Nadaan Parindey 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer apologizing to Meher. She smiles. The inspector asks Sameer to come with him, Meher defends Sameer as he killed the man in defense and to save her. Purab asks Meher to let the police do their duty. Police gets Maseeta’s phone and Sameer gets tensed. Sameer gies with the police looking at Meher. He says I have always come back to you, I will come even this time. He wipes her tears and leaves. Tum hi ho……………..plays…………. Purab looks at them. Sameer throws his sim card on the way. Mama comes home and tells Bebe that Sameer killed the man as he was trying to hurt Meher. Bebe says lets go to police station.

Purab brings Meher home. Bebe rushes to her in worry and asks what happened to you. Meher cries and hugs Bebe. Bebe says don’t worry, Purab

will bring Sameer back, and asks Purab. Purab says don’t worry, I will bring him and signs Meher to calm down. Purab thinks he should not come back this time, only then I can take a sigh of relief. Malik comes to know Iqbal died and is shocked. He says no, this can’t happen, I won’t believe this, he is our most sharp weapon, its not easy to kill him. The man says there is no confusion. Malik says there is some confusion, who gave this news. The man says police and its murderer is also caught.

Malik calls Maseeta and the inspector takes the call. Inspector puts it on loud speaker and Sameer hears them. Malik does not speak and just tries to hear. Sameer makes himself heard to Malik and asks till when will you keep me captive. Malik is shocked. The inspector says till our search is done. Malik understands Maseeta dies and Sameer is under arrest. Sameer is put behind the bars.

Meher falls trying to see Sameer thinking he came. Purab comes alone. Meher asks where is Sameer. Purab says no, he will be in jail till the investigations are done. Meher scolds Purab. He says he did a foolish thing, I wanted Iqbal alive, how will we know why did he kill Baba. Police will ask whats the need to kill him. Meher says he did this as he loves me. They argue. Bebe asks them not to fight. Purab says I will go and Sameer won’t come home so soon. Meher cries and says it was not Sameer’s mistake, he always gets caught in such problems. Bebe cries too.

Its morning, Bebe wakes up Purab and says Meher is not at home, I think she went to see Sameer in police station. She asks Purab to go and see Meher. Purab says she is so kiddish. The inspector comes to Sameer and says you can go. Sameer is puzzled and asks what happened, how so soon. The inspector says we got Iqbal’s call report, he was Pakistani, who was cheating our country, you will be free but will have to come, you are an army man and will all rules.

The inspector says we have one number of Pind also. Sameer is tensed. He asks Sameer. Sameer says how would I know, you call on that number, maybe you will find. The inspector says we will catch his helper soon. Meher comes to the police station. Sameer sees her coming with the wound. She smiles seeing him. Sameer holds her and they have an eyelock. Purab comes and looks at them hugging. He gets angry.

Sameer and Meher come home and he cares for her wound. He applies ointment to her feet and Bebe is happy. Sameer takes care of her very well as he is really in love with Meher now. Meher too is much concerned for him. Days passes and Sameer turns sweet. Meher gifts Sameer and he looks at her. She kisses on his cheek ad he blushes. She offers her cheek and Bebe looks on. Sameer sees Bebe and Bebe smiles. Sameer leaves. Meher closes her eyes and sits. Bebe comes to her and asks whats going on. Meher sees he is gone and smiles.

Meher dances with joy in her room. Sameer comes and she acts as if she is still very much hurt to get his love and care. Purab sees Meher and Sameer hugging in their room and is angry. Inspector tells Purab that Iqbal’s phone has a contact of Pind whom he called and received, last call was on the night Baba has attacked. He asks do you know who it can be. Purab thinks he is sure who is he. He says no, if I find something, I will tell you. Meher serves food to Sameer and makes him overeat as she made the food. He asks what do you want, I don’t go back to army and stay here, just tell me, I will sit here, change my name if I go. She smiles. Bebe comes there. Meher says he is not eating. He says no, I had enough. Mangal and Nimmi come and are happy to see Meher and Sameer. Mangal says Meher, see who came to meet you. Sameer is shocked to see Malik. Malika changes his look and smiles.

Purab asks Sameer and Meher to come with him and enact how the man stabbed Meher. Sameer says he will kill the one who hurts Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena

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