Beintehaa 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aaliya says Zubair that she and Zain helped him bail out and asks him not to allege her like that in Ramazan. Surayya asks Rehan how can he be sure sure. Rehan says he is telling what he saw. Zubair says if Rehan is telling, then everyone will believe. Aaliya says what Rehan saw is not true, Zubair lifted her saying there was a cockroach and rest of incidents. Zubair asks Aaliya to confess the truth as she cannot escape now. Rehan asks him if the witness Natasha was called by Aaliya. He says yes. Rehan slaps him and says he warned him not to lie, but he did not mend his ways. He pushes Zubair on ground and says he didn’t allege Aaliya at all.

He asks if he thinks he bought law degree like he bought his MBA degree. He then says Zain that Zubair betrayed everyone

including Aaliya. He says he enquired about Natasha, but he could not find her anywhere and says he doubted him from the beginning and reminisces Aaliya telling Zain as world’s best husband, she cannot betray her husband. A lady who does not want to get out of house without her husband’s permission, then how can she betray him. He says he got angry on Aaliya when he saw her with Zubair and spoke roughly with her, which he should not have done. He then realized Zain was there when Zubair lifted her and thought Zubair must be trying to mislead Zain. He says when Zubair was kissing Aaliya, he called Aaliya and confirmed it was not her and realized Zubair’s plan and let him play his game to catch him red-handed. He says he saw Zubair adding sleeping tablet in Aaliya’s cold drinks and then carrying her home when she fell asleep.

Zain angrily tries to slap Zubair, but Rehan stops him and says Zubair will go back to jail. Zubair says everything is lie, says Surayya is the one who trapped him and made him do all this. Surayya gets tensed hearing that and tries to justify herself while everyone suprisingly watch her. Zubair says Aaliya he did not want to separate Zain and her, but did it due to Surayya’s pressure. Surayya says he is telling lie and asks Zain not to believe him. Zubair apologizes Zain and says he is telling truth and did all this under Surayya’s pressure. Surayya says she knows Zain loves Aaliya a lot and why will she separate them. Zubair says it is better not to have a mother like her and she should be ashamed to separate her children. Aaliya slaps her and asks him to apologize Surayya. Zain and Aaliya hold his collar and drag him out of house. Aaliya says it is her personal matter and her family and shuts the door asking him not to show his face again.

Zain happily hugs Rehan and thanks him. Rehan says protecting true love is every person’s duty and apologizes Aaliya for doubting her at the beginning and says god is protecting her

Surayya is angry that her plan did not work. Shaziya comes to her room. Surayya asks why did she come so early. Shaziya says she heard whole incident from Nafisa and enjoyed it, but missed seeing it live. She says Zain used to love her so much before, but now he does not care her. He starts brainwashing her saying Zain is under Aaliya’s control and says until he is under her control, she cannot separate them.

Precap: Nafisa removes gas pipe from stove, leaking gas. Aaliya while talking to Zain presses lighter and fire bursts out.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Update fast

  2. I know it’s difficult but update fast

  3. Wow!! Zubu ko pdha aliya se ek zoor-dar thadap.

  4. Woow!!maza aa gaya

  5. Bt suraiya nai pakdi gayi na!!

  6. they are extending it…

  7. I just thought that this show is somehow similar to the show HUMSAFAR..

    They were forcefully married.
    They both later fell in love.
    The mother-in-law tried to separate them.

    So guys dont u think so…..

    1. and they were cousins… same relation.. daughter of aunt and son of mamu…

      1. Wow….

    2. Ya humsafar fawad khan is good actor

  8. Awesome

  9. What is hamsafar??

    1. It was a superhit pakistani show,,,,,,,

  10. Ohh

    1. mention not…

  11. awesome blosomee episode.. <3 bt i dnt want aaliya to die.. :/ bad precap :/

    1. yeah ri8… 😉

  12. Bt its impossible yaar

  13. Hmmm how come the lead can die.. and there is no re-birth in islam…

  14. Even now zain is more carrying for aaliya…

  15. Hmm
    Absolutely ri8

  16. wat will happen next please update

  17. You dont see new promo??

  18. zubai ke saat saat ek suraiyaa ko bhi taphad padnaa chaiye thaa.

  19. V good episode glad rehen slaps the shit out of zubair 🙂 good stuff jus dont want aliya to die but she not guna coz shes main lead!

  20. I am so relieved that the truth came out true love will never die so glad zubair got found out I hope Zain and aliya do believe that suraya wants them to split up

  21. i am very happy about aaliya and rehaan you did a such a great job plz dont let aaliya die if aaliya gets die then rating will become less

  22. Suriya ko bhi thapar padna chaiya taa.bad precap aliya ko nai marna chaiya zain ka kia ho ga

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