Ek Boond Ishq 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is sleeping, om comes in her room and keeps looking at her, tara feels breeze, om comes to close the window, he recalls how he use to fight with sia for blanket, sia says I will bring another blanket for me, om comes close to her and says I cant be away from you, fb ends, om closes window, he looks at tara, and is about to give her blanket when he sees M written on her hand, he says its all a lie, your love and everything is a lie, I hate love and I hate those people who pretend to be in love, who deceives. he leaves.
mannat comes to someone’s house, she meets some mental patient and says rajat don’t worry, recognize me, I am mannat, you know me, you are a good boy, she ask him to sleep, she makes him lie on bed and says I will bring pizza and chocs for you, she

makes him sleep, rajat sleeps, mannat says when you will become alright, when will I take my revenge, no I will not wait now, I will do what is to be done.
laado is asking her servant to make lehnga for her, her other servant brings one man, laado says to man that you are not giving me money which you get after begging, beggar says its not my fault, nobody gives me money, they say I am fine and why don’t I work, laado says they are right, how can they give you money when your hands and legs are fine, don’t worry I will do something, she sees swing machine and puts his hand in it, man screams in pain , laado says now you will get money lifetime. mannat comes to laado, mannat gives her advance money and ask her to kill sia, she says I will tell you day and time, laado says okay, mannat leaves, laado is happy to see the money, mj comes to her and ask what is this, who gave you, laado hugs him, laado tells mj that we are getting second chance for doing same thing, mj ask what you mean, she says we got contract to kill that lady(tara) of omkar’s house which you couldn’t kill earlier. mj is stunned. mj recalls how he was pointing gun at tara but couldn’t kill her.

Scene 2
mannat comes to om and says I want to organize one party, mannat says our deal is signed with business group, they are foreigners and they like these family parties, om says you know about home, there is not sia ere but she is tara from Bhopal, tara says yes I am tara from Bhopal, she tells everything about Bhopal that where her friends used to live, om aks whats this non-sense sia, tara says not sia but tara, tell me if I am not tara then how do I know this, om says you maybe right, he says there is hotel in Mauritius and father son runs it so this means that I am from there, you are not tara but sia agnihotri, vidant comes there and looks at them.
mj comes to pari and kisses her, he ask what are you doing with books pari says I got it from my friend, I want to go to school, mj says I cant help you, I don’t know how to read English, he says don’t worry we will learn together, he sees book and reads apple, he is shocked that he can read the book. mj reads the book easily and is confused himself, he says I know how to read but how, I am getting to know about myself these days, paris ays now you can make me learn it,laado calls pari, mj ask her to go and see what she is saying, mj gets blurred flashbacks of tara.
vidant says to omkar that I never saw you talking to sia like this, vidant ask how are you sia, tara says I am tara not sia, don’t do this drama, let me tell you I will not lose my identity, what you did in life if not expose a lie. she leaves, vidant says I thought she would be better, vidant ask did you find anything in Bhopal? om says no there was nothing, vidant says she was confident that she is tara, I think we should investigate, I will go and talk to her, he goes to tara, om is tensed.
laado comes to pari, she says I will cut your hairs, mj comes there, pari says I like long hairs, laado says these days girls like short hairs, laados says don’t make noise, you ears cant cut too, laado brings scissor around pari’s neck, mj says laado, she looks at him.

PRECAP- om says relaz tara, tara says what you are calling em tara? he says you like it so I don’t mind calling you tara, he says can we be friends, he extends his hand says deal, tara shakes hand with him and says deal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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