, razia comes in hastily and apologises for

being a little late for the photo shoot, and he has come finally. mamu complies by giving a pic beside asad. Zya is meanwhile, holding the dollpiece getting emotional about her father. asad thanks the media and asks them to enjoy the party. After the wrap, mamu too leaves tensed. razia is tensed at that. the guests tell to asad that there should be music and dancing too at the party. Asad excuses himself for a minute.

The lights go down, and when zoya goes to check on the lights, he finds asad dancing and also involving her as she smiles. they both dance romantically, while others enjoy. razia eyes the killer and asks him to go ahead and finish the task. the killer tries to take his shot at her, but is unable to, due to the dancing. They finally finsh the dance sequence.
As mamu enters his room, tensed and worried, he is shocked to find tanveer sitting there, with the sketch that she wanted to show him, which is actually the sketch that zoya had made to search her, but doesnt name her in front of mamu. He asks where did he get it. tanveer asks him to talk straight, as she knows about his daughter and the music box too. he is startled. She tells him that today also, she has the music box clutched tightly to her heart, in this party itself. mamu urgently asks who is it.

Tanveer says that she would say, but he would have to fulfill the bet first, that she had talked about. mamu gets worried. tanveer gives him some legal papers to sign, and he does so resignedly, just to know the identity of his daughter. Tanveer smiles evilly at that. mamu takes her out to the balcony, at the same time, that zoya clutches at the music box. As the party continues, tanveer tells mamu, who’s standing in the balcony, that zoya is his daughter, showing her with the dollpiece. He is shocked to know that its zoya, and remembers giving it to her, when she was young. he is overwhelmed with this realisation, remembers all the times that they crossed paths, but were in oblivion about their relationship. He remembers his angreement to kill zoya. He sees razia eyeing zoya venomously, and the killer aiming at zoya. He is distraught and goes downstairs and to meet zoya. just then, someone comes n the way, and the killer misses his shot. Meanwhile, mamu quickly tries to rush to her defence. the lights go off, and asad is in the spotlight saying that its time for the announcement, and that he would do it with zoya only, but the spotlight is unable to spot her. Asad orders the lights to be switched on, and when they return, zoya is nowhere to be found. Mamu is tensed too. razia is happy that her plan has worked and she has been able to get rid of Zoya. asad is tensed as to where she went. After much searching, Dilshad asks nazma if she found zoya. She denies. Nuzrat too comes down from her room, and says that she is nowhere to be found. All are tensed and worried for zoya. Chandbi teases them that its a drama house, all are angereed at her statements. Asad eyes her and she shuts up. razia lashes back at her, for talking like this. Asad rushes to search for her outside. mamu is severely tensed. asad rushes outside, all the while trying her phone, until his feel lands on an earring, and then he hears the sound of a van passing the main gate. He rushes after her. haider comes with his car and together they follow the criminals.

In her room, Razia asks them to finish the work properly, and asks about zoya’s phone. the killer says that zoya’s phone is with him. Razia tells him to break the sim and throw off the phone. she tells him that he would get the rest of the payment after the work, and he should do the job, so that her dead body isnt found too. She cancels the phone. razia says that the torture that she went through to search for her father, the same torment her family would go through for zoya, and just like she couldnt find out about her father, they wouldnt be able to find out about her. mamu comes in asking whwre have they taken zoya. she asks him to relax as the work would be skillfully done, and they wouldnt be implicated. Mamau asks razia to tell the hired goons, not to kill zoya. She frustratedly asks why, as he himself ordered it, and now he is telling not to. She tells him that its very difficult to take away life and that she has toiled hard, and she wont let it go to waste. He again says that they cant kill her. she asks why. he blurts out saying that she is his daughter. razia is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Razia tells him that with his blood, the stained blood of her mother too runs through zoya’s veins, and its better tht such a blood washes away only, with zoya’s death. mamu gets into a rage. He raises his hand to slap her but she takes his hand midway, and confronts him, as he is startled. Meanwhile, in an isolated place, the killer fixes a time bomb set at 10 minutes for her, and tells that she just has ten minutes to live now. zoya gets very scared and tensed. On the road, haider and asad in the car are desperately trying to find zoya.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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