Siyappa Ishq Ka~(5) Standing For Each Other

The person who irritates you the most is the one who loves you the most, but fails to express it.

“I won’t leave you again, I always loved you, and I will always love you,” he says drunkily and kisses her forehead while she smiles like a baby and everything gets recorded and they fall on the bed and drifts to sleep. Meher wakes up in morning and sees herself beside Abeer with their legs down the bed and she had a bad hangover. She yawns and holds her head. “What were we doing that we slept this way?,” she says trying to recall last night. She picks her phone and sees the camera on. “Maybe something got recorded in it,” she saves the video and opens it. As she sees herself keeping her head on his shoulder smilingly in the video, she smiles and the moment when Abeer promises to never leave her, she smiles at that too and laughs as they both fall. She closes the video.

“Abeer,” she says shaking him laughingly. “Abeer wake up,” she says and he opens his eyes and sees her laughing. “What happen? Why are you laughing? Do you find it funny disturbing my sleep?,” he asks as she laughs. “Sleep properly, just look at your position,” she says and he lays properly and closes his eyes. “Don’t you want to know what happened last night?,” she asks and all the flashbacks of her taunts came in front of his eyes. He gets up and smiles. “Yes baby, I remember how you taunted me, why? Do you want to give more?,” he says annoyingly. “Listen to me, look at this video,” she says and plays the video.

“Uh oh, you believed on me again? Oh my God, what if I run?,” he says sarcastically. She plays the video again. “You clearly wanted to say this also that you won’t hurt me again,” she says. “Oh God, like seriously? You girls are so mad? So dumb? Don’t trust me, no really, don’t do that, because if I go randomly outside the house you’ll say that I ran away,” he says. “But whatever you say in drunk state, you say the truth,” she says. “No, I am a big lier,” he says and lays down again. “Let me sleep, and your wish, if you also want to sleep, you can sleep wherever you want, floor, couch, bed, wherever, I don’t care.”

“Hey, stop it, I will try to forgive you and even trust you, take your time,” she says winking and smiling at him. “Miss attitude, what if you don’t do this?,” he asks raising his eyebrows. “We will see that later, are you waking up?,” she asks and he nods in negative. “I don’t want to be taunted again,” he says and lays down soon drifting to sleep. She holds his face. “How to tell you that you’re the best? That I care for you a lot? That there’s love behind my anger? I am sorry you got discouraged because of me and I will heal that pain you got earlier, I will fight for you and will make you realize how talented and a gentle man you’re,” she says to sleeping Abeer and kisses his forehead caressing his hair. She pulls the blanket over him and goes outside the room to the kitchen and makes herself lemonade and drinks it in one gulp and Abeer’s tai ji comes there.

“I am happy that court gave you both the time to reconcile, else I was really sad that your relationship is breaking,” she says pretending to be happy. “I know inside you were jumping in joy when you got to know about our divorce, but don’t worry, I won’t let Abeer get hurt just because of you and uncle, because I know you both were planning to throw me out of here, you don’t need to pretend anymore because I know you hate me, but being younger to you I will always respect you,” says Meher. “Respect? I have it already better than you…you middle classed girl,” replies tai ji and sees Kuber at the entrance of kitchen. “You’re right, we already have respect…,” before he could complete Abeer comes there and eyes them angrily. “Excuse me? What did you just say? Respect, right? You don’t have it in my eyes, for me, you both stooped so low that you destroyed your own son’s life, Meher has more respect than you as she always thinks about me and does for me anything more than you people, I love her, she’s my wife and dare you insult her again,” says Abeer angrily. “Dare you talk to us like that for this noble class girl,” says Kuber and storms out of the kitchen. Meher looks on.

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    So they saw the video. Cute.loved meher’s dialogues to the sleeping abeer.loved abeer supporting meher

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