Beintehaan 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 27th January 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya’s car stops suddenly. They place their hands on each other. Zain remembers his marriage incidents and removes his hand. Car moves again. Aaliya sees hazrath Haji Ali’s dargah and asks driver to stop the car. Ali Ali, mere moula song plays in the background. Aaliya goes out of the car and prays to hazrath Haji Ali. A saint sitting outside there says it is Thursday and to pray. He says whatever happened, happens, and would happen is done by Allah. He asks to believe Allah.

Zain honks car’s horn and signals her to come now. Azaan starts. Ghulam and his family is seen praying Namaz. Usman and his family with Zain/Aaliya reach home. Ghulam pray Allah that AAliya is going to start new life and to show her a right path. Usman prays Allah has made him to take some decision and he himself will help. AAyath also prays. Shaziya says Aaliya took Gawhar’s place and she will not let her suceed. Shabana also Prays for Aaliya. Aaliya prays that somany people have faith on her and to help her suceed in her deeds.

Chand bibi is happy seeing the bride and asks other servants to bring sweets, etc. Usman asks Surayaa to prepare for Zain/Aaliya’s welcome. She says Chand bibi would have prepared it already. Usman preaches Zain/Aaliya how to lead their life hereon and asks Zain to promise him that he will take care of Aaliya.

ZAin promises Usman that he will take care of Aaliya always. Usman gets happy, but the rest of his family does not. Chand bibi brings sweet/kheer to welcome Aaliya. She greets Usman. Usman sees chand bibi’s preparations and gets happy. He introduces Aaliya to Chand bibi. He says chand bibi bought up Zain. He asks her then serve the sweet. Surayya interrupts and says it is the right of family members to feed sweets. She asks Shaziya to feed, but she gets a call and goes. Surayya asks Nafisa to feed kheer. She feeds kheer to Zain/Aaliya. Chand bibi asks everybody to come in now. Usman says Zain that it is their family ritual to carry bride inside.

Usman is upset that his phone is off. He asks Shabana if Aaliya’s phone came. She says you asked this 20 times till now. He says Aaliya went out for the first time, he is worried. She says not to worry. She got married and went. Her in-laws will take care of him as he used to take care of her. Usman he is happy about this and is not worried about Aaliya’s future now. Shabana remembers Surayya’s words that Zain was not ready for marriage and he will not forgive her. She then remembers Zain promise that he will take care of Aaliya. Shabana says Aaliya will get happiness of the whole world. Zain will keep her happy. Ghulam gets happy listening this.

Zain picks Aaliya in his hands as per the rituals and carries her inside.

Zain asks Nafisa if she will not ask him for Nek(a ceremony where groom gives money to his sister before taking bride to his room). He asks Aaliya to take out his wallet from his pocket. He says she is his wife now and has every right now on him and asks again to remove the wallet from his pocket. She hesistantly tries to remove the wallet. Zain taunts her she is not that light and to make it fast. She removes the wallet and gives it to Nafisa. Zain says Naifsa that whatever money in it is yours. Usman says everybody is tired now and lets go and take rest. Everybody goes. Zain takes Aaliya to his room and keeps her on the bed. His bed is decorated with flowers. He tries to be romantic. Ye ishq ishq hai song plays in the background.

Precap: Surrays says Nafisa that it was not looking like Zain is not happy and worried. Nafisa says it looks like he is very happy marrying Aaliya. Aaliya and Zain are seen romancing. Nafisa says Surayya that this time her game went wrong.

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