Beintehaa 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan informs Surayya’s family that Usman had given Barkath 51% rights of only Barkath Royale hotel, but he gave 51% rights of whole Barkath group including this house. Surayya says Usman was very generous and Shabana/Aaliya must have trapped him. Aaliya says she did not know about this. Shaziya starts her drama and says she is lying and she is just behind money. Aaliya says she does not want any money and she wants to forgo her 51% stake mahr/allimony. She says Surayya Allah Hafiz and leaves from there, but she sees Usman there who says she should not lose faith on herself.

Aaliya comes out of Barkath royale and starts crying vigorously. Rehan sees her and tries to console her. He says Zain did one mistake by becoming emotional and she is doing another mistake. Aaliya says she does not need mahr/allimony money. He says did he think why Usman gave her 51% stake and says he did not meet Usman at all, but he can imagine Usman thinks way ahead and he used to make decisions seriously. He asks her to rethink again and inform her. Aaliya reminisces Usman’s words of not losing her faith. Rehan says being in the company, she can find out who is behind all this. She says when there is no relationship, what is the use of this. He asks her to do it for Usman’s sake and prove that Usman’s decision of bringing her home was not wrong. He says he will wait for her in his vehicle.

Surayya says Zain she does not know why Usman gave 51% stake to Aaliya, Aaliya must have tricked him. Zain says he does not know why he did it, but Barkath group was Usman’s dream, so he will not let Aalilya ruin it.

Aaliya is having dinner with Dr. Habeeb and Rehan. Habeeb sees Aaliya engrapsed in thoughts and says he does not want to have food. Aaliya says if something is wrong in her food. He says it is not tasting good. Aaliya takes it to correct it. Rehan asks Habeeb why did he lie when food is good. Habeeb says he wants to get Aaliya out of her worries at least for some time and says they should get her out of this soon.

Surayya says Fahad she is still confused why Usman gave 51% stake. Shaziya comes and says her friend’s uncle is in higher position in police and they can find out who gave complaint against Surayya in Aaliya’s name. Nafisa gets worried and says whoever did it, but signatures are of Aaliya, so she should not talk about Aaliya and irritate Surayya. Surayya says Fahad let us go to the hotel and see what decision Aaliya takes.

Aaliya reaches Barkath Royale and says she is ready to accept 51% stake as mahr/allimony. Surayya and all her puppets are shocked to hear that.

Zain says Aaliya that he will not let her ruin Usman’s dreams.

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