Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raunaq and Kinnari checking in the hotel for their honeymoon. Raunaq asks Kinnari, for how many days you have come here? Kinnari says are you jealous of my friends? She starts talking on phone again. She takes their picture and send it to her friend. Raunaq says, she is ridiculous girl. I am talking about wedding night and she is ignorant. Kinnari asks her friend to upload her pic on the social networking site. Raunaq is irked. Naren is dancing on the song with other. Soham takes the money from him and says I will distribute it to the poor. Mansi says, everyone is very happy and I am …Prashant asks her to come inside. Mansi asks him, how to make the conference call? Prashant explains. Mansi calls Raunaq and asks, what you want to say. Raunaq says, I want to talk to you so many things. She keeps him on hold. Kinnari is talking on mobile. Mansi calls her. Kinnari picks her call.

Kinnari asks her to enjoy her sangeet and asks why you are disturbing me. Mansi says, I called you to tell you the truth about your husband. Kinnari says, what rubbish. Mansi says, I want you to listen to our conversation. She says, he is flirting with me on his wedding night. Kinnari says, what you are doing? Mansi says, you have the right to know about your husband’s doing. She asks her to make Raunaq understand and says, I have to expose him if he doesn’t stop his doings. She asks her to listen to their conversation on the conference call. Raunaq starts talking to Mansi and says Kinnari is just name sake wife. And says, my heart is with you. I think only about you all the time. I was visualising only you when I was getting married. Mansi says, this is the limit? I didn’t see anyone getting so low. Raunaq says, you should be proud that I am after you. Accept my offer and stay happy. He says, we will enjoy our wedding night after your marriage. Mansi bashes her and speaks about Kinnari.

Raunaq says, Kinnari is dumbo and she knows how to chat with her friends. My marriage forced on me. She is not my type. Kinnari is angry. Raunaq says, I only think about you. Raunaq says, I want to make relation with you and will give you everything. I am all yours. He says, if I make Suhaag raat with you then also you will be in my heart. Mansi cuts the call and warns him to expose him.

RK says today is the special day as my fiance came to meet me. RK says, I know you would come here after talking to your ex husband. You came here to ask why I trapped Arjun in the false case. Purvi says, it was about his life. She says, how can you stoop so low? Purvi says, that moment was difficult for me. RK says, that’s problem with emotional and loyal people. Purvi says, Arjun never lies. RK says, what is Arjun’s problem with our marriage. He is threatening me at my office. Purvi says, Chadda told him about it. RK calls Chadda. Chadda says, I didn’t say anything to Arjun. Everybody knows that I framed Arjun in the drugs case. Chadda says, I took my complaint as you asked me to do. Chadda leaves.

RK says, Arjun can’t see that you are moving on in your life. He asks her to remember their marriage day and asks her to maintain a distance with Arjun. Raunaq comes to his room and praises Kinnari’s beauty. He says, darling, baby, jaanu….Kinnari asks him to call her Mansi as he visualises Mansi whenever see her. Raunaq says, what you are saying? She breaks the champagne bottle and asks him to get out. She says, I will not celebrate wedding night with you. You loser. I did a mistake by marrying you. She says, this marriage is just a settlement for me. You don’t deserve me. You deserves only Mansi. Raunaq says, who told this. Kinnari tells her that Mansi called her and shows the recorded message. Raunaq says, it was just a misunderstanding. Even Mansi refused you and accepted Shashank. Kinnari says, you will never get both of us. You will be rejected by every girl with a slap. You deserves a pr*stitute. Raunaq gets angry. Kinnari says, Mansi will expose you if you don’t change your way. Kinnari asks him to get lost. Raunaq asks for a chance. Raunaq says, Mansi you have not done the right thing. He says, I will not spare Mansi. She says, today was your last attempt and I will spoil your future.


Mansi comes to the terrace and calls Ankita. Raunaq comes infront of her and smirks. Mansi is scared.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. raunak is a handsome guy. he does not deserves kinarri but he should stop flirting around mansi.

  2. rk does not deserves purvi. plz unite arjun n purvi together they r made to be together

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