Jamai Raja 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD’s whole family standing in a que and waiting for her to come out and give their monthly allowance. DD comes out, sees Resham standing carelessly and asks her to stand upright and to go touch a nearby painting. She goes, touches it and comes back. DD gives naani her monthly allowance and asks her not to waste it on pooja. Naani says her not to worry, she will not waste her hard earned money on pooja. She gives Roshni her allowance then. Roshni says she needs more money as she has to file a case for her NGO against Khurana builders. DD says she cannot give her money and challenges that nobody will give her.

Roshni goes to sell her car to pay lawyer for filing case. Salesman think they can easily fool roshni and get her 25 lakhs worth car for cheap and start negotiating it for 5 lakhs. Roshni sells it for 7 lakhs. Salesman praises her for selling it costly.

DD reaches Ghafoor’s diamond factory and asks him to give her diamond. Ghafoor says he will not sell it to a woman. DD says he sells it for women only and says she has captured more than 50% market from him. Ghafoor gets annoyed hearing that, says he is the king of diamond business and plays with the system and does not pay even a single paisa tax. He says man brings food for woman to cook and asks her leave. DD smiles and thinks he does not know women makes men.

Siddharth’s car gets into a traffic jam. He buys a bicycle for 10000 rs from someone and starts riding it when Roshni’s duppata falls on his face. He picks it, gives it to Roshni and jokingly asks her where is her car, asks her to take lift from him in his bicycle. She gets a call from lawyer to come soon, so Roshni agrees to take lift.

DD asks Kesar to find out new car models as Roshni’s car is old now. Ghafoor comes there and angrily asks why did she use cheap trick. DD says she is a woman and knows how to tackle him. She shows his video where he is boasting about owning precious diamonds and not paying single paisa tax. Ghafoor says she will pay for her mistake. DD says she is a woman, so she is talking him peacefully. She asks Kesar if he sent Ghafoor’s video to income tax office. He says he will. DD asks Ghafoor to sell her diamond cheap.

Roshni and Siddharth start a verbal tussle while they traveling in a bicycle. He refers her bhagyashree. She asks if she is your sister. He says she is my girlfriend who is not telling her name. Roshni then gets down and says court is nearby, she will walk away and thanks him. Sidharth says at last she thanked him and refers her again Bhagyashree. She says her name is Roshni. He asks if she is criminal or lawyer. She sis not lawyer or criminal, she is going to complain her.

Precap: Roshni and Sidharth clash again at a beach. DD drags Roshni to her room. Roshni says her NGO kids that she hates rich guys. Sidharth acts as he is very poor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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