Beintehaa mohabbat….Manan (Part-6 & 7)

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This is 6th and 7th episode
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At Manik’s home
Manik: wow such a beautiful morning
Manik Manik where r u not yet got up or what (someone is shouting)
Manik: what is wrong with u Nyonika why r u shouting like u have gone bankrupted
Nyo: Manik first ofall i am ur mom for god’s sake and secondly if that would have happened u would not be sitting here on ur this big bed.
Manik: Whatever plzz tell whatever thing is there u came to tell bcoz i am already late for my college
Nyo: ya actually it is abut college only, like u know tomorrow is Christmas party in the college so u guysss have to prepare for some sort of performance which Fab5 is famous for!!
Manik: and why do u think i wlldo it and that too when u want me todo it . Whatever it is we rnot gonna do
Nyo: (With a smirking smile) But i have a reason for u to do the performance
Manik: what silly reason u have???
Nyo: (With a smirking smile)if ur performance wll be good enough to the judges then they r going to make an album with u all, IF IT’S GOOD then only
Manik: (thinking)its really a great opportunity for all of us but why nyonika is telling this god knows leave it
Manik: ok whatever it is i wll see to it u may leave
Nyo : (smirking) ok son
Manik got irritated by that word”son”
Manik got ready and went to college
Cabir: hey bro kya aaj itna late kyun ho gaya??
Manik: Woh nyo… kuch nahi leave it
Mukti: kya Nyonika ne phir se kuch kiya kya??
Manik: Nahi woh today morning she came to my room and told me abut(flashback everything what happened there in his bedroom)
Nandini and Navya entered the classroom
isharo isharo mein baatein ho rahi hain (talking through eyes and sign language)
Manik: Hii nandini
Nandini: hii Manik

back to reality
Aalu: so r we going to perform at tomorrow’s party?
Dhruv: i think we should it wll be great hain naa buddy?
Manik: haan i also think the same but one song in a single day how it is possible
Navya : hii guyzz whatss up?
Cabir: fan (ceiling fan)
Fab4 in unison: shutup cabir
Navya got irritated and Abhimanyu entered
Abhi : hi guyss!!
Everyone said hii except Mukti
Abhi: guyss i have to go to office for some work i wll back ok!
Cabir : ok bro
Nandini: sorry guyss woh humne sunliye , abut that performance so r u gonna perform tomorrow?
Navya: so u guyzz r u all singers
Aalu: nahi we r sort of…. like… we are a band.
Dhruv: woh Manik is the lead singer
Mukti: aalu is keyboard player(Casio)
Aalu: Mukti is a guitarist
Cabir : Dhruv is also a guitarist and a singer too no wase chorus toh hum sab hi dete hai
Manik: and cabir is drumset player
Nandini: ohh woh u guyss that sounds amazing
Navya: nandu tum bhi toh kitna aacha gati ho why don’t u also take this opportunity

Fab5 in unison Kya tum bhi singer ho
Nandini: haan… sort of
Manik: wow sach main u r also good at singing !!!
Cabir: (to Mukti smirking) Kya yaar yeh manik ko ho kya gaya hai nandini ke saamne kitna aajeb behave karta hai
Mukti to Cabir: Bro lagta hai isse sach mein pyaar like seriously i don’t believe itni jaldi
Aaliya: i think why don’t u also perform at tomorrow’s party ?
Manik: haan why don’t u ……
Dhruv continued: sing for the party right Manik!!
Abhi came and then Sir entered the classroom and started teaching andfinished the lesson and were going out but was interrupted by abhi’s voice
Abhi: sir can be the part of that skit competition ?
sir: ya sure why not and u have to take part in all activities understood
Abhi: yes sir.
Fab5 , Navni and Abhi together at canteen
Mukti: mr. Abhimanyu why r u following us?
Abhi: Miss. beautiful it is just that u all r my only friends in this college so that’s the reason i m coming with u all and if u don’t like it then i’ll go
Abhi was abut to leave but cabir stopped him and told that Mukti is stubborn head and so they wll have some fights but she wll be ok with u some day ..
Manik: Hey i forgot something , i have not brought my old guitar which i gave in the library for repair , i have to bring it see u in the class guyzz (he told very fast) and headed towards the door
Nandini:(running behind him) Manik wait manik wait
Manik: yaa nandini what happened why r u running like this
Nandini taking deep breathe : haan woh i want to take the veena from library so can i accompany u?
Manik thinking: permission ki kya zarurat hai
Manik: haan sure let’s go
Nandini and Manik walking through corridor after taking the guitar and veena from library
Manik: Singing ,tum gaati bhi ho this is amazing
Nandini: nahi not that good
Manik: let’s test u
Nandini: what , noo
Manik: yaa let’s go to jamming room
Nandini: no Manik everyone wll be searching for us
Manik took out his phone and mssged something
Nandini: what r u doing ?
Manik: Nandini i have just now mssged them to go at my place for jamming in 1/2 an hour so done now they won’t be searching for us
Nandini: but …..
Manik: no ifs and buts lets go

In the jamming room of the college
Nandini kept her veena on the cloth and sat down bowing towards her veena and Manik kept his guitar on the chair behind her , Nandini took the blessing of veena and Manik was watching her every moment and was getting attracted more and more towards her and he stood as an idol and was continuously staring at her
Nandini started singing

Mujhe ishq se rehna tha door
Gham iske bade jo hain mash’hoor
Par ye dil hai ki bilkul mana nahi
Mujhe kheench kar dekho le aaya wahin
Jahaan ishq hai, bas ishq hai
Haan ishq hai, bas ishq hai

Manik stood close to her she was feeling the proximity of Manik.

Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah
Manik bent towards her and asked for a dance by forwardind his hand
Nandini first hesitated and then gave her hand to him and stood up
Nandini’s hand were on Manik’s shoulder and Manik’s hands were on Nandini’s waist
Both were looking deep into each other’s eyes

Tu jo mila to zindagi hai badli
Main poori nayi ho gayi
Hai be-asar duniya ki baatein badi
Ab teri sunu main sadaa
Milne ko tujhse bahaane karun
Tu muskuraye wajah main banun
Roz bitana saath mein tere
Saara din mera

Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah

Nandini was not able to match his height so he took Nandini on his foot carrying her through her waist (like in the wallpaper of this ff)
Nandini could not bear the proximity of manik and buried her head in his strong chest
Then a minute later again started
Kya hua asar tere sath reh kar na jaane
Ke hosh mujhe na raha
Lafz mere thhe zuban pe aake ruke
Par ho na sake woh bayaan
Dhadkan tera hi naam jo le
Aankhein bhi paigham yeh de
Teri nazar ka hi yeh asar hai
Mujhpe jo huaa..
Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah

Manik how was the song
Nandini touched him and asked
Nandini: how was that?
Manik came back to senses (Yes guyzzzz it was a small cute dream sequence, song was real but the moments were a dream of Mr. majnu
Manik: hmm… haan the song was just awesome , u r amazing, how u sang the high note and then in a nic of time u changed the high note to low note that was something marvelous u r …
Nandini blushing: manik plzzz it was not that good also
Manik: it was Nandini and yes it was my test so u r not allowed to judge i will decide that whether u pass the test or not
Nandini: so sir can u tell me the result
Manik giving a killer smile coming close towards her she was moving back and he told yes u passed the test and took the guitar kept behind her and left her to amusement

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