Fab5 + Golden Sparklers (manan together forever) Intro

It is a fanfic for kyy fans

Golden Sparklers(GS): includes nandini navya abhimanyu and aryaman shares a dark secret performed in albums after that somthing happened and they changes name of the group from Shining Stars to GS lives in Newyork but coming to India for graduation in SPACE clg
Lives in same mansion hate bullying

Nandini: lovable talkative bold girl frnds are her family can do anything for her frnds parents owned a Multi National Company but they died in an accident so she handles everything with help of her frnds doesnt believe in love due to past
Navya: carbon copy of nandini nandini is her life
Abhimanyu: cant see a single tear in eyes of nandini looks like a tough guy but very soft at heart
Aryaman: when topic of past comes behaves rudely with nandini but comsoles nandini after sometime cant see nandini crying

Fab5: lives together in maniks mansion named as fab 5 mansion with maniks mother nyonika who loves them alot they love bullying freshers in clg they have heard name of shining stars but not Golden sSparklers

Manik:frnds nd mother r his life believes in love and alwayes stands for his frnds hot nd handsome rich but stubborn
Cabir:loves teasing his frnds mastermind of all plans made by fab 5
Dhruv:loves alya butafraid to confess to alya loves making frnds but cannot replace fab 5 with any1
Alya:fab4 call her as makeupkit loves dhruv but afraid fashion diva nobody in the clg can beat her in fashion (till now)
Mukti: a tomboy loves to ride bike dont believe in love treats manik as a brother

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